I’m going back to Cali, Cali

I had lots of fun in Chicago, Wrigley is very nice but  like the song says  “I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali….I need to go back to my beautiful Dodger Stadium!   My friend Lore and I fly back at 6:p.m. and my boys play the last of the four game series with Chicago at 7:p.m.  PLEASE play better than how you played Saturday!  Sunday’s game is the ESPN game.   I hope to hear good news when I land at LAX!

OK, let me tell you that Larry King is a traitor, yes a traitor!  He says he is a Dodger fan from back in the Brooklyn days.  He has Dodgers season tickets to and I always see him there with his wife and kids.  At Wrigley Field, he sang “Take me out to the ballgame”  and prior to the game and during the 7th inning stretch he was wearing a Cub’s jersey!   Traitor, traitor!   Believe it or not, this is Larry King’s first trip to Wrigley Field. 

I will be back to work on Monday and then to the games!  Arizona will be in town for 3 and then Philadelphia for a four game series.  On Sunday 6/7, I will be taking an early flight to N.H. for a business trip.  Lucky for me I will only miss three games since the Dodgers have two days off:  Monday 6/8 & Thursday 6/11.   After playing 17 consecutive games, my boys deserve some R&R. 

While In N.H. I do want to visit the minor league park of the Nashua Prides.  I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.    

Pictures when I get back home!

Update:  I will be volunteering at the stadium recruiting blood donors for our upcoming blood drive from the Dodger Booster club. 



  1. digthedodgers

    What a cool trip. I love Chicago! But I’m not overly fond of the Wrigley Field experience. It looks a lot nicer on TV.
    We are leaving for LA this morning, via Las Vegas. We are going to 4 games: all 3 against Arizona and the 1st game against Philly.
    Monday: Loge 138, Row O, seats 1,2
    Tuesday: Reserved Level 11, Row C, seats 7,8
    Wednesday: same as Monday, Log 138, O, 1,2
    Thursday: Reserved Level 23, Row C, seats 21,22
    We’d love to meet you. We are both going to be wearing Dodgers hats in our mid-40’s (although my wife looks 29, of course). One of the days we’ll be wearing our jersey’s: Lopes for me and #42 Jackie for her. We also want to buy Dodgers T-shirts for one of the games: Hudson for me, Ethier for her.
    We will get there early for all the games.
    Go Dodgers!!!

  2. crzblue2

    Looking forward to meeting you and your wife. I will be at all those games, the only thing is on Monday (need to check with the Booster Club) I am volunteering to recruit blood donors for our upcoming blood drive. I” send you a pm with my #. Oh, and I have a discount card that you are welcome to use for Dodger merchandise. You have nice seats!

  3. crzblue2

    Thanks Julia!
    Did I ever mention that one time I missed my flight because I was at the Border’s store in Cinci. I was with a friend and she did not call me. Next thing I know the flight had taken off. I had to wait an additional 6 hours for the next flight. The guy noticed I was a Dodger fan and after asking me a few baseball questions, he sent me to the VIP area. haha that was fun.

  4. Jane Heller

    That story about Larry King is puzzling. He claims he’s a Yankee fan too! I sat next to him at the 2000 World Series. I think you should get to the bottom of this, Emma! Hope you have a safe trip home.


  5. crzblue2

    Next time I see him I am going to ask him . The people sitting next to me the day before when he was not wearing any Cub gear were saying “He is a Cub’s fans.” You are right, we need to get to the bottom of this.

  6. coolia

    Ugh, I have never liked Larry King – now I have another reason not to!

    Glad you had a fun trip. Wrigley is such a fun place to see a game!


  7. luvthedodgers23

    Hey Emma! Read this on today’s LA Times:

    -There was a sour note to the evening, however. Brad Ausmus was plunked by a fastball by reliever Carlos Marmol in the eighth inning, a pitch that Ausmus said “seemed suspicious at the time.”

    -Was it retaliation for Martin stealing second base in the seventh inning with the Dodgers up, 8-2? Or for a seventh-inning fastball by reliever Ronald Belisario that knocked down Ryan Theriot?

    Too bad you weren’t there to see Belisario handle your business! LOL 😉 You gotta give him a shout out here in your blog! He sure returned the favor to the Cubs for making Russell eat dirt on Sat.

    Hope you’re having a good day at work! I wish I were still on vacation of course not in Chicago but at home doing nothing but enjoying Dodger baseball! See ya soon!

  8. thinkingblue

    Emma – I’m glad you are back home and that Chicago was wonderful. Larry King is a traitor…LOL!
    Well you will not be there for Sundays game but I will. With my fam. Little League time…and my kids are NOT TRAITORS they are actually really mad that they have to wear their Little League Jersey and they are in the Mets. They always go in Dodger Gear so they weren’t too happy. But we will be putting a Dodgers t-shirt underneath…LOL!
    It is good that you are volunteering for the blood drive…we need more people like you! Have fun with the drive.
    Have a safe flight to N.H. and have fun!

  9. crzblue2

    Hey Julie! I should not have bought his book. LOL. We had a lot of fun in Chi-Town but we were ready to come back. I just wish I was off today instead of at work.
    Shoot! I wish I would have been there Sunday! Definetely need to give Belly a shout! LOL. I wish I was home too! I am feeling a little rundown.
    So Sunday will be the only day you will be there? Sorry I will miss you but we’ll see each other for the ITD tour. That should be fun. Can’t wait!

  10. cubsjunkie2

    I’m glad you had fun in Chicago! Its nice to hear ppl other than Cubs fans enjoy Wrigley since other people (cough- white sox – cough) don’t seem to like it too much. I was at the game on Thursday!! Cubs lost 😦 sad face for me. But hey, we split with the best team in baseball! I’m happy, haha 🙂


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