WBC Final Game: Japan vs Korea at Dodger Stadium

What an incredible atmosphere at the stadium for the final WBC game between Japan & Korea.    Korea had the most fans but Japan also represented very well.   The home team was Korea but Japan had the Dodger side.  Yesterday’s game Japan was the home team using the Dodger dugout and USA was the visiting team. 

The Japanese fans kept chanting “NIPON” (Japan)  clap clap 

The Koreans fans kept chanting ” DAE HAN MIN GU” (Korea) clap clap (haha one word was put as *** so I edited)

There were several drums at different levels starting the chant.  

Here Sunset Blvd with the WBC banner. 


wbc 012.jpg

Opening Ceremony

wbc 025.jpg

The Japanese dugout side

wbc 030.jpg..

Here’s the Korean dugout side & also meet my Korean friend.  Edit to add:  Note her hat has Chan Ho’s Park’s #61, a pin with his picture and in the back of her hat says “Parks”   She also owns a Chan Ho Park jesrey.  

wbc 037.jpg 


I loved this girl’s enthusiasm for her team.  I thought she was going to pee in her pants everytime Ichiro-san came to the plate.   She went by herself to the game and she stayed until the final ceremonies were done.  

wbc 057.jpg  


here is a pic of the final ceremony.  The Korean players had already been given the silver medals and they are giving the Japanese players are receiving the gold medals. 

wbc 066.jpg

 Attendance for the final WBC game:  53,846!   A new record! 

3/26/09  Correction:  Attendance 54,846.  Thanks Malleycat!  


  1. idnas71

    Awesome pictures, Crz. You had a great vantage point to capture the scene. The opening ceremony stuff looked very entertaining. Love all the flags on the field. Were the drums anything like the drum scene at China’s Olympics Opening Ceremony? I admit, the WBC games don’t interest me too much. But I’m glad you had a good time!

  2. crzblue2

    Julia~ Yes, as a friend of mine that did not go to the final game said and I quote “I wish I had a strong tie and devotion to my national identiy like these people”. It was great to see this devotion. There was a guy that did not lid up on his chant. My Korean friend went and bought him a bottle of water even though she did not know him.
    Sandi~ Thanks. I loved all the flags. It was emotional watching it all. I could still hear the drums in my head and that chant from the Koreans. If you would have seen it in person, I know you would have enjoyed it as much as I did.

  3. crzblue2

    KingofCali, Yes, I had a blast! The attendance was 54,846. The largest for a WBC game. they had like 44K the night before and the night before that it was 43K.

  4. crazy19canuck

    Great pics Emma…
    I won’t forget Dodger Stadium when I finally get to California (now you are getting me excited to travel again! I wish it was this year i could go!), don’t worry! It looks like a great ballpark. Canuck

  5. crzblue2

    They had the blue & orange (ugly color, reminds me of the Giants) thundesticks. Also towels of the different colors of the WBC were giving at each level.
    Canuck, There is about 26 miles between Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium so you can make both down the 5 freeway.

  6. mis Medias Blancas de Chicago

    Hola Emma ¿qué tal estas? Al final el Mundial se lo llevo ***ón, como son estos japoneses. Vi las fotos de tu blog y me ha gustado mucho el ambiente que se vivió allí. Lo siento mucho por EEUU, ya que Venezuela se llevo el tercer puesto. Ahora a esperar que harán nuestros equipo de grandes ligas. Te mando un fuerte y cordial saludo compañera.

  7. crzblue2

    Why can’t we say Japon? Is the word in Spanish for Japan.
    Hola Alex, No sabia que fue Venezuela que llevo el tercer lugar azi que felicidades. Sabias que hay una persona que tiene un blog en Espanol que le va a las otras medias? Cuando tenga un poquito de tiempo de dejo saber quien es. Me parece que se llama Antonio.

  8. carpie19

    Those are some great pics! If I lived in Cali, I would’ve loved to have gone. Despite what my blog is currently focusing on, I do love baseball for baseball, not just the boys that play! And I was so happy to see Ryan Braun back in action with Team USA before their ride ended, too!

  9. Erin Kathleen

    I love the pics, Emma! I loved the WBC, most of the games were so exciting. You are so lucky that you got to go to the championship game. It’s really great to see how all the fans were so excited and were cheering so passionately for their teams. -Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  10. crzblue2

    Thanks Kaybee! Did I tell you that I might be in San Diego for Opening day there?
    Carpie, That is the added bonus for us women that like baseball:-)
    Erin, I am so glad I got to attend all three games. It was also good sportmanship between fans.

  11. martinezforever

    “If I lived in Cali, I would’ve loved to have gone.”

    Do yourself a favor the next time it comes and make plans to go no matter where you live. You will be glad you did.

    “I am so glad I got to attend all three games.”

    There were more than just 3, as they played many games the week before, I flew down from the Bay Area to see the Japan game in San Diego the weekend before that, then came down to L.A. this weekend. All good games.

    The WBC was great in 2006 & it was great this year too.

  12. crzblue2

    Martinez, what I meant is the three games at Dodger Stadium. I could not take the time off from work to go to San Diego. For the last 3 weekends before I have also gone to Camelback Ranch in Arizona. I’ve met other people also that flew in for the games. Next time I will add more WBC games to my schedule.

  13. crzblue2

    Thanks D4! I forgot to say about my Korean friend that her hat is a Chan Ho Park hat. In the back it says “Park” and in the front Chan ho ‘s #61 and a pin with his picture. Her jersey is from 2006 WBC but she also owns a Chan Ho jersey.

  14. malleycat

    “Attendance for the final WBCgame: 53,846! A new record!”

    Just a correction. The attendance was almost 55,000, it was in the box score, and I know because I was at the game. And I was probably one of the last people in the gate, lol. Not sure if you are the same Crzblue from the Dodgers.com board.

    Martinez (are you the same Martinez from the MLB.com board): I agree and would suggest to anyone here to come in from wherever you live for a WBC game because you will never experience something like that. We went to several games in 2006 and then to the 2 in San Diego last Sunday, then to the 3 in Dodger Stadium. I had a lot of friends who had to work but went to the Sunday games in San Diego so they wouldn’t have to take time off. The weeknight games started at 8 so I could get down there in time for 2 of them. If some who are reading cannot get to California, try to see them in Florida if you’re closer to that. Don’t know what the settings will be for next WBC. I hope they have a lot of games out here again. I live in Coachella Valley but I would probably follow the WBC in person no matter where.

  15. crzblue2

    Malleycat! Yes, I am the same crzblue from the Dodgers.com board! Hey I was only off my 1000 in the attendance.! I meant 54,846! You are lucky you got to go in 2006! I hope USA does better the next time around and also Mexico.
    Good to read you here Mallecat! Have you been to Camelback Ranch yet? My friends and I have been there 3 weekends in March!

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