Bad News:Manny Suspended for 50 games. Good News: Is Loney’s Birthday!

Manny Suspended….

That is how the text message I got this morning started.   I was like “Is this a joke?”  After confirming it  I was like Wow 😦 Very very sad.   Got to look at the bright side that at least is going to start now and not later.  He will l begin the suspension with tonight’s  game so he would be eligible to return around July 3, depending on rainouts.

Let’s see we have Juan Pierre on the bench.  Xavier Paul (the X Man)  is expected to be called back from Tripe-A .  Press conference this afternoon.


 Happy Birthday James Loney!  See you at the game tonight! 

My Loney has a first name is J A M E S

My loney has a second name is L O N E Y

Oh I love to see him everyday and if you ask me why I’ll say….

‘Cause Loney has a way wtih H I T T I N G !


Let’s go Dodgers!  Let’s go!





  1. kingofcali

    I know you can’t say all these wins are just cause of Manny. I just think he makes everyone else better. People hitting infront of him get better pitches to hit. He’s always on base for people behind him. The Dodgers are now not going to just lose every game, but things deff will change. More pressure on other players to step up and you will see more slumps. Without Manny the Dodgers are still the team to beat. Just brings you guys back closer to the rest of the NL West.

    ~ King of Cali

  2. crzblue2

    Yes, he makes everyone else better, people get better pitches but at the beginning of the season, the Dodgers were winning in spite of Manny! We will miss him yes, but even without Manny, we still have a pretty good lineup. Also Billingsley & Broxton are pretty good candidates to be on the All-Star.

  3. crzblue2

    Yes, he has let us down. Either he took the stuff or he was a stool for trusting doctors taking a prescription. I like to believe the second option.
    We will survive and become victorious on this 50 year anniversary of the first Championship in Los Angeles when the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series in 1959! How is that for optimism!? I think I’ll put that in my thread!

  4. crzblue2

    Yes, it was not only a sad day for Dodger fans but all fans of baseball. You know what I hate is hearing from superficial fans or not fans at all but they have an opinion like “they all cheat….that is why I don’t like the game….bla, bla.
    Thanks. I have sang the song to Loney before and even to his father.

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