oldest living ex-player in MLB and the Negro League.

I always read the L.A Times obituaries in the California section.  When last month I read that Bill Werber the oldest living former MLB player and a teammate of Babe Ruth has died at age 100 I was asking myself “who is now the oldest living former MLB player?” Well, after much research I found out the answer is Tony Malinosky. He is 99, born October 5, 1909 and he briefly played with the Dodgers! Tony played in only one season, 1937, in 34 games total. He lived in Whittier, CA and attended Whittier college in the 30’s.

BTW, Bill Werber had the distinction of being the first player to bat in the first televised major league game, leading off for the Reds in a game against the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field on Aug 26, 1939. Occasionally he would write letters to Bud Selig telling him that he did not think women should sing the national anthem, that games today take too long and that he was disgusted with the long hair on modern players. Wonder what he thought about the steriod scandals.

3 weeks ago I was switching channels when I heard as part of highlights of a show in Spanish TV station “Univision” that they were going to cover the oldest living professional player that played in the Negro League. Toward the end of the show they showed Emilio Navarro

Here is Emilio being honored.  Our beloved Newk is aplauding.    


He is 103, born September 26, 1905 in Puerto Rico.  He still looks healthy doing his morning exercises. He reminded me of Buck O’Neill, so upbeat, happy, friendly and with a wonderful look on life. his highlight for him was throwing out the first ball at Yankee Stadium last year. Pudge Rodriguez caught him. The world needs more people like Buck O’Neill & Emilio Navarro.

This Dodger fan and baseball fan salute you gentlemen!  I hope that the two of you get  the oportunity to throw out the first ball at Dodger Stadium this year! s


  1. crzblue2

    So if Tony Malinosky is the oldest living ex player in MLB, who is the next one?
    Well is Lonny Frey at 99! He was born 8/23/1910. He is the oldest to play for the following teams: Yankees, Giants, Cubs & Reds. He also played for the Brooklyn Dodgers as he made his debut in August 29, 1933 and played with our Bums till 1936.

  2. crzblue2

    thanks Tom! I visisted your beautiful stadium last year in April. It was freezing that night. Our luggage was delayed so we headed to the stadium with only what we had on the plane. I had two cups of hot chocolate to warm me up. I am not much into hot chocolate but it sure tasted good that night.
    So do you know who is the oldest living ex player for the Rockies?
    Will this be your first time in L.A. or do you visit regularly?

  3. crzblue2

    Tom~ I work in Chatsworth and have many friends that live in Simi. The Weaver brothers lived in Simi. I think Jered still lives there.
    Bryn Smith 54 born 8/11/1955 is the oldest living Ex-MLB player for the Rockies.
    I like the name you selected for your car. Very appropriate!

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