A Split with Astros and on to the Reds!

After losing the first two games, we took the next two with a brilliant performance from Clayton Kershaw on Saturday and the following day Matt Kemp scored all four runs.  

Saturday there was a play I have never seen before:  After a run scored,  Mike Hampton was walking back to the mound and being mad with himself, he tried to fire the ball into his glove but he missed , by the time he chased it down in foul territory, Kemp scored.  

Series against the Reds.   My friend Rosa and I were rembering the old days when Dusty Baker played for the Dodgers.    We used to throw gum to Dusty prior to each game and he and a bat boy would pick it up and he would acknoledge us fans as he would pickup the gum.    In those days, we used to refer to the left field side as “Bakersfield.”   For those that might not know, Bakersfield is a city about 2 hours from L.A.   My friend said to me “Remember when Dusty, Reggie Smith, Ron Cey and Steve Garvey hit 30 homeruns?  I sure did.  We did not know each other back then but we both have been coming to Dodger games for a long time.    

Jason Schmidt is back!    I so hope he pitches well tonight!   He has not pitched in two years!  Good luck Schmidt!   Lets Go Dodgers!  





  1. indianslove

    I dont root for the Reds. Infact, I always am looking forward to the Ohio Cup Series every year, cause I want to beat them so bad! This year the Tribe lost that series. Good Luck against them! I hope you win 🙂 http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/ -TC

  2. crzblue2

    Thanks TC,
    I have a good friend with those initials. We took care of the Reds tonight. Let’s see if hard luck Wolf can get a win tomorrow against Homer Bailey.

  3. thinkingblue

    The first game agains the REDS was a WIN. Jason was a bit shaky at first but after our boys backed him by hitting all those balls… he relaxed a got a bit better. Hopefully in future games, Jason will be outstanding. GREAT HOMERUNS by MANNY & ETHIER. And I am soooooo HAPPY MARTIN was doing great.

  4. raysfanboy

    I love Ron Cey. When he was a Cub, anyway. The Penguin was one of my favorite players back then.

    The Reds are going to be tough for you guys. They have an offensive ballpark and can really light it up. Then again, so can you guys. It’ll be interesting.

  5. crzblue2

    The thing with that play is there was no time called and everyone was just looking at the ball. Larry Bowa sent then sent Kemp home. i have a picture from back in the early 80’s tht I would love for Dusty to sign. I am going to see If can have him sign it tonight.
    It was a shaky inning for both pitchers. i felt bad for Schmidt waiting and waiting for the umpires to review the play in question. He said on Dodger Talk that he was nervous. At the beginning he kep avoiding throwing the fastball and relying on his changeup.
    Hey Ray, I love Ron Cey too. I’ll never forget in the 1981 W.S. when he got beaned in the head by Goose Gossage.
    I am so happy for Schmidt too. Two years recovering, making starts here and there in the minor league. He said is frustrating not being able to throw the heat like he used to.

  6. thinkingblue

    Poor Jason. Imagine walking up to the mount for the first time in who knows how many years. Getting booooo’d must of been horrible and he is not even in visitors territory. Then the first inning was just hell. Martin working hard trying to catch his balls and all the balls were being pop out to outfield. The outfielders were running around trying to see the balls and not being able to make easy outs. That inning was nightmare for both teams & pitchers. But lucky for us we woke up from that nightmare and WON. Wish him luck for the next game.

  7. crzblue2

    I found my t-shirt from that day (long ago) that they had Jason Schmidt giveaway t-shirts and I was wearing it to support him. In my section I saw two other fans wearing the same t-shirt. We got up and applauded him. Also when he exit the bullpen, like it gets done for every pitcher, fans stand up and applaud the pitcher as he walks to the mound. There those few that probably booed seeing as he has contributed so little.

  8. thinkingblue

    Wearing the Schmidt (sooo many consonants and not enough vowels) shows GOOD TEAM SPIRIT & SUPPORT! Booing your own team is not helpful. We should support our team regardless. But I am so into booing for the other team….LOL! GOOOO DODGERS!

  9. crzblue2

    I am glad I still had my t-shirt. I had to do some looking to find it. You know what would have been nice too is a a t-shirt from the movie Jack Nicholson made …what was the name?? About Schmidt? Hey yah, only one vowel. Good word for hangman like that street on the way to Vegas..zzyzzik or something like that.
    it was funny and I am sure embarrasing for him. everyone was looking around like “was there a time out called?”.

  10. behindblueyes

    ” We used to throw gum to Dusty prior to each game and he and a bat boy would pick it up and he would acknoledge us fans as he would pickup the gum. In those days, we used to refer to the left field side as “Bakersfield.” For those that might not know, Bakersfield is a city about 2 hours from L.A.”

    Like I posted earlier, they did not sell Tshirts with “Bakersfield 90012” on them then either. But I always sat in the LFP and threw the Doublemint to Dusty! Loved watching him play.

    As for the Hampton play, you can bet since Vin has not seen anything like it in 60 years of baseball, the rest of us haven’t either. I think that’s a given!

    It was great to see Schmidt recover from that first inning last night.


  11. crzblue2

    i think the real test will be his second start. Schmidt had a shaky first inning where he was being hit hard but he gutted it out.

  12. crzblue2

    that was news to me that Schmidt got booed. Where did you read that? I would not be surprised if the media is exagerating. I did not hear it and netiher did my brother. If there were any booes, there in the tiny minority. Even Dodger Talk did not mention it or did I miss that?
    Did you hear any booes last night? Were we too busy cheering that we did not hear them?

  13. thinkingblue

    EMMA : Media always exagerates. And if it’s true that he got booed I am glad not everyone heard it and the cheering fans were louder!

  14. crzblue2

    Way, way louder that the local media did not mention it. I wonder where those espn people were at.

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