Breakfast, Photo Day, Game Day & Bluetopia Movie.

What a busy Saturday!   It all started with meeting at 9:am for breakfast at Barragans on Sunset, five minutes away from Dodger Stadium.    Here is the restaurant’s breakfast sign outside. 

OLOCR first homestand 2009 066.jpg

Here is the regular menu and menu special with a Dodger hat we put there.   

OLOCR first homestand 2009 067.jpg

Here are the dishes we were having:  Chilaquiles and huevos rancheros.   Bloody Marys are $2.50 and they are good so are the dishes.   For those that might not know  Chilaquiles is a combo of crispy corn tortillas cooked with eggs,chopped  tomatoes, onions and jalapenos serve with sour cream, rice and beans.   yum.  It was good!

OLOCR first homestand 2009 069.jpg

After a hearty breakast we were ready to head to the stadium for photo day.   Here is a picture of my friend Erik & I while we waited for the players.   I found I heart Dodgers banner a couple of years back at a local antique.  

OLOCR first homestand 2009 071.jpg

Here is our James Loney!  yeah, we sang to him.  

OLOCR first homestand 2009 075.jpg


Heeeeeeeeeere is Manny!
OLOCR first homestand 2009 079.jpg

I love Manny!   He remembered us from Camelback Ranch!  He was very friendly with everyone.

OLOCR first homestand 2009 080.jpg

Here is Rafael Furcal posing with me.  I love Raffy!
OLOCR first homestand 2009 077.jpg 

I look short (I am 5:7) next to our closer Jonathan Broxton. 

Thumbnail image for OLOCR first homestand 2009 078.jpg

Here is Andre!  My tilley hat comes out. 

OLOCR first homestand 2009 076.jpg Dodgers Win!! 

Billingsley picked up his 3rd win even though the Rockies were getting him into deep counts.   Manny along with Ethier went yard with two homeruns! 


The day was topped by watching the Dodger premiere movie “Bluetopia”.   Tim Marx did a wonderful job of capturing the fans love for our beloved Dodgers.  I laughed, I cheered  and got choked up watching it.   James Loney, Billingsley, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Kershaw attended.    I’ll say more later about the event.  I am glad that I got to go and sit with my friends that I have made because of our love for our Dodgers.


  1. digthedodgers

    Emma ~ Great photos!!! I love your wig from Friday night…way cool!!!
    You are living the dream of all Dodgers fans who can’t have season tickets, or like us live so far away. We all live vicariously through you and your blog. Thanks!
    My wife and I can’t wait to meet you in June. It will be great fun.
    Take care.
    Go Dodgers!!!

  2. crzblue2

    I have not had a chance to respond here. What a morning! I got a call on the train from one of my users that noone could log on to the payroll/Hr system. Problem finally resolved!
    Jane, Manny was even signing autographs and taking longer with the fans than the rest of the players. Hey I am going Sunday to the LA Times book festival. It is a great festival. Do you ever go?
    Dig,I am also looking forward to meeting you and your wife! Just remind me when the date gets closer as I am very forgetful.
    Julia, yes the breakfast is great and I welcome the walk up the hill to the stadium after the breakfast.
    Jan, the game ended up late that we had limited time to get home shower and get ready again. Lore had even less time since she picked up Erik first and then picked me up. We had a great time the whole Saturday.
    knouff! Good to read you here!
    Cali, When we had the first opportunity to get a pic with Manny during Spring Training when we happened to run into him, we regreted afterwards that we did not asked him if we could get a pic with him. Did you read about my new friends that are Giant fans?

  3. mlbtribefan

    I think it is a blessing to see the players this close for events like this. This is where the team becomes more alive and much more personal because you see the players for who they are a little bit, more than what the media portrays them to be. I think this is wonderful.


  4. crzblue2

    Amy! Lol. You know I am getting more the urge to go on more road trips.
    Aaron! Very well said! I learned last year not to trust a certain media person here. I should have learned my lesson before when I sent him an email correcting him and he respondded with “I don’t have time to check that, unlike you, I have a life”. he actually made me laugh with that comment. I was like “whatever dude.”.

  5. crzblue2

    Ash, Picture day happened very early for us this year that I almost missed it. Luckly, a friend told me about it. Is a great oportunity to be on the field and interact with the players and coaches.

  6. crzblue2

    Elizabeth, If you have a chance to go to a photo day, do it! you get to be on the field and take pictures from there. And the breakfast, well, we needed that to carry us thru the whole day and night. I still need to write about the Bluetopia and sent the producer an thank you note.

  7. mattpeas

    Wow! Amazing pics with such amazing players. Thanks for the insight on peewee young. Still hasnt got a chance to start but picked up his first hit as a Pirate the other day, a game changing double. He’s gonna be goooooood and it’s great to see him develop in the black and gold.

  8. crzblue2

    Not sure if I mention that his grandfather gave him that nickname. I am so glad Peewee (Delwyn Young) got his first hit with the Pirates. He is reunited now with Andy LaRoche. Have patience with Andy, he will do well. I remember him from Double-A, he was real good.

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