Pics from inside Camelback Ranch

dodgers 474.jpg


Clayton Kershaw warming up.

dodgers 464.jpg!

dodgers 475.jpg 

O’Dog at the plate. 

I have yet to see a win at Camelback Ranch but there is still another weekend after the WBC games this weekend at Dodger Stadium.  



official locker room[1].jpg

Official Locker Room for the Dodgers!


all pictures are mine except the lockeroom is from one of my cousin that took the tour before ballpark was done. 


  1. crazy19canuck

    Emma – you have to let me know from a Dodgers fan point of view…Is Manny being good out there? Is he fitting in? What’s the attitude of the fans? Do they like him? We all hear what the media wants us to hear. So what’s the truth?! BTW, love the profile picture!

  2. crzblue2

    Manny has been great with us fans! he likes that people are not camping out outside his place. That he can walk to a restaurant without being mobbed. I am afraid that could change this year but I hope it does not. At Camelback Ranch I’ve seen how eveyone runs to him when he is walking thru the rope area . My friends and I just watch and a few others. Manny can’t do no wrong with the fans. Everyone loves him. Sometimes he takes the golf cart as he is going thru the rope area or sometimes he walks.
    You see kids, men & women young and older sporting the wig with the bandana. this retired couple were asking me where they could buy the wig. At that time they did not have them at the gift shop so I gave the couple my “fun card” It says “Crzblue” “crazy Dodger Fan” and it gives the location where I sit at the stadium. I told them to email me if they could not find the wig but I noticed they had it the gift shop the second weekend I was there.

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