Dodger Series against the Astros. Stitch and Pitch anyone?

Is there a more unlucky pitcher than Randy Wolf, I don’t know him.  He is our Derek Lowe this year.  D.Lowe was another guy that when he started he did not get any run support.  Why is it that the hitters consistently score more runs for some pitchers than some others?  Ok, sometimes it is the opposing pitcher but with Randy is getting r-i-di-c-u-l-o-u-s.   Randy took the loss in the first game 3-0 to Wandy Rodriguez.  

Friday night matchup:  Oswald against Billingsley.  Ouch!  Billz had his worst start, Oswald is very good and giving him 4 runs in the first inning, we knew we were in for a looong night.  Luckly, it was also Stich and Pitch day so I sat in that section and worked on my project while my team was being pounded.    Anyone here attended a Stitch and Pitch at their stadium?   Here is their website with the schedule of upcoming event at a stadium near you.  I see The Padres and Pirates Stitch and Pitch is tomorrow.  

 Here is a picture of the bag that we got and the hat.  You can also look at the hat that I was working on.   Still need some finishing touches.  


june july 09 005.jpg.

On the front of the bag it says “Stitch and Pitch” with their logo and on another side is the Dodgers Log.  Lot of pockets all around.   


I can only crochet so I was working on that hat in the picture.  Lots of women knitting and I saw a guy working on a project also. 

Tonight’s matchup:  our kid Kershaw against Mike Hampton.     We are putting our recond on the line that we have not lost 3 in a row.  For good luck I am adding this picture I took where I lid a candle for our hitters and tonight’s pitcher.  I do that every once in a while to get them off whatever bad funk they get in.   I added a baseball signed by players of the 70’s when we were known as The Big Wrecking Crew.  

june july 09 007.jpg.

I added Tommy Davis because of his back to back batting titles.  Kershaw is in the magazine on the left smiling and on the right in the commercial 


Happy birthday Joe Torre!   He turns 69 today!  C’mon guys make it a birthday win!!!

Update:  I would like to make a couple of more hats and donate them to Dodger fans that are battling cancer.   Not sure how to to go about donating them though..    


  1. mattpeas

    i like the shrine. i just made one for my pittsburgh penguins, stanley cup champs! just dont have the candle. im too afraid it would burn the newspaper clippings i have. good touch though. best of luck to the dodgers in the second half. hopefully they can stay hot

  2. raysfanboy

    So this is a giveaway item at the game? I have never heard of this. So you just sit there and knit while the game goes on? Hmmm. I can see that. Especially, like you said, if the game is a blowout. You don’t want to leave early, so work on a project while you enjoy the outdoors. Not a bad idea.

    Yeah, Billingsley killed my fantasy team yesterday. I love the guy. One of my fave pitchers. He is so electric on the mound. I thought he was amazing after watching him dominate the Cubs last season. He will be somebody to give a longterm contract to right away.

  3. crzblue2

    The Stich and Pitch day for the Rays is coming up in August. I never heard of it before either until a friend that is a Mariner fan told me about it. I talked to Derek Lowe a day after he had a bad game and told him “I should have sat you yesterday in my Fantasy team.” He said “Sorry I stink.” It was funny.
    No, I did not go with her but I ran into her.
    Yeah, I don’t know why Wolf has had such bad luck getting run support. When he changed his number from 21 to 43, he won and his record became 4-3. He can’t be changing his number to get a win 🙂
    Ginny. haha, they were pretty bad on Friday. Billz lasted 1.2 innings and gave up 6 runs. Weaver had to get ready in a hurry.

  4. crzblue2

    You asked “Emma – How many cameras do they have? Didn’t you get 5 tickets or something like that this spring? Maybe I will fly after all!”
    Ginny, just saw that message. They have 36 cameras. I got 3 tickets, two within 3 minutes so flying would have been cheaper. i tried for them to remove one but what they gave me was a court day in the middle of the week and it would have cost me more to drive or fly there so I just paid them. Two of them I was driving, my friend was driving the other time the car that I had rented. Click on this link to see the closeness of all those cameras. We know now where to watch for this.

  5. raysrenegade

    I know the Rays had a group of woman who used to do the “Stitch and Pitch” thing in the stands during the game.
    Hate to say something got past me, but I am not sure of their achievements last year or this season.
    Not only does it sound like a productive way to spend your time before the game, or during pitching changes.
    I have never tried anything besides sewing on patches myself, but I guess that is a guy thing.
    Always love seeing those personally knitted things, reminds you of a easier time and when custom made was not a option, but a regularity.

    Rays Renegade

  6. thinkingblue

    I’m sure TORRE had a wonderful birthday celebration. I am glad that atleast we tied the series and not loose the series. GOOOO DODGERS! CHAD needs to step it up. SAD news…I will not be able to make it to the Martin Bobble Head….Oops I mean MANNY…(thinking about my Martin). It is sold out. OH well….! Well I hope tonight’s game is another win….GOOOOO DODGERS

  7. crzblue2

    It does not have to be knit or crochet. It could be anything doing a stitch. For my hat I hat to look what a backstitch is do the stiches in hat to resemble a baseball. Still having problems doing that…
    Did you know that Torre is 15-9 on his birthday? But not only that, he is 9-0 at home!
    sewing patches? that is more than I have done. You reminded me that I have 1955 W.S. patch that I want to add to my Jackie Robinson jersey. I hope I don’t mess it up.
    Oh no! you did not get tickets. I saw yesterday that they announced it a sell-out. I read that they sold double the number of tickets at San Bernardino for last Saturday’s game for his bbh. Billz sure needs to step it up. He will a Q&A tomorrow. Is Anyone from ITD going to try to ask a question?
    I’d like to make a couple of more hats and maybe donate them to “Think Cure.”” or maybe another organization…

  8. thinkingblue

    No Manny Bobble Head, well like an old spanish saying “CAMARON QUE SE DUERME SE LO LLEVA LA CORRIENTE” but we are going to the KEMP and buying tickets early cause “EL QUE AMADRUGA, DIOS LO AYUDA”. Oh well, that’s what I get for not moving fast with MANNY tickets (LOL!) I will be trying to ask Billz a question, but I am thinking of a good question.
    Your hat looks great…I am not talented that way. I’ve tried, but somehow it does not click on my head. But hey I can use that big yellow ring to make beannies or a scarf…LOL. So big applause for the people that can knit, stich and sew.

  9. crzblue2

    Grandma Julia always liked using those two spanish sayings. Yes, buy your ticket early for Kemp. BBHs are popular and they do sell out. I am also trying to find a good question to ask Billz.
    Thanks about the hat. I had not crocheted something in a looong time but I had plenty of yarn at home so I am glad that I went to the Stitch and Pitch section to motivate myself to crochet something. Wht is that about a big yellow ring. Never seen that.

  10. crzblue2

    Really!? Cliff Lee is unluckier than Wolf? Don’t you just feel for guys like that. I saw Wolf scretching and running Saturday during BP Saturday and I wanted to say something to him like “sorry or something ” but I did not want to even bring the issue of his lack of run support.

  11. crzblue2

    Never seen them before. Thanks! I don’t know how to knit so I will look for thorse rings and try them out. I have yarns at home that is just been waiting to be used. I am curious to see how they work. Thanks again!

  12. crzblue2

    Back in Honduras you had to take crocheting from 2nd or 3rd grade on.. Hey Honduras won against Canada in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

  13. thinkingblue

    They are actually very very easy to use. I can do it! Then they also have the long ones, instead of circular, for scarves. My daughter uses them too…and she is only 7. She started at 5.

  14. indianslove

    Yeah, I hate tough losses. & Oh really? I didn’t know that 🙂
    My softball is going great, thanks. I have a friend who is a boy, & he plays baseball & is really good. He is teaching me stuff about playing center field because that’s what he plays. I showed him my swing yesterday & he was suprised because it was really good, & he was impressed. -TC

  15. crzblue2

    Thanks for giving me a good ide for a birthday present for a 10 year old girl.
    Yep, at one point the Dodgers did not want to part with Franklyn Gutierrez. There are some ladies from USC that come to the WIN (Women Inititiative Network) baseball clinic to teach us a few things. They are really good. The clinic here will be August 8th. Keep on playing and rooting for your favorite team. Do you also root for the Reds or another team in the NL?

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