I am a happy Camper!

My Dodgers swept the Giants!   Billingsley was lights out!  Kershaw struck out 13 while giving up only 1 hit (a homerun).  Stults got out of trouble and got the win!  Life is good.   Now the Rockies are in town and our blogger Tom should also be here.  I am looking forward to meeting him.   Tom:  Email me!   

tonight is 70’s celebration at OLOCR (Dodger Stadium) so I am dressing like the 70’s.  I needed some earrings so I went to this beauty supply store close to work that carries some other stuff like earrings.  I have been there before when I went to pickup a rental in the same shopping center for one of my trips to Camelback Ranch.   the owners are a charming older couple that when they saw my Dodger bagpack they told me that they are big Giant fans.  We started talking that day about our respective teams and old players.  They even offered me a ticket to a weekday game at Scottsdale but I ould not go during the week.  

Anyway today I returned to look for a pair of earrings!  I found a blue pair of hoops with matching necklace and bracelet.     The man kidding around told me he did not want to talk about his Giants!  but we still  talked about our team and no I did not get on his case for losing the series.  He told me he was at the Home Opener.  I wish I would have known!   I gave him a Giant hat I had from a game I had gone to San Francisco last year.   I was saving it to give it to a friend of mine that is a Giant fan but she moved away.   

Tomorrow the game is  at 12:40 p.m. pacific time.   Tom:  If you go to the game don’t forget the time change!  . FOX Sport picked up the game.  Also before the game is Photo Day so I will be there at 11:AM to go on the field and take pictures of my boys in Blue!!   At night is the premiere of the movie   “Bluetopia”  which I have an invitation to watch the screening!      busy, busy weekend!    Sunday’s game is regular time (1:10 p.m.).  Monday is a day off and then my boys in Blue head to Houston, Colorado and then San Francisco.    KingofCali:  Are you going to any of the games? 

I’ll post pictures over the weekend!    If I find Tom I’ll take pictures of him!  


  1. stlred82

    Can’t wait to see the pictures Emma. Especially from the 70’s. What a fun theme. You get that happy camper from me.lol Have fun. Jan

  2. crzblue2

    Jane, Julia & Jan! Hey all of your names start with a “J’! Great game coming from behind. Will post pictures soon! Thanks!!

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