Dodgers, Brewers, Matt Kemp & All-Star  game

Dodgers win big in Milwaukee!   When Trevor Hoffman came in in the 9th inning, I was remembering that game at Dodger Stadium in Septermber when my boys in Blue came back with a back to back to back to back homeruns.   I was saying last night “We can beat this guy, we’ve done it before.”   Sure enough they tied the game and it was sent to extra innings.  Matt Kemp finished it off with a grand slam!!    Ethier, Loney and Martin also hit homeruns.   Oh yeah..that other guy Manny Ramirez also hit a homerun.  That is 5 homeruns in the game!   Final score:  Dodgers 12, Brewers 8.  Way to go Boys!!

Congratulations to Matt Kemp who is


scorching hot!  But I guess only Dodger fans see that as he did not make the final vote for the All-Star and was not selected as a substitute to Beltran.   

Is so rewarding to see our young guys Loney, Martin, Ethier and Kemp come thru!


Congratulations boys!  We are so proud of you!  We are proud of the whole team how you have come together and are playing as a team and holding on to the best record in Baseball!

 Tonight is Weaver (5-2) with a 3.32 ERA against Burns (1-2)  Good luck Guerito Flaquito!




  1. luvthedodgers23

    You got that right, Matt IS Hot. That catch was amazing and that slam was outta of this world. You should catch the Dodger’s Thoughts Blog in the LA Times as it has a link to the players with Most NL Slams before he hits 25. The only one named is Ernie Banks with 5. So Matt can still catch him. It also list the AL slams and Matt is in distinguished company! When I saw Trevor come out, I was thinking Russell has a homerun off Trevor and I was remembering the Back-back-back-back game. I was sure they would come back. I was glad to see Russ get on base and then O-Dog lay down a bunt to move the runner and then Matt with that surprise bunt! Wow! Matt did it all yesterday, small ball, long ball, and then he looked like a star quaterterback with that catch. Matt may not be an All-Star this year but he is OUR All-Star! Its been great watching him.

  2. raysfanboy

    Matt Kemp IS an All Star. I liked the guy last season and love the guy this season. His doubles are a little low (12) and his K’s are a little high (74) but he still measures up with any other outfielder out there.

    He still has a shot if somebody gets injured, but the time is a-runnin’ out.

  3. crzblue2

    Hey Luvdodgers23,
    The O-Dog is back! Two Homeruns today! I like how Bison(Kemp) made a statement in the outfield that he is the captain there. With his speed he can cover a lot of ground.
    We end the first half 56-32 for the best record in baseball but still we do not get any love from Bospin…I mean ESPN 🙂
    Time ran out but the good thing is the guys will get some rest so he can continue to tear it up in the second half.
    We took 2 out of 3. The team did not lose 3 in a row in the first half.
    56-32 baby!
    This is probably Werth only chance to make the All-Star whereas Kemp will have plenty of chances to make it in the future. I just want to see the best players to give the NL a good chance against the AL since this whole thing of “this time it counts” business.

  4. raysrenegade

    When the season started you could see Mett Kemp getting his hits and doing some great defensive work without any huge fanfare.
    But like that storied boulder rolling down the hill, he is gaining momentum at the right time for both himself and the Dodgers.
    Awesome that he is getting a chance on the woirld stage on Tuesday to also show his stuff to us on the East Coast who have not gotten to know him as well.
    Great days are ahead of him, and the Dodgers get to go along with him on his awesome ride.

    Rays Renegade

  5. crzblue2

    I am living “LA Vida Loca.” LOL. Just enjoying the view from the top and 7 games distance between the Dodgers and the Giants.
    He did not make it but I am saying he has a bright future ahead of him and you watch, he will make many All-Star games in the future. He made an 8-3 DP today.

  6. thinkingblue

    KEMP was excellent. The GRAND SLAM was amazing and that CATCH….WOOOOOW! His football background really helped him there. This weekend games was a preview to the Home Run Derby, well atleast that’s how it felt to me watching the Dodgers’ game. GOOOOOOO DODGERS!
    I will let you know the next time we go to a game. We are trying for the bobble head nights but not for sure.

  7. crzblue2

    And that was Kemp’s third Grand Slam of the year. I hope he continues his tear in the second half. Did you know he is twitting? Are you trying for Manny’s or Kemp’s bbh? Get your tickets early. Manny’s is in July and it might already be a sellout. Kemp’s is in August.

  8. thinkingblue

    Our goal was to attend all Bobble Head games. We made it to Blakes. But yeah I have a feeling the Manny game will be sold-out. I think the 66rs also have a Manny Bobble Head game so if we don’t make Dodgers then we go to the 66rs. And oh yeah I have to get KEMP’s Bobble Head. So that was Kemps 3rd Grand Slam. What is the record for Grand Slamps for this year? For a season? Overal??? I am not a twitter more of a facebooker…LOL.

  9. crzblue2

    Wednesday July 22nd is Manny’s BBH and at the 66r’s game is this coming Friday July 17th. First 2,000 for that game. Hmm. the record, I don’t know. I know the overall record for a season is 6 and is held by no other than our own Don Mattingly!

  10. thinkingblue

    Thanks EMMA…wow time flies. Oh hopefully there is tickets available for the Dodgers Game. I won’t be in town Friday?? Six Grand Slams by Mattingly…well this is the year of breaking records….so who knows….Matt Kemp has a BIG chance!

  11. crzblue2

    And the record in the NL is Ernie Banks with 5 back in 1955! The Dodger record is 3 so I hope Kemp get chances to break it. Go Bison!!
    I’ll go check what you have there. thanks

  12. orangebirds

    Haha, Emma
    you thought it was still birdland didn’t you. Lol. Sorry about the name change. Good luck with LA after the break and you watching the HR derby? Please reply on Cal’s Corner. Thanks and I am making you a feautured blog

  13. crzblue2

    lol! Can’t go wrong with Cal Ripken Jr. I always thought he was so cute! I am not watching the HR derby :-(. I leave work at 5 p.m. which is 8 your time and by the time I catch my train/bus/car home is close to 7: p.m. Pacific time. I’ll listen to it on the way home. It was so exciting hearing it last year that I could hardly wait to get home and watch it.

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