Meet my traveling friends.

Here are my friends.  Yeah, is just shadows of us.  One of them wants it that way.   Pic taken at Camelback Ranch March ’09.

Friend1, friend2, me and and maybe a future friend at the end.   Check out my pic in my profile.  did not know my friend had taken that pic at the stadium last year 🙂

Dodgers 061.JPG



  1. azulfan4life


    I found your blog and I love it…been ready it ever since..hope to see you at the stadium this year again with the Top Deck Mob..We’ll all be there again..

  2. crzblue2

    Julia! I got to return the love soon. I am catching up with everything. 3 weekends driving from L.A. to Arizona has had with little time but I will catch up!
    Aaron! Thanks! I’ll will stop by soon. We noticed our our beloved Dodger photographer Jon Soohoo takes pictures like that one so we are learning from him. Thanks Jon!!
    Jan~ Thanks! I did not she was taking that picture! She told me I should use that pic in my profile.
    Sue~ No, I am shadow #3 lol. Shadow #1 is the friend that took my profile pic without me knowing it.
    AZUUUUUUUL!!! How did you find me!?!? I am so glad you did! can’t wait to see the Top Deck Mob!! Very soon we will be at our Lady of Chavez Ravine!

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