The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town!!

YouTube Music Videos 60s 70s - Thin Lizzy- Boys Are Back In Town
YouTube Music Videos 60s 70s – Thin Lizzy- Boys Are Back In Town via

 (how do you put a youtube, I can only do the link)

Update:  Jane & Canuk!   Thank you so much!!  I got it to work!

The boys are back in town! the boys are back in town!  My beloved Dodgers are playing the Angels for one game and then Milwaukee will be in town for Friday and Saturday then they fly to San Francisco for one exhibition game!   What is up with that? We used to play the Angels for a 3 game Freeway series rotating two games at one stadium and one at the other stadium. . For those of you that might not know is called the Freeway Series since you can get to both stadiums traveling down the #5 freeway.   Oh and from SF they go to SD for the Opener there!

I got my blue on today and I am leaving at 3:30 so I’ll catch the Amtrak to Union Station. With my Metrolink monthly pass I can take Amtrak so long as is from the same station to station that shows in my Metrolink pass. I hope this agreement between Amtrak & Metrolink does not change. I wish that like last year we had the Trolley taking us from Union Station to Dodger Stadium but no so is back to walk from Union Station to Cesar Chavez (Sunset) to Broadway, hop on the #2 or #4 bus, get off at Sunset & Aines and huff & puff hiking up to the stadium. Oh well, maybe I’ll lose a couple of pounds.

Is a little chilly here with a light chance of rain in the forecast but I don’t think it will get as chilly as it got for one of the WBC games.

In the meantime my friend and I have booked our air flight to Chicago to go see our boys play there in May! Neither one of us have been to Wrigley Field before so we are so looking forward to our trip. We still need to book hotel and get tickets. We welcome tips! Oh! we are also going to San Diego for the home opener against our boys! It should be fun, fun fun!!!

Woohoo!  Honduras beat Mexico in the Concacaf soccer match last night! 



  1. Jane Heller

    Emma, when you’re on YouTube you need to copy and paste where it says “embed.” There’s a special code for that. And isn’t it great to have the boys back in town? The Yankees are working out at the new Stadium today. Woohoo.

  2. crzblue2

    Jane! Thanks! yes, I was singing that song on the train!
    Canuk! thanks I got the email I will try to follow it and see if it works. Wow! First game in 25 years! You are overdue! I know you will have a wonderful time. We want to hear all about it!

  3. crzblue2

    Julia, I know our organist Nancy Bea will be playing that tonight!. Only 25 minutes before I walk to take the train to Union Station then to OLOCR!

  4. kingofcali

    It’s almost time for this season to start. I’m glad this final games are now at our stadiums. Feels like real baseball now. I’m glad you guys get to come to SF to get beat up before the season starts. lol jk
    Go Giants – Not all men are created equal…some of them become Giants!

    ~ King of Cali

  5. stlred82

    I have my tickets and I am ready for 3:15 pm start time at Busch Stadium Cardinals against the Pirates.

  6. luvthedodgers23

    Hey Emma! I am so jealous that you were at the stadium tonight and that you got to see the Dodgers beat those Angels. I’ll be there in my seats tomorrow ready to cheer for the BLUE! Go Dodgers! I am so excited that baseball is about to officially start up again…there is nothing like catching a ball game and eating a Dodger Dog oh and of course eating Sunflower Seeds! See you tomorrow! Go Dodgers!

  7. crzblue2

    Repeat after me:
    Stlred, Is your game on Monday? This is your first Opening game right? You will how much fun Opening Day games are!
    Luvthedogers23! No worries, you will be there tonight! It is always extra special beating the Angels and Giants! They did not have the media and yearbook yesterday 😦 I don’t want to wait until 4/13!

  8. crzblue2

    Thanks Canuck!
    Oh I cant wait for 4/13! but before that is the Opener at San Diego on 4/6! Peavy is tough on the Dodgers but he was not sharp in the WBC games.

  9. joeshlabotnik

    I’ve been to St. Louis at this time of year and I’ve been to L.A. at this time of year. I’ll take Opening Day in L.A. if I had the chance.

  10. crzblue2

    Joe, I don’t know how the weather is in St Louis in April but I’ve been there ….::scratches head:: It was either July or August and it was so humid there. At Dodger Stadium there is always a breeze with the stadium being hidden there in the hills. Thanks for stopping by. -Emma

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