My letter got published in the L.A. Times!

For the last couple of years, when baseball season starts, I’ve been telling my brother “This is the year I will start writing letters to the editors. I want one of my letters published!” But I have only written one in two years. This year, it was not the beginning of the baseball season but when Jeff Kent_ one of my favorite players retired, I wanted to convey that the guy that was at the press conference was the player that I have seen for the last 4 years. Like he said on his press conference, “he rather talk to 100,000 fans than to the media”.


Jeff Kent at Win Baseballl clinic '08.jpg

I cried along with Jeff watching his press conference. I remembered also that Jeff had cried at the press conference when he became a Dodger. I reminded him of this when I saw him at the last WIN baseball clinic. He smiled and said “Well, I took a look at my mother and there she was crying”.

I wrote my letter in the hopes that maybe, just maybe it would be published. Just in case, I also sent it to the Fanfeed Dodgers email address. Saturday morning I picked up the paper and started with the Sport section as I always do. All was quiet in my house but when I started reading the letters and got to MY letter, I was “OMG!” “OMG!” , I just had to wake up my brother and show it to him. He was ‘mm, ok….zzzz”.

That Saturday I headed to the stadium for “Select a Seat day”. I wanted to move my seats two seats over but they were not available. They had free Dodger Dogs, soda, peanuts & cracker jacks. Needless to say, I took the sport section with me and was telling several people there that my letter got published. One of the young Dodger embassadors said ‘was that the letter you sent us?”. She started telling some of her co-workers. I headed to the restaurant wearing my Jeff Kent jersey ready to enjoy a Dodger dog when a fan approached me saying “are you sad that he retired?”. I told him yes and I showed him my brother just rolled his eyes.

Here is my letter and the link to “letters to the editor” from the L.A. times. Skip the negatives :-).

That is the Jeff Kent I saw at WIN baseball clinics for the last four years, the guy I saw signing autographs for kids under a hot sun and advising them at Dodger Stadium. The one who looked up at me when I asked him when he was going to be reactivated so that I could reactivate him in my fantasy baseball team and apologized for being injured. The one with the wonderful smile at the baseball clinics joking with us, catching us in the bullpen, patiently taking pictures and signing autographs. The only player that has asked me for my name by saying “I am sorry, what is your name?”

I am proudly wearing my Jeff Kent jersey today.






  1. crzblue2

    Thanks Bob, Julia & Tom! I am having fun reading your blogs! I rather read than write. I will definately frame my letter. I got several newspapers. Need to go to Michaels to find a frame. I will add a picture of Jeff.
    got to run now to take the train home

  2. northstateblues

    Hey Emma, didn’t know you blogged! glad you posted your URL, heheh. Can’t believe ST games are about to start, as the King said, the cure for the offseason blues is “A little less conversation, a little more action”. Time to tune out the Columnists and tune in to the radio!



  3. crzblue2

    Hey D4! Thanks! I will add yours! need my fix of positives that you bring.
    Hey John! Ready for tomorrow’s game? I need to wear Dodger gear tomorrow.
    I am glad now I have both of your URLS. I was looking for them.

  4. crzblue2

    for those that missed Jeff conference, here is a small part of what he said as he took deep breaths and long pauses, but the tears flowed anyway:
    “The integrity of the game has been jeopardized for so many years, and I’m embarrassed about the steroid era,”
    After saying that he was originally drafted in the 20th round, he said:
    “And for the kids who might want to be a baseball player some day (sniff. pause )
    there is a chance that you can play this great game (his voice breaking down)
    if you are not the biggest guy
    if you are not the fastest guy (sniff)
    even if you are not the smartest guy
    there is a chance (pause) that you can still play this game”.

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