Last exhibition games at OLOCR, Opening Day at San Diego & Vacation

Last night I attended the only exhibition game against the Angels.  What was up with that?  We usually play them for 3 games!  Tonight we face  Milwaukee for  two exhibition games then my beloved Dodgers fly to San Francisco for one exhibition game then to San Diego for Monday Opening Day there.   What a crazy way to end exhibition and start the season!  

Last night it was reunion day greeting and hugging the same people that I see day in and day out during the baseball season.   Not everyone has made it back yet but tonight, tomorrow night and Opening Day I’ll get to see the rest.   My brother said that he was observing me and that I looked like a fish in water when I get to the stadium.   I LOVE IT THERE! 

I was and still is fighting a cold.   I dont want to get sick!!!   I got games to see and the trip to San Diego to catch a couple of games there!    I stocked up this morning on Dayquil and I am drinking lots of liquids.  

I put on the board at work the vacation days I am taking.  Someone drew a baseball next to it :-).  

I don’t care if it is exhibtion but is always good to beat the Angels!  Bragging rights on the train with two Angel fans there!   How sweeet. 

I bought a a new Big 5 Scorebook, I got pencils, I got my radio, my binos, my glove, my tickets, my sunblock, my cold medicine in case I need it.  I am ready for tonight!  

Bring on the Brew Crew because our  Big Blue Wrecking Crew is back!!

Like Vin Scully sayd “Is Time for Dodger Baseball”


Oh is also Fireworks night and the game time for Friday nights have been changed from 7:40 to 7;10 to accomodate that now we have Fireworks every Friday.  



  1. crzblue2

    I started posting here but was having trouble yesterday….anyhoo….
    Jane, I watched part of the Yankees-Cubs game. Stadium looks beautiful. I bet you wanted to be there. Did you make it to Dodger Stadium the last time the Yankees came to town for interleague.?
    Julia, I had a good time, except we got beat 7-2. Billingsley lost the game but he pitched well only giving out 2 runs. Sturtze did not fair well.

  2. crzblue2

    Canuck! I would love for the Dodgers to beat them during interleague! In the Dodger Booster club we have a competition of what booster club (Dodgers or Angels) collect more blood during the blood drive. I know everyone wins in that but I still like for us to beat them.

  3. Jane Heller

    Yes, Emma, I did go to Dodger Stadium when the Yankees came for interleague. It was fantastic and I only wish they were coming back this year. I’m still planning to go to some Dodger games this summer. Count on it!

  4. crazy19canuck

    Emma! My mother in law (who has just arrived home for California) just emailed me a picture of Dodger Stadium! She said it was just “some ball field but the people outside were dressed funny.” She thought since I liked baseball I would know what field it was. Glad to see Dodgers fans are getting into the spirit!!


    ~Bring on the Brew Crew because our Big Blue Wrecking Crew is back!!~

    Well you did not do too well against the Brew Crew and lost them both! I love Jason Kendall and Ryan Braun! GO BREWERS!

  6. crzblue2

    Aaron, Thanks! Good luck to your Tribe!
    Bern, Thanks for the reminder. Not dreadloc wig but I think I will add dreadlocs to this thick knit black hat I have 🙂
    Canuk! Was the picture from the WBC games or from exhibition?
    Dee, No, we did not do well. I really thought we were going to win Saturday night. I like Ryan Braun because he is a local boy. Also Suppan is another local boy. I visited his restaurant about a year ago. He was really nice and showed us all the memorabillia he has at the restaurant.

  7. crzblue2

    Oh Jane, those three games the Yankees played at Dodger Stadium were electrifying! The atmosphere was fantastic. I really thought we would see the Dodgers play at Yankee Stadium last year. There is a lot of historic games played between the two teams.

  8. crazy19canuck

    The folks in front are in Dodgers gear. I think it was this past Thurdsay or Friday. She’s been out there for almost two weeks but only got to LA in the last few days of her trip. She also seems to like talking about her trip with me. Personally, i think she just likes to torture me.

  9. stlred82

    Congrats on a Dodger win today. It’s also time for
    Cardinal Baseball. Good luck. We lost today but hopefully tomorrow will be a win and warmer weather. I nearly froze today. But I will be there tomorrow with all my Cardinal winter gear on.

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