Dedication time! Ranking Dedicated to #26 Heinie Manush!

Thank you all that helped be #26 in the latest ranking!

Only two players have worn #26 in Dodger history. One of them is Hall of Famer Henry Heinie Manush!

Heinie Manush was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama . He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1964 by the Veteran’s committee. He passed away in May of 1971 at the age of 69 .

Mr Heinie Manush played for

Detroit Tigers (1923-1927)

St. Louis Browns (1928-1930)

Washington Senators (1930-1935)

Boston Red Sox (1936),

Brooklyn Dodgers (1937-1938), YEAH!

Pittsburgh Pirates (1938-1939)

Heinie Manush ended his 17-year career with a .330 batting average!

He hit .378 to win the 1926 American League batting title, edging out Babe Ruth on the final day of the season by going 6-for-9 in a double-header.

In 1928, Manush hit .378 again, but lost the batting crown to Goose Goslin’s .379 mark. After their battle for the 1982 batting crown, Manush and Goslin playfully made an annual bet on who would record the higher batting average. The loser would have to pay the winner $50 and buy him a new suit. Manush collected on the bet 5 times while Goslin collected 3 times.

He finished second to Jimmie Foxx in 1933’s race for the batting title, but his league-leading 221 hits and 17 triples paced the Senators to a pennant.race.




  1. crzblue2

    He also played for the Red Sox.

    With a name like that I wont forget him. I did not know anything about him so I am glad that I got that number.

  2. crzblue2

    Thanks Deeandbubba! I never knew anything about Heinie Manush before.
    Kaybee, I know..we are facing Peavy. I do have respect for him. Chad Billinsgley_the pride of Defiance, OH will be going against him.

  3. Dodger4life

    Wow !!! Emma you have been busy. You are doing a fantastic job .
    Keep up the great work. have fun at the ball park this year!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!

  4. crzblue2

    thanks D4! I know I was there for the WBC, but I cannot wait to be at Thursday night exhibition game against the Angels at OLOCR! Isn’t the schedule weird? We only play the Angels for one exhibition, then two exhibition games against Milwaukee then another one against San Francisco B4 we play an Opener!

  5. crzblue2

    Heinie Manush! As I was at Dodger Stadium watching the game against the Washington Sen…I mean the Nationals, and listening to Vin he mentioned Heinie Manush! I said to myself “I know the name!”. Heinie returned to the Washington Senators to be a hitting coach.

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