Pics from WBC game at OLOCR: Korea vs Venezuela

What happened to Venezuela?  the seats at Dodger Stadium were not warm yet when the score was 5 to 0.   And 5 errors by Venezuela?  that was a long night for them.  Korea fans were in the majority and they sure are loud.  You could hear a drum going and they would chant something after the beat of the drum.  

Here is a pic of my tickets:

wbc 001.jpg

Here is a pic from the introductions of the teams.  Note the thundersticks from the Korean fans. 


Thumbnail image for wbc 002.jpg

This Korea flag was being passed on from the right field to behind the Korea dugout.  Venezuela had the Dodger site.   Note the Korea dugout how clean it is.  

wbc 006.jpg

One thing very nice that I did not know is the Korean team came out after the congratulations in the dugout to stand on the line to salute their fans.  Here is the pic.  Again, notice the dugout how clean it is.   the pic of the Venezuelan dugout came out blurry. 

wbc 010.jpg

Ran into a lady in the Top Deck gift shop that apprached me asking me “were you at Camelback Ranch last week?”  I said yes and she said “I remember you, you and a guy were singing a song for Loney”.  LOL.   her husband said “Simers (from the LA Times) talked about it in his column.  Too funny. 

Change of rain today is still says 60%.  It did rain earlier this morning and it does look nice right now so hope it stays this way.   



  1. crzblue2

    Even though your pitcher is pitching tonight? 🙂 I am curious to see if the Japanese are as loud as the Koreans were last night. Dodgers could use a pitcher like Yoon. I was trying to keep score last night.
    The only player I’ve head of from Korea’s team was Choo from the Indians.
    There was a very large amount of Korean media there last night.
    43,000 at the stadium last night!

  2. crzblue2

    Jane, God willing, yes I am going! Is a beautiful day right now and I just heard the most beautiful words “Is Time for Dodger Baseball”. Vin is on the air!

  3. mis Medias Blancas de Chicago

    Hola Emma ¿que tal estas?
    Al final no pudo ser, Venezuela ha quedado eliminada junto con EEUU y habrá una final asiática. Desde aquí te mando muchos ánimos y un “que vamos hacer”, ahora lo que nos debe interesar son nuestros equipos de grandes ligas, jejeje. Un saludo muy fuerte desde Canarias.

  4. crzblue2

    Hola Alex. Estoy un poco desepcionada de que nos eliminaron pero el mejor equipo gano. Ahora no se si le voy con Japon o con Korea pues trabajo con muchos Koreanos y Japoneses. Como tu dices, ahora lo que nos interesa son nuestros equipos, quien se queda, a quien cortan. Nosotros estamos mirando quien va a ser nuestro 5th abridor y que vamos a ser con Juan Pierre. Necesitas un ….como se dice? jardinero? Buenas suerte con tus Medias Blancas. Yo voy a estar en Chicago al final de Mayo para mirar mis Dodgers contra los Cubs. Nunca he estado en Chicago. Te cuidas.

  5. crzblue2

    Hi King of Cali: Yes, great experience. I am heading out now.
    Jan, Thanks! Did you get the email I sent you about joining the fantasy baseball? Well go to run now. I promised someone I will be at the stadium 2 hours early.

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