We ran into Manny!

We got to our hotel, parked the car and who is walking toward us?   None other than Manny!  he was parked next to us!   I told him in Spanish “Manny, we are not going to bother you, I just want you to know we are so happy to have you back”.  My friends said something similar.  Manny was super nice. he shook my friends hands then he gave me a hug!   We were so happy!!  


We saw our fist win at the Milwaukee facility so we sang “I Love LA”.   that is the traditional song at Dodger Stadium after a win.


Short thread.  Today’s game is televised and our beloved Vin Scully is in the house!  




  1. crzblue2

    Thewrightway! thanks for stopping by. When I said we do not want to bother you… he said “is no bother….”. We were elated that we got the opportunity to welcome him back.
    Thanks Julia! He said “Solo Dios sabe por que hace las cosas”. “Only God knows why things happens the way they do”.
    Jan, Only thing bad of the trip is we had our picture taken in AZ on the freeway. Watch out for those cameras!

  2. kingofcali

    Oh wow that must have been really cool to run into Manny like that. Wish you would have had a pic of that. I hate to say this cause I’m a Giants fan but I’m a big Fan of Manny. That guy can flat out hit!

    ~King of Cali

  3. crzblue2

    King of Cali, I was not sure if we should ask him. To me is seems like at the ballpark we can ask them but off the ballpark, they are on their own time. How does everyone feels about this? I had conversation with players if I encounter them. off the ballpark and I just talk with them. One time I saw Tommy and when I said “Hi Tommy” He responded reluctantly, but once he saw that I just wanted to talk to him he opened up talking away being very friendly. AT the end he smiled and said “It was very nice talking with you”. i often see him at the stadium and he remembers me. At the sTadium I did have a pic taken with him and have autographs. I know chances are slim to see Manny again but…you never know.

  4. crzblue2

    Thanks Amy! My traveling friends and I are planning on attending the games in Chicago when the Dodgers are there in May.

  5. crzblue2

    I know, but I think he will not take long to get ready once he is healthy. It was so weird seeing Hoffman in a Milwaukee uni.

  6. diamonddiva

    Manny is a nutball (allways has been), but he seems to be a nice guy, at least where fans are concerned. I met him in Baltimore when he was still playing for Cleveland. I was actually introduced to him by his then-teammate Roberto Alomar. He (Manny) actually seemed kind of shy…from what I can tell, he got over his shyness when he went to Boston. LOL

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