Greetings from the Friendly Confines!

It was so cold when I got to Chicago on Wednesday that I bought me a coat.  Guess what color?  Dodger blue baby!   We went to Numero Uno for dinner.  Good pizza!  We felt guilty after having the pizza so we went to work on the threadmill while watching our Lakers win! 

Thursday, after having lunch at the hotel we went to John Hancock observatory.  Wow 96th floor!  My ears were popping!  Beautiful view from there and I loved all the history.    

We got to the friendly confines, Wrigley Field in time for BP.   Before going in we walked around the park.  Take a look at this picture from a local bar: 

Too funny using Manny’s name!  Z has been suspended for 6 games.  

Entering this series, the Cubs and Dodgers franchises have split their 2,024 games against each other!  

Two Randy’s on the mound for the first game:  lefty Randy Wolf against righty Randy Wells. 

I was on the edge on my seat in the 9th inning when the baby bears had the bases loaded with one out.  Our closer was not on the mound as he had thrown 36 pitches the day before so Troncoso was on the mound.  Tron pitched the 8 & the 9th.  Dodgers win 2-1!  El Lobo picked the win!   

We met Dodger fans from Whittier, CA; The San Fernando valley; and ran into two Dodger Lady fans from the Booster Club!   They recognized me from the meetings.  I kept score but 😦 I lost my program and not only that, I lost one of my Dodger earrings :-(( but we won the first game!!! :-). 

Friday’s matchup:  Lefty Ted Lilly against our righty Chad Billinsgley.


  1. crzblue2

    Sue, you missed the exciting 9th inning.
    Kaybee, weird weather here, umbrellas out,then sun out but still cold.
    Jane, a good number of Dodger fans here including Larry King

  2. thinkingblue

    EMMA – Chicago is beautifu! I think the John Hancock view is better than the Sears Tower. GOOOOOO DODGERS!

  3. crzblue2

    Well, we lost a tough one today but so far I’seen two good games. Sent by blackberry. We are waiting at fedex to print our tix for tomorrow.

  4. crzblue2

    Hey Dodger4life!
    I am ready for today”s game! It is on FOX and we more or less behind home plate in section 26 row 2!
    Let’s Go Dodgers! Let’s Go!
    Bring the ring back!

  5. Elizabeth D.

    Sounds like a great game you were at! I’m glad that you were able to go… I’ve always wanted to go to Wrigley, it sounds beautiful. I loved the sign by the way “Too Manny Suspensions”. Dodgers vs Cubs is a great matchup!

  6. crzblue2

    The first two games were good games by both teams but my Dodgers let me down on the third. They did not show up! no pitching and no hitting. I will be on the air when they play on Sunday but I hope to hear good news. Eric Milton was having dinner where we went for dinner. I hope it was a good omen

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