Bluetopia Dodger movie

I was Thrilled that I was invited to this premiere on Saturday 4/18/09.   My friends and I were looking forward to see how the movie about the Dodgers and their fans turned out.  We got to see a lot of Tim Marx_the producer and his camera guys at the stadium and also on some road games during all of the 2008 season.  

Players Chad Billinsgley who pitched a great game ealier in the day, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, James Loney and Andre Ethier attended the event. Also in attendance were  Charlie Steiner, Rick Monday, Dr Steinberg, Pepe Yniguez, Josh Rawitch,Dennis Manion and organist Nancy Bea.    My friends and I had a picture taken with Matt Kemp.  Matt was very friendly talking with all the fans that attended the event.  I talked with Andre’s wife asking her how was her baby.  She told me her father in law was taking care of the baby.   James Loney was running late so we just went inside and took a sit in the front where friends of ours were reserving our seats.  

We Loved the movie!  We relived the 2008 season, we laughed, cheered and I got chocked up during several parts of the movie   We already knew that we were not the only crazy passionate Dodger fans but it was nice to confirm that there are a lot of us around.   We applauded at the end and we started a chant “LET’S GO DODGERS!”.  


Here is the movie poster that was in display at the premiere 

Eutopia pic 7 poster.jpgHere is Tim

Here is Tim Marx, the producer.  You can’t see it too well, but  I have Dodger earrings, a baseball bracelet,  a silver and Blue LA pin and a Dodger bag that Debie Little sent me in the mail when Grady Little was with the team.   She sent me a note with it thanking me for filling out two boxes of ballots for Russell Martin.    

Bluetopia pic6.JPG

Here is Matt Kemp.  A fan that always paints his face is in the background.  He comes out in the movie saying “this is my church!.”   Yeah baby!  You got that right!  Dodger Stadium is our church!   

Thumbnail image for Bluetopia pic5.jpg


Erik and I are posing here with one of the Dodger ambassadors.  I love that all the male ambassadors were wearing vintange Dodger uniforms.  Jordan is wearing Duke Snider’s number.    

eutopia pic3.JPG


The following day when my friends and I got to the stadium early for BP, a gentleman asked   me where my 70’s outfit was (see my post on the 70’s Fireworks).     Well, we started talking to him and then we noticed that he was wearing a tag wtih the last name Ethier.  We did not know that we were talking to Andre’s dad!     I told him  “You were taking care of the baby Saturday night!.”    We stayed there for a little while talking to him about the team, players, Andre, road trips and speeding tickets in Arizona (he lives in AZ).    



  1. crzblue2

    Andre’s dad was very nice. We were telling him about our trips to Arizona and then we mentioned that we are making our first trip to Wrigley Field. Well, he said he is also making his first trip there.
    Hey Jane! We even walked the blue carpet!

  2. jewsonfirst and


    That looks like a ton of fun! Congrats on being invited.


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