Ten reasons other than Manny’s return why Dodgers fan flooded Petco Park for the 4th of July weekend

Some people are under the impression that the ONLY reason why we Dodger fans were at Petco Park is because of Manny so I decided to compose ten other reasons:  

10.   It was the 4th of July Holiday weekend!   What better way to spend the weekend than watching your favorite team play  

9.  Is only a nice 2 hour drive from LA to San Diego and about 2 1/2 hours scenery ride on Amtrak.

8.  Without going to San Diego, It would have been 14 days without seeing our team play in person.  We need our Dodger baseball  fix!!!!

7.  It was one of the Dodgers For Life Road trip events scheduled by the Dodgers at the beginning of the season. 

6.  It was my friend Linda 7th annual road trip get together that she organized with Dodgers fans from Dodgers.com.  About 50 Dodger fans attended.  

5.  There are Dodger fans everywhere including San Diego and also the short trip across the border. 

4.  Those that planned early found the Padres had nice package priced reasonable to attend all three games.   Stubhubs also had good ticket locations at reasonable prices if purchased early. 

3.  It was the only weekend the Dodgers were scheduled to play at Petco.  

2. Lots of Dodger fans ALWAYS go to Petco Park when the Dodgers play there.

and the number one reason!

1.  The team is in first place with the best record in baseball!!!!! 

 Go Dodgers!




  1. juliasrants

    I guess the question is – how many Dodgers fans bought their tickets to go to Petco Park before they knew that Manny was going to be playing there? If the vast majority bought their tickets before Manny was suspended then the argument that it was a great weekend to go is valid; if they didn’t buy them until it was announced that that would be the series where Manny would return then it does make you wonder why the Dodger’s fans really went. Red Sox fans buy their tickets to away games as soon as the schedule is announced; I hope in this case that that is what the Dodgers’ fans did.


  2. luvthedodgers23

    Emma, who really cares why Dodgers fans went to Petco Park. The point is we went! I got my tickets 2 days before & mostly bc I had to wait for pay day…as you know life on the road has been pretty expensive. So Manny tested positive for high testorone levels & MLB needed his medical records to suspend him. I’m over it! I’m sure lots of those fans in denial will get just as nice a surprise as we did one of these days. No need to try and convince anyone. Focus on the team and their accomplishments. It’s been way too long since our boys played this well to spend time trying to convince others about our loyalties. I will be at the stadium 7/16 (I’m always there Manny or no Manny) cheering loud for the Boys in Blue! Think Blue & Go Dodgers!

  3. thinkingblue

    EMMA – I am with you. Not all the Dodgers Fan went cause of Manny. Some did and some did not. Before the series with Dodgers over the 4th of July weekend Petco Park have only had about 3 sold out games and 2 out of the 3 are cause of Dodger Fans. So Dodger Fans have been attending Dodger Games at Petco Park by large group of numbers before the whole Manny Circus. You will always find Dodger Fans in EVERY SINGLE GAME….GOOOOOOO DODGERS!

  4. crzblue2

    Is was a great weekend. It was a great Sunday even if Manny was not in the starting lineup which we knew he was not going to be. Dodger fans have been flooding Petco Park since it was build and before that Qualcomn Stadium. I have been part of the fans driving there since I started following baseball 31 years ago.
    You know I am throughly enjoying this ride. Can’t wait for our boys in Blue to come back but in the meantime I am catching up with my life. We should give them a very nice welcome like a nice long standing ovation for keeping us in first place with the best record in baseball! Go Dodgers!
    I heard that! that 2 of the 3 sellouts at Pecto had been because of the Dodger fans. I remember the first time I went to Qualcomm Stadium and marveling at the amount of Dodger fans there. Let me know next time you are at Dodger Stadium. Make sure you take your kids to the kiddy corral and that they have something to get autographs.

  5. crzblue2

    That is right Canuck! Even without Manny. No matter what happens in the next two games we will finish the first half with the best record in baseball.

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