The Chad going for #10 on Manny’s Bobblehead night!

Tonight is Manny’s bobblehead night and as expected the game was declared a sellout a few days back. With Manny being hit on the wrist by Homer Bailey last night, we are not sure if he will play. We were put at ease when it was announced at the stadium that the X-Rays were negative.

Chad Billingsley, chasing that illusive win #10 goes against Bronson Arroyo. . Good luck Billz!

Kiss-Cam and James Loney.  Last Saturday when they were showing on the big screen couples kissing, they showed a young woman with a very colorful sign saying “Kiss Me Loney!”. James Loney was not playing that night so when he saw the sign from the dugout, he came out scanning the crowd for the sign and sent a kiss. Of all the Dodger players, I think Loney is the one that is quiet and shy, so it was funny seeing him do that. When he noticed the camera was showing him on the big screen, he smiled embarrased and went and he went back into the dugout laughing. It was funny!. Usually signs are not permitted at Dodger Stadium but every once in a while fans do sneak them in.

Juan Castro and his at bat music.  Juan Castro started the other day for Orlando Hudson. When they played his at bat music, you could hear all around the stadium including my friend Lore and I with the typical yells like “AHUA” when hearing a good mariachi. The name of the song is “La Negra” or “Al Son de la Negra” here it is if you want to hear it. coudl not do the youtube.

 Casey Blake…Is he Mejicano?   When we started hearing the Mexican song “La Negra on Tuesday, my friend Lore and I looked at each other. She said “Is Casey Mexican?”. We even got a text from my brother Vic asking about it. My friend Lore answered “well, he is a Doyer.”.

.Bowling with James Loney and company;  Thursday is a day off and is the annual Dodgers bowling event to benefit the Dream Foundation. It is about $850 per person so a little too steep for me, besides I should be on the D.L as i have a bum shoulder. Still I am heading to the game soon.

With the Marlins in town this weekend, the upcoming events are:

Friday night. A tribute to Elvis Night_ Fireworks.

Saturday night.. Hollywood Star Night. with that softball game starting at 5.

Sunday afternoon: Webkinz pet Giveaway for first 15K kids 14 and under.

Oh and a new giveaway has been announced for September 14 against the Pirates: Free Dodger dogs. Not the stuff animal but the ones you eat.

Let’s go Dodgers!!!


  1. juliasrants

    It is so strange to hear about how other teams have give a ways night after night. We don’t do that at Fenway. Our minor league teams do but I guess since the Red Sox sell out every game this is no reason for it.


  2. luvthedodgers23

    Hey Emma! Chad’s going to get #10 tonight!!
    I love the giveaways! Got some of my most cherished
    memorbilia through the giveaways! It’s a good thing as
    it saves me some $$$. I guess the Dodgers got to figure out
    how to put bodies in additional 20,000 seats as it has
    greater capacity than Fenway. There is no shame in drawing
    about 40,000 fans a night on a nongiveaway night. I’m sure we’ll
    draw the 56,000 capacity tonight or come real close to it.
    It’s good to see the Dodgers play well. 26 games above .500. Not
    too shabby!!! šŸ™‚

  3. luvthedodgers23

    Hey Emma! Chad’s going to get #10 tonight!!
    I love the giveaways! Got some of my most cherished
    memorbilia through the giveaways! It’s a good thing as
    it saves me some $$$. I guess the Dodgers got to figure out
    how to put bodies in additional 20,000 seats as it has
    greater capacity than Fenway. There is no shame in drawing
    about 40,000 fans a night on a nongiveaway night. I’m sure we’ll
    draw the 56,000 capacity tonight or come real close to it.
    It’s good to see the Dodgers play well. 26 games above .500. Not
    too shabby!!! šŸ™‚

  4. raysfanboy

    Billingsley looked pretty good tonight and he got his 10th! Congrats. I love tha tguy. So electric with his stuff. Sorry that ManRam sat out tonight. And on his bobblehead night to boot! That stinks. The Rays had CArl Crawford bobble the other Sunday and Joe Maddon gave him the day off. So it happens.

  5. luvthedodgers23

    Wow!!!! What a game! The 56,000 fans in attendance
    got what we came for!!! Manny is out of the line up
    & pinch hits at the most critical point in the game and
    BAM launches one on the 1st pitch straight into Mannywood!
    Manny is a great hitter a rarity & I for one appreciate
    being able to see such talent in Dodger Blue! I love Joe Torre!
    I just read a few comments from post game interviews
    and he is just as special as Manny. I gotta thank
    Jamie & Frank McCourt next time I see them. This
    season is pretty special & I have a feeling this
    is our year! It would be fantastic to have a Yankees
    Vs. Dodgers World Series…just like the old Brooklyn
    days! I can dream right!!! šŸ™‚

  6. crzblue2

    Pepe Iniguez was talking about the attendance that the Dodgers average 44,000 a night. Last night I missed writting the attendance but Monday FOR A NON -GIVEAWAY game, we had 48,110. Not bad ha?
    You are right that both Manny and Torre are special. I just finished watching the repeat of the game and Manny was saying “WOW”. I heard Joe Torre pre and post game interview too. Joe is such a nice guy. He spends time with the media and right after, he comes and signs for fans. love the guys! And dreams do come thru! Oh and some of my best memorabilia are giveaways. I love the yearly calendar. John Soohoo takes some special picture worth of taking the calendar apart and framing. I’ll join you thanking Frank and Jammie.
    I love the song that they play for Juan Castro. It represent his country so well. With so many of us hispanic at the stadium, it gets us going too.
    It all worked out great with Manny pinch hitting for his first Grand Slam! It was incredible the atmosphere! WOW!

  7. matttan7

    The Dodgers sure packed a punch that night, Manny Ramirez hitting a pinch hit grand slam was the cherry on top, on his bobblehead night. That’s a fun way to end your day. The Dodgers have left the Reds limping out of LA

    Matthew T.

  8. crzblue2

    We went crazy when he hit it out. Bronson Arroyo was not happy that he came out of the game. He wanted to pitch to Manny. I listen to the game while watching it and I heard on the radio that the Reds were going next to Chicago and then coming back to San Diego. Isn’t that crazy?

  9. crzblue2

    That is right Jane, you can’t make that up and come out any better.
    I know he is not Mexican šŸ™‚ it was just funny for him to come to bat with a mariachi song. My friends, my brother and I looked at each other like “did they make a mistake?” I think it was someone messing with him. It was funny, we loved it! Thanks! Good luck to your tribe. I miss this Cleveland guy that used to call every Sport radio station here in L.A and also ESPN> Every sport broadcaster knew him. what was his name? yeah, Jefff in Tarzana. I have not heard him a looong time. Maybe he moved back to Cleveland.

  10. thinkingblue

    Love that song and thanks for sharing….the Mexican just came out and gotta sing a pulmon aviert…ARRIVA JALISCO! OK OK now about Casey being Mexican…I am a bit confused (what’s new) but did he come out to a mariachi song the other…I thought I heard “GUADALAJARA” ???
    Well that was really nice of Loney to blow a kiss to the lucky girl. Gives me an idea….hmmm…. instead of sign (since we are not allowed) then put it on the t-shirt….LOL KISS ME ETHIER & KISS ME MARTIN….LOL Don’t think my husband will like that…LOL
    EMMA – how was the energy when MANNY came out and did his GRAND SLAM….woooooo we should of been there….booo hooo! And ETHIER did a home run…..they are the homerun duo! GREAT GREAT GAME YESTERDAY!

  11. crzblue2

    I know you would have Ahuuuuaing with us. He is not Mexican but I think someone was playing a joke on him or who knows maybe he requested it. I got to ask him. He came out to the same “Al Son de la Negra” song and my friend Lore, the two guys sitting next to me and I we started ahuuuaing. We were sitting in the field level close to Loney with the company seats, but we missed our Top Deck and our Top Deck familia.

  12. crzblue2

    Oh, the energy was incredible. We were going all around high-fiving. I had a hard time hearing as we were yelling to hear each other. Normally a group of people congregate in back of us also so we were all high-fiving. Even Dr. Steinberg I have seen him sitting in the last row next to us. I’ve seen him there twice. Once he was keeping score. I bumped into him in the club level and he said to a lady he was with “Emma, here was a great host.” lol. I merelyy went to say hi to him and chat for a little bit and invited him to join us anytime. I see him sitting next to Frank McCourt for a lot of games or he watches from the club level. He is really a nice guy. We do have a lot nice people working for the Dodgers from ushers, embassadors, food vendors, security guards, to Josh, Dr. Steinberng, etc, etc.

  13. thinkingblue

    How exciting….just your whole experience sounds wonderful. But thanks I thought I had imagined Blake coming out to Mariachi music and my husband thought I was crazy…Well I am but I was right…LOL For the next Rookie hazzing…some one should dress up like a Mariachi guy with Sombrero and all and of course one should dress up like the girl…trensas and all…LOL!

  14. thinkingblue

    Who knows I thought Casey Blake was like Andre Ethier – no Mexican on their name. Funny the time Vin mentioned that we can see Andre is Mexican cause of his name (ANDRE)…he even sneakered right after he mentioned it…probably caught himself and realized that there is NO Mexican in the name (ANDRE). And the “S” maybe (ANDRES)….LOL

  15. crzblue2

    I don’t know what happened to my post. Did it maybe go into the ITD? what was I saying… Oh yeah, you are not crazy! I love your enthusiasm! The dressd up ideas for the rookie hazing are great. You should send them to Josh. Let’s see Belisario dressed with the trensas and one of those dresses? no, I think Leach better and Belly is the charro. LOL That would so funny!
    Yep, that was his 21st and you know what? in the ITD blog, it was reported that at 10 am, he was at the park practicing.

  16. crazy19canuck

    Emma – Isn’t baseball great? I can be mopey today about the loss (but hey – if you’re gonna get beat, this is a pretty decent way of it happening) , it’s also still raining so that’s adding insult to injury. Scott did pitch pretty well – except for the grand slam. But that could happen to any pitcher.

    Tomorrow is another day and another game. It’s supposed to rain again – but they are playing HERE in my neck of the woods. I get the game on TV, so it’s all good for tomorrow….

    but i still reserve the right to be mopey tonight. šŸ™‚

  17. crzblue2

    That is right Ginny. You deserve to be mopey. Just pamper yourself today with the little things that mean a Lot.

  18. luvthedodgers23

    Hey Emma! Now you’ve got everyone debating Casey Blake’s Mexican-ness (;-) The reason I said Casey was Mexican was bc Emma’s bro text her during the game asking about the music and I responded to him…Didn’t u hear, he assimilated to the Mexican Culture…He is a Doyer (Latino Fans refer to the Dodgers as Los Doyers). I was laughing throughout the thread bc some thought we were serious about that. Anyhow, missed going out the ballpark today. Its been a long week with the homestand and I’ve gotten use to just driving to the ballpark after work and getting home around 11:00 or so. I’ll see you tomorrow! I have three friends joining us tomorrow! The more the merrier! šŸ™‚

    I like the idea about the T-Shirt! I am considering making a Matt Kemp one! We should all wear them together so we stand out!
    Remember to Think Blue and Go Dodgers!

  19. crzblue2

    Deb emailed with the title “WOW”. That is what Manny was saying after he hit the grand slam .
    Hey Luvthedodgers23,
    yeah, Casey is a Doyer. I miss driving straight to the stadium too. Woohoo! the more the merrier. I’ll go see the group from the train that will be in RS behind homeplate. The t-shirt is a good idea and do it when all the girls come to the game.
    Go Doyers! I got to get me one of those t-shirts.

  20. Mayfred

    That’s the beauty benihd “In the Best Interest of the Game of Baseball” clause he has at his disposal. (I’m sure that’s not the official title, but it’s close.) Frank McCourt was a detriment to the sport, and he was endangering one of the most beloved franchises. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised it took him so long. Hopefully, this doesn’t set a precedent for Selig or future commissioners.

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