Because of blogging late at night I missed…

I missed my 6:50 train!  I got up too late.  Ok, the next one is at 7:15  no way I can make that one.  OK, maybe the 7:30 one.  I get to Union Station with two minutes to spare.  ::runs to the train station:::    I missed the  train!   ::looks at schedule::  The next one is 8:50 Metrolink or Amtrank 9:05.    Walks to look at the Metrolink.  No plugs for my computer…Ok, I’ll take the 9:05.  What is 15 minutes more of waiting. 

So I sit and read the L.A. Times.  Hmmm food section title ‘The Art of Waiting”.  Sport section:  An article about James Loney!  Cool!   He is my favorite.  Torre compares him to a young Bernie Williams.  Yes, Torre, I think he is special too.  Ohoh…9:04!!   ::runs to take train::   I missed it again…. :::looks at schedule:::  the next is 9:50.  Ok, time to call boss again. 

I wonder if the bar is open.  I need one of these

with my luck Ill miss the train again.   Oh, someone left the New York Times & the Wall Street Journal!   picture in the NY Times Dining section of whoopie!  Oooh.. Is this a cookie, pie or cake?   The weekend Journal of the Wall Street Journal has a picture of the inside of Yankee Stadium.  Nice Banners.  Title of article “Luxury Strikes Out”   from Friday March 6th. $2,500 for a ticket!!  article here Luxury Srikes Out ::looks at the time::  15 minutes before train departs.  Better start walking now.  



  1. crzblue2

    Shelly, He is a Red Sox fan but a casual one. He moved here like 20 years ago from Fitchford, MA? I think I spelled that correct. I do have a nice boss.

  2. idnas71

    I can’t believe you missed the train THREE times! lol I’m glad you have a nice boss. Great blog, Emma. Poor Larry King… he needs his makeup crew. lol

    Keep on traveling… I enjoy hearing about your roadtrip adventures.

    Good luck to the Dodgers in the hunt for the NL West this year.


  3. crzblue2

    King of Cali, I hope your day started better than mine!
    Idnas! So good of you stop by! If I was gonna miss it one more time I was going home. But the last time I kept reading, looking at the time, reading, looking at the time…Did you hear I am heading to Chicago when the Dodgers are in town?

  4. crzblue2

    Hey Julia! You mean trains!!! You know everyone. Who is a National Fan! I need to warn them about TFWV!! Anyone else knows

  5. crzblue2

    Jane, you are right, blogging is ruinning our lives or running our lives! But we love it right? We just got to find time to take care of some other things. I got books (baseball and non-baseball) begging me to read them!!
    A couple of coworkers here made copies of that recipe. Never heard of them before but I would love to have a homemade one. One of the ladies bakes for our birthdays in our department.

  6. vicenteromo

    Emma! Great blog. Sorry to hear about your train issues today. I love your Spring Training reports. We’ll miss Vero, but it sure is great to be able to get to AZ in just a few hours. Remember the photos we posed for at Holman Stadium? My son that came with me is now a Marine, away from home, yearning for Dodger news. I’ll let him know of your blog. Looks like we won’t be able to go out to Camelback Ranch until next year.

    And wow, Congrats on the hug from Manny!

  7. Dodger4life

    I was fishing off a train bridge as a kid and was so consumed in the fishing… I did’nt notice the train whistle, until it was so loud… I could’nt miss it…I jumped in…I can understand your plight…I enjoyed the fishing anyways…It sounds as if you enjoyed your reading…I hope the boss enjoyed his day as well…
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. crzblue2

    Aaron~ I just got to watch those times when blogging or reading.
    Canuck~ yes, this addiction is better than some other ones. I am reading a novel set in the 1800’s about this person with an opium addiction.
    Vicenteromo! Wow! Oh, I do remember those pics from Vero Beach! I can’t believe your son is old enough to be in the Marines! they grow so fast. We should have a reunion of the BBWC forum in Camelback Ranch next year. I’ll keep your son in my prayers for his safety.
    Dodger4life.~ My goodness, that was dangerous. I bet you never did that again. I love how you end your posts with GO DODGERS!!!!.

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