Happy Jackie Robinson Day Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Jackie Robinson Day!  I am off in a few minutes to my beloved OLOCR (Our Lady of Chavez Ravine).    I got my Jackie Robinson jersey in the car!  

I am still high from the great Opening Day!   After Vin Scully threw out the ceremonial first pitch, I could not stop the tears when I heard Vin say “Two things,   #1  In all the years I needed you more than you needed me”.  “#2.  Is time now for Dodger Baseball”.    He threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Joe Torre.  Joe came over afterwards and touched his face.   Vin’s wife was wearing a beautiful baby blue dress. 

The players were announced in numerical order with Tommy Lasorda being first with his #2 retired number.  No, he did not have his uniform on.  He only wears it during Spring Training.  the players came out from the field level and the outfielders and pitchers from the left field pavilion.   The last number coming out was #99 Manny.     

We all heard O-Dog hit for the cycle, Andre hit two homeruns but Chad Billingsley cannot be overlooked in his great performance where he did not walk a batte rand he struck out 13.   11.  Thanks LuvDodgers23 for the correction!

Wishing you all a great Jackie Robinson Day!  




  1. crzblue2

    Julia, I am having a wonderful time! Casey Blake just hit one out!
    Rocky! Looking forward to meeting you. Saturday is photo day so get here early to go on the field!

  2. malleycat

    Go Dodgers. Not to be too picky but you wrote, “This is Vin’s 60th years with the Dodgers! That means he started in 1949!”

    It is well documented that Vin started with the Dodgers in the 1950 season. He was taught by the great Red Barber. This is his 60th season and it’s also Tommy’s 60th season with the organization. Lucky to still have them both.

  3. luvthedodgers23

    Hey Emma! Chad was great but he only struck out 11. The last few days have been quite a treat for us Dodger fans!!! Go Blue!

  4. crzblue2

    Malleycat! thanks for the correction. I just did the math 60 years …silly me!. Thanks!
    Digs! Another great thing is watching the games with fans sitting in our section that you have become friends because of the Dodgers!
    John, i will definetly keep an eye on your blog and keep an eye on the balls going to LF.

  5. crzblue2

    Hey LuvtheDodgers23! Was that in anticipation of Kershaw striking out 13 yesterday? 🙂 . I’ll fix that, thanks!! Yes the last few days have been quite a treat! Let’s hope the treats continue to pile on!

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