Tributes at the Ravine, Ethier goes deep with 3HR and ITD Tour update

Quick post so that I can head to Dodger Stadium for the ITD Tour.

There was a tribute to Michael Jackson at Dodger Stadium.  There was a moment of silence for Michael, Ed Mcmahon, Farrah Fawcett and Horace Lee.   I knew about the 3 but Horace Lee?  I was Oh No!   See, he was one of our elevator attendant.  When you see these people for every game, they become part of your extended family.  R.I.P to all of them.  I will miss seeing you on the elevator Mr. Lee.

.Pau Gasol threw out the first pitch at the stadium and usually we have a kid or several kids saying “Is Time for Dodger Baseball”  which is what Vin Scully always says at the beginning of games.  Well, this time it was Ione, this lady that was celebrating her 100 years!  Happy birthday Ione!  

Congratulations to Andre Ethier who hit 3 homeruns last night!  The last Dodger to do that was Heep Sop Choi!  

When I found out that Joe Pierre(Oldbrooklynfan) was at the game, I found out where he was sitting and I spent from the 6th inning on sitting with him on the field level.  He was sitting there by himself.  We both were keeping score so what I missed when I took the elevator from my seat to his, he helped me catch up.  Here is a picture of oldbrooklynfan:

may june 09 068.jpg 

Clayton Kershaw had his first RBI!  Congratulations Kersh!

Almost six months, to the day, after Tim was named the Isotopes’ Manager, the Los Angeles Dodgers selected his son, Brett Wallach, with the 96th pick of the Amateur Draft.  Is all kept in the family!  Congratulations to Brett and his family!



    Glad to see you made it out to the Left Coast, joepierre!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!

  2. crzblue2

    I let Joe Pierre read your message at the stadium.
    Ramslover, For the last two days Joe has been saying “I can’t believe all this is happening to me.”
    Friday night’s game was a lot of fun and even though we lost Saturday night it was great meeting all the fans that post in the Inside the Dodgers blog.
    I was posting in a hurry in order to get to the stadium in time for the tour. Sorry, I corrected. Thank you so much for catching that.

  3. 32and53fan

    I feel bad now. When Frank came to visit Joe last night, he asked how his trip was going and if there was anything else he wanted.
    I should have told Frank that it would be nice if Joe could go down and meet and get a picture taken with Vin Scully.
    Oh well, coulda, woulda, shoulda.

  4. crzblue2

    We had a wonderful tour, then we headed to Phillipes which has been around for 101 years, then to Olvera street then to BP and game! We had a wonderful time.
    Oh… If not that, we could have gone upstairs to the club level and seen him as he exits. My friend and I did that today.
    Love the pictures and Scott’s kitty also!

  5. crzblue2

    thanks! I’ll check that! You are up late like me. It was very hot today where I sat today with the seats I won so my friends and I went back to my Top Deck where there was a wonderful breeze.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    Thanks for posting my picture on your blog crzblue- Emma.
    I was happy to hang out with you on the tour, you’re a wonderful person to get along with.
    It will always be a pleasant memory of us keeping score together.

  7. crzblue2

    You are so welcome! I like that picture of you! I am glad that I asked Josh where you were sitting and that we watched the game together. It was nice keeping score together. I have to have my radio and scorebook with me at the stadium or else I feel I am missing something.

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