Dodgers at Petco with Manny back…

What a crazy day Friday was with Manny being back after his 50 game suspension.  My friend Lore and I made the trip along wih so so many Dodger fans.   We have been in San Diego many times including the four game series against the Dodgers to start the season so we are used to seeing many Dodger fans but this time the number was even larger.    As they open the gates, we saw on the field the number of media covering Manny and we said “OMG”.   Here is the media waiting..

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Here are the players stretching including Manny.  The guy with jeans and a beige shirt is Eric Karros who was covering the Padre/Dodger game on Saturday.


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In other news, the Dodgers won the first game 6-3, dropped the second one 7-4 in yet another no decision by Randy Wolf.  That is about 12 no decision by Randy.  Rubber game tomorrow.  Media coverage has gone down from the first circus day.  Oh, yeah, Manny went yard on the 4th of July!  Congratulations Manny!  He is back….  

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!    



  1. aducker

    I’m glad you had some fun in San Diego. Yesterday’s results were disappointing but the bullpen was bound to blow it eventually and the Dodgers have been very good on the field so far so that was due to happen as well. Let’s hope it’s back to a strong bullpen and strong defense for the rubber game.

  2. crzblue2

    We had loads of fun. We are heading back to the ballpark in an hour. They head to N.Y. afterwards.

  3. aducker

    You stayed for the whole series then? One time while I was living in San Francisco a friend flew out that is a big White Sox fan. The Dodgers were playing the Giants in town for 3 games and then the next day the White Sox were playing in Oakland. We went to 6 games in 6 days and I didn’t think my voice would ever recover from cheering and jeering so much. The Dodgers won all 3 and the White Sox won 2 of 3 so it was a pretty good stretch for us.

  4. juliasrants

    Emma – I’m glad you had fun – but the attention given to Manny seems so over blown! There are reports of when Manny took left field that Dodgers fans started chanting “We aren’t Worthy” – is that true? I really hope not. I read a sports article and I liked the writer’s take – he felt that the first time Manny took the field at home the fans should boo him just so he would understand while the Dodger’s fans might be happy that he is back that they are not happy that he tried to cheat his way through the game. Do you see that happening?


  5. aducker

    I’m with Julia. I want Dodgers fans to boo Manny out of the park for the first couple of games. I have no problems with fans cheering when Manny gets a hit. But I hate seeing fans cheering Manny just for being around as if he did nothing wrong. It looks like some fans are overcompensating by cheering for him more than they ever have. That’s just wrong headed. Manny deserves the heat he’ll get for this but a few weeks from now nobody will care one way or another and people can cheer as they wish.

  6. crzblue2

    My friend and I went to Friday’s game then came back as she had a birthday to attend on Saturday, then we went back early Sunday morning so we saw the two wins. We like to think that we were the lucky charms! The only player we talked to Sunday morning was Loney before he entered the stadium so again, we like to think that we brought him luck :-).
    I agree that the attention given to Manny was way over the top. Also the media that first they write earlier that Manny should not be given that treatment and they there were covering him. We were sitting between homeplate and the Dodger dugout so I don’t know what they were chanting in the left field side. I don’t see the majority of Dodger fans booing Manny when the team gets back to Dodger Stadium.
    I don’t think the Dodgers have been playing great baseball but they have been good and if is not one player, is another coming to the rescue of another not doing well so they are playing well as a team.
    I just don’t see the majority of fans booing Manny. He is a very likeable player. As he went by in San Diego, he acknoleged the fans, he was signing autographs on the field, he was hanging by the Dodger dugout, showing his full support for Juan and the rest of the players. He was signiling “Safe” when Juan stole a base. I think it would be different if he was a jerk with the fans. I think the majority feel that he paid his dues. They will be a few boos but those will be in the minority.

  7. Kaybee

    This was a crazy series!! I loved Saturday’s game. That one was very amazing for my Padres. And yesterday’s was pretty good too, it’s just too bad that we didn’t get the win. I thought my Padres played very well against you guys though, and thankfully we were able to keep Manny pretty quiet. GO PADRES!!

  8. raysrenegade

    The media circus makes a stop in Chavez Ravine.
    But since it is just a hop, skip and a jump from Hollywood, maybe the photogs have a Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan angle for the return.
    Always great to see the mountains of media members scrambling for a chance to get a 5 second sound bit.
    See, you got a game within a game for your ticket price. Awesome.
    And there you were, right in the right place at the right time to get us some of those great photos to show the scramble for Manny’s thoughts and dreams that day.
    Kudos to the Blue!

    Rays Renegade

  9. popejonash

    Heya Emma, I had completely missed the fact that Manny had gone deep on the 4th. How cool. You know, I kinda like the feeding frenzy that is the media. If he’s back wearing the jersey, he’s accountable to the fans and newspapers again. I don’t know how much attention they were paying to his suspension, say, 25 games in to it, but I can see why they’re all once again scrambling for their fill of Manny time.Ash

  10. thatbaseballguy

    The fact that he is back is getting old. I’m tired of seeing him exclusively shown on t.v. for his performances, good or bad. He’s back and he’s playing. That is all that matters.

  11. crzblue2

    I am sure you liked Saturday’s game. Because my boys lost, I am glad I was not there. Yep, you hanged in there Sunday but we should have had that game earlier. Billz should have gotten #10 but unfortunately Brox did not have it.
    Before the circus makes a stop at Chavez Ravine, the Dodgers will play in New Yawk and Milwaukee and then is the All-Star game so they are not back until July 16th. BTW, July 22th is Manny’s Bobblehead night. That was scheduled long before the steroid news broke.
    He looked a little tensed on Friday so I am happy that he hit one out so he could relax. It was a crazy, frenzy atmosphere Friday night.
    I can understand how you feel. To me is all about the whole team and that includes Manny. He served his suspension and if he can also do some community work, I am ready to move on.

  12. Kaybee

    OK, I understand that the Dodgers fans like to go watch their team. I guess I might be jealous of you guys for having a much bigger and much more faithful fan force. I would be so happy if Padres fans could overflow Dodger Stadium and out-cheer the Dodgers fans, so I understand that you guys love doing that at other stadiums. I don’t hate Dodgers fans, believe me, I had so much fun around them when I was there for Opening Week. I was just a little frustrated with my team, and Manny, and the overly Dodger crowd. Nobody wants their stadium to be overwhelmed by the opposing fans, so I’m sure you can understand my frustration. I’m sorry.

  13. crzblue2

    I understand but isn’t the Media part of the problem for giving him all that attention? Let’s see how the media will be in in New Yawk with Manny and Torre in town.

  14. crzblue2

    I understand your frustration. I would not like it either if a big contingency of fans invaded my stadium, my Dodgertown. I understand some fans can be over the top with their bragging. i try to cheer in a respectful way. You probably can understand how fans of stadiums close to Fenway and Yankee Stadium feel. The closest we come to getting that at our stadium is when the Cubs are in town. Is not that bad but I don’t care for it. Still, I will try to get a Cub friend from the train tickets.
    I do have fun with Padre fans when they come to our stadium. I still remember these group of Padre fans that were standing in back of us in that game of the back to back to back to back homeruns It could have gone either way that night. It was one of the most exciting games at the stadium not counting playoffs/world series games. The guys kept saying “Is over, Trevor is coming down and will shut you guys down.”. The guys had gone outside actually to catch their train back and they came back. By the time the game was over they had missed their train home. We had fun with them in a nice way.
    You should have not removed your blog post on my account. I love your enthusiasm and your hatred of the Dodgers is normal. No respected passionate Padre fan will feel different. I felt I had to respond to your blog post and clarify a few things and also respond to your friend calling us Dodger fans i d i o ts .

    I appreciate you coming here and clarifying a few things too. Thanks

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