Because I loved Vero Beach!

I’ve been thinking about my wonderful trips to Vero Beach.   I love that place!  It was so fan friendly.   Here is hoping that Arizona will be as fan friendly.   Here are some pictures

Here is the starting lineup for the Dodgers & Red Sox:

Thumbnail image for dodgers 014.jpg


My seats with this view here were inexpensive.

Thumbnail image for dodgers 050.jpg

Here is Tommy Signing autographs.  I had already gotten his autograph when he was walking around so I did not get in line here.

Thumbnail image for dodgers 046.jpg

I met wonderful friends at this Spring Training.   One of them loaned me his baseball for the WIN Women baseball clinic.  


  1. Jane Heller

    Hey, Emma. Nice blog. This is my first visit. I used to live right near Vero, and Dodgertown was always a great place to be. Everybody there is so sorry that the Dodgers left. But I guess Arizona makes more sense since it’s closer to LA. I remember when the Yankees used to train in Ft. Lauderdale and how sad people were when they moved to the west coast of FL. But I’m going to Tampa in about 10 days and can’t wait!

  2. mlbmark

    Hey, Emma! Beneath the text field in your Movable Type software, there is a tag field. In that box, just type any words that are important within your post. For example, if you blog about Manny Ramirez, type his name in the tag field. Then when you save your post, he will appear in your tag cloud on the right. NOTE: Unfortunately the tag cloud is alphabetical, so if you save 500 tags, only the ones low in the alphabet will appear. Hoping that will be corrected one day soon but fyi. – Mark

  3. crzblue2

    Hey Jane!
    Did you ever see Sandy Koufax? I would always miss him when I went to Dodgertown. I am going to check out your book, but first I need to finish 3 that I have started.
    Soon I will be able to compare both locations.
    Thanks Mark! I’ll try it in my next post.
    Talking about Manny, I went back to check if he was in the lineup from that picture I posted and yes, he played that day. Andruw Jones was our DH, little did we know he was not going to work out for us. Three ex Dodgers were in the lineup for the Red Sox _ Cora, Drew, (evil for opting out of his contract and Ned panicking by giving Pierre a long expensive contract) and Joe Thurston. I wonder what ever happened to Thurston. I used to have high hopes for him when he was in the minor league.

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