Extra! Extra! Read all about it!! Jason Schmidt gets a win!

Jason Schmidt wins a game!   The last time Jason Schmidt got a win was two years ago!  Do I remember it?  Heck no!  it was tooo long ago.  I do remember his last ugly loss against the Angels.   

The final score was 7-5 with Schmidt giving up 3 in the 1st inning.  Schmidt looked like was going to come out in the In the first inning, but he survived!  .  As bad an inning as the Dodgers had, the Red had a worst one.   It looked like it was going to be a long night at the ballgame when at the end of the first inning it was 4-3.  

Congratulations to Jason Schmidt on his first win!    I’ll await for his second start with my fingers and toes crossed.  Good luck!

Speaking about luck,Randy Wolf really needs to get some run support so good luck Lobito!


I could not post earlier and now that the computer is working I got to go sooon.   I will be sitting in the field level closer to the visiting bullpen using the company seats.tonight. 


  1. thinkingblue

    Your lucky charms really, I mean REALLY worked. The run support was awsome…..12. We must of had a full moon cause WOLF was great. Well we need more lucky charms for Manny. It would really suck if he can’t play on his bobble head night. Hopefully he is doing fine and it is nothing serious. Have fun at tonights game!

  2. crzblue2

    Yeah! My lucky charms worked! I like how Wolf looked with his stirrup socks. He does not usually do that but he was trying to change his luck. I like players to do that, they look nice :-).
    I hope Manny plays on his BBH day. I need to leave work earlier because of the sellout. 9 games ahead of Colorado and the Giants in 3rd! Woohoo!
    Yes, take the lucky charms. I won’t need them until the next time El Lobo pitches 🙂 When I saw the score that the Red Sox had lost and the Yankees won, I though about you and Jane.

  3. crzblue2

    So when the Red Sox and Rays play each other, do you root for not such a bad beating? I have two rally bras, blue of course 🙂

  4. crazy19canuck

    I want t0 see a good game. There is a 2 game series next week. I’ll have both my hat and bear. The only time I have major issues is the extremely rare match up of Kazmir and Beckett. It has happened. Then I have no idea what to do! I usually go nuts by the 3rd inning. I love this game!

  5. crazy19canuck

    Amy’s coming along. She will watch the whole game, and don’t get in her way of her “Derek Jeter got a hit” dance – she’ll trample you! She’s asked for a Yankees hat for her birthday. I need to get videos of Amy doing her dance or singing NY NY in the morning, it’s priceless!

    Colin only watches if Evan’s batting. He’s learning the names of the players and their numbers. He knows the team logo. He gets excited about winning, and accepts a loss if Evan has a good game.

  6. crzblue2

    OH Ginny! I just love that story about your kids! I can just picture Amy doing her dance and Colin watching the game with you, but videos would be awesome.

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