I am going back to Camelback Ranch and….

as an added bonus, the WIN Baseball Clinic is Saturday 3/28/09!   Here is the link to the event:


Click where it says “Camelback Ranch  Glendale WIN Clinic for more information. 

The event will be hosted by Maury Wills, Ron Cey, Mike Davis & Bobby Welch!  I am not sure If I mentioned why Bobby Welch became one of my favorites back in the 80’s.   I told him at the 80’s luncheon and he was like “Me?”   I hope I can get tickets there for this event as it was too late to buy online.  

Click on the photo album for pictures from prior events.  See the lady wispering to Jeff Kent from the 2007 pictures?  She is Maybelle Blair from the All American Profesional Baseball league.  She was portrayed by Madonna in the movie “A League of Their Own”.  Maybelle was a lot of fun at all the WIN events.  At work I have a picture with all the ladies from the AAPBL that attended these events.   

The second  picture from 2008 is me throwing the ball to a  friend that gets down in position to catch the ball.  You can see the ball in the air.    We had a nice luncheon after the baseball clinic and Jamie McCourt, Russell Martin, Don Mattingly, Joe Torre & Matt Kemp were at the luncheon fielding our questions.  The lady with the Jeff Kent shirt in the next to the last picture is me.  I miss my ponytail when I wear baseball hats.  

Russell Martin and Matt Kemp were asked to show their tatoos and no, that was not me asking that! .   I directed my comment & question to Mr. Mattingly.    What do you all think of Don Mattingly’s picture?

Looking back at the pictures reminds me that I will not see Jeff Kent anymore 😦   I will miss you Jeff!  Thank you for hosting the WIN baseball clinic at Dodger Stadium for the last 4 years!   -Emma (crzblue)

ok, now I really need to get off the computer as we leave very early tomorrow morning.  We changed our plans of leaving at night to early morning because of heavy traffic on the 10 & 210 freeways.     




  1. crzblue2

    i had a lot of funs at this event! Got pictures that when I get home I will share. I’ll probably be hurting tomorrow though. Still it was all worth it.

  2. crzblue2

    LOL KofC, As we were approaching the California border, we were singing that. haha.
    Tom! I know! I am little tired but we love going to Spring Training. Let’s see we saw 7 games and 3 WBC games. I am ready for this Thursday’s exhibition game against those red devils (Angels) OLOCR (Dodgers Stadium).
    I am taking a little break from taking traffic school.

  3. stlred82

    How lucky were you to see so many baseball games before regular season started. I thought I was doing good with 2. We tied the first game against the Marlins which was the spring opening game and beat the Mets 8-7 in the second game I went too. I know it was only ST but it was nice to beat the Mets at Tradition Field. Good luck to your Dodgers this year Emma.

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