Oh they may be Bums, but they’re my Bums…Go Dodgers!!

The Dodgers lost the last game of the homestand to the Marlins then headed to St Louis where they’ve been having

a nightmare of a week.  

Make it stop!!   the first 3 games totals that have taken 33 innings are:












So far, we have out hit the Cardinals and have nothing to show for.  

Dodgers missed a good quality start by Wolf (yet again) in the first game.  They got shutout in the second game with Billingsley on the mound, granted Billz fell apart at the end, BUT still no run support!.  Lst night the Dodgers wasted a GREAT performance by Kershaw!   

Why is it that the Dodgers have a hard time winning in St Louis?????

Since the Dodgers were losing 10-0 in the second game, position player Mark Loretta pitched 1/3 inning in the 8th.  

The last position player to pitch fo the Dodgers was Robin Ventura on June 25, 2004 in a 13-0 loss to the Angels.  My brother Vic likes to tell people about me still cheering for the Blue in the 9th inning at Dodger Stadium with “Let’s go Dodgers, Let’s Go!”.  I told him that day “At least I got to see Ventura pitched!”

When I went to St Louis in 2006, the Dodgers lost all four games.  In the first game  I was sitting in the left field bleacher when Odalis Perez came in extra innings.  He served up a homerun to Albert Pujols.  I was two rows back of the fan that caught the ball.  

When we were losing the final game that Sunday, there I was chanting “Oh, they may be Bums, but they’re my Bums, Go Dodgers!”  ::clap clap::   An older Cardinal fan sitting in back of me said “That is the spirit!, keep rooting for your team!”

The Dodgers Song from Danny Kaye always brings a smile to my face:::  


Oh, they may be Bums, but they’re my Bums…..Go Dodgers!


The Best news I heard yesterday: 




  1. stlred82

    The Dodgers really do have a hard time winning in STL especially at the new Busch. It was a fun game to be at and I stayed till the end of course. Nothing is more fun than a win like that but the loss like that seems to hurt more so I feel for you guys. I wish I hated the Dodgers but since I don’t and I have so many sweet Dodger friends I can’t gloat like I would like. You guys still have a comfortable lead in your division but it really was a needed win for us and we are only 1/2 game ahead of the baby bears. I did think of you Emma singing your song and wishing I would have known you when you were here in 06. Good luck Dodger friends but I don’t think you will need it. They are still the best team in baseball.


  2. popejonash

    I agree with Jane that Sherrill will be a big asset. I read that he’s had over 50 saves the last 18 months, so he can only help. As for Ortiz, well I have no problem lashing into him. If facts change, I will happily eat my words, but for now I think a lot of people are right to be disappointed with him. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

  3. crzblue2

    hang in there. There will better days ahead for Baseball.
    The old or the new Bush. In 2006, we lost all 7 games. I don’t hate the Cardinals because of you and the rest of my Cardinal fan friends. I am glad you had a good time at the ballgame. I bet you went home and watched the highlights? Take care my friend!
    Thanks. Now we have a lefty out of the pen to complement Broxton.
    My head is spinning with all the trade rumors about Halladay. I hear Boston and Dodgers are in the running but I don’t like what I am hearing they want in return. Too many players! I don’t want to lose either Loney or Kemp

  4. crzblue2

    I like that we got SHerrill but Josh Bell is a good 3rd baseman. As far as big Papi, I am dissapointed, especially when they lie that they are not taking that stuff. What happened to the integrity, respect, responsibily and ethical values of baseball players?

  5. stlred82

    I tried to watch the highlights but by the time I got home there wasn’t much to be found unfortunately. There was so many close calls in that game I would have liked to see the replays. It was a hard fought game by both teams. Good ole fashion baseball. The Dodgers getting Sherrill sounds good. Good luck Dodger friends.

  6. southernbelle

    Emma: I agree with you that the whole roid list should be released and that the commissioner handled this whole thing wrong. I remember when the Yankees were getting blown out earlier this year and Nick Swisher pitched. It was funny, cuz he was the only one who could get anybody out! I was looking at your favorite blogs, and I see that Andre Ethier (hottie!) has his own. I need to check that out! Talk to you later! -from Virginia

  7. raysfanboy

    Wow. You are true blue. I love it! Cheering your guys on in a 13-0 game. Sweet.

    I was hoping you guys might do some damage to the Cards, since they are pushing the Cubbies for first place. Ah well.

    And I don’t think it would ever be Dodger baseball without Scully calling the game.

  8. crzblue2

    As if there was not enough with the 15 inning game the prior night , we had another lat night. But this time Matt Kemp came thru!! Awesome performance by Kuo!!! and gutsy decision by Torre to load the bases. I love this team!
    Is fun watching positional players pitch. Loretta said he was well rested to pitch since the last time he pitched was in 2001! LOL.
    I was all giddy when I heard he was coming back next year!. I was afraid this was his last year. LONG LOVE VIN SCULLY!!
    We salvaged one game!!!

  9. thinkingblue

    GREAT GAME last night! EMMA we broke the loosing streak! So no more nightmare (and remove Freddy’s Picture…it is scary) LOL!

  10. iliveforthis

    I certainly won’t lie when I say I was cheering for the Cardinals, in my defense, it’s not just because the Dodgers are in the NL West, the Cards are kind of like, my third favorite team. But wow, I was expecting a fight from them, and in that 15 inning game, I got it! I really was surprised that the Dodgers didn’t perform better, and that’s nothing against the Dodgers, they’re a fantastic team, but I had the thought they might come out on top against the Cards. No doubt they’ll bounce back though in the next series.

  11. crzblue2

    you are right. Freddy’s pic is too scarry, I just replaced it with another. Awesome game! I was so happy for KUO! He looked grrrrrreat!
    the 15 inning game was a great game even though we lost. Kemp should hae been playing deep and we could have gone into the 16th and who knows how long it would have gone.

  12. thinkingblue

    LMAO….thanks EMMA…no more Freddy. We don’t want HORRIFIED nightmares. LOL! Well now looking at your new picture…that ghost is wearing ORANGE & BLACK….that is a nightmare WE CAN BEAT, they are still 7 games behind WOOOHOOO! GOOOOO DODGERS!

  13. thinkingblue

    LMAO…Thanks EMMA, no more Freddy….that was one horrified nightmare. Now looking at your new picture…that almost-scary-ghost is wearing BLACK & ORANGE, at 7 games behind, that is one nightmare WE CAN BEAT! GOOOOOOOOO DODGERS!

  14. thinkingblue

    LMAO….thanks EMMA…no more Freddy. We don’t want HORRIFIED nightmares. LOL! Well now looking at your new picture…that ghost is wearing ORANGE & BLACK….that is a nightmare WE CAN BEAT, they are still 7 games behind WOOOHOOO! GOOOOO DODGERS!

  15. matttan7

    The Dodgers are the true blue team this year. In my opinion Vin Scully is the best play-by-play announcer in Major League Baseball, I remember him calling the 1986 World Series, he made some great calls back then and he continues to do it today.

    I hope the Dodgers get back on track soon.

    Matthew T.

  16. stew0610


    My name is Brad Stewart and I’m the executive editor of Fan Huddle, a new sports media website launching this fall. We’re currently looking for a Dodgers writer and think you may be a good fit. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more by shooting me an email at bstewart [at] fanhuddle [dot] com.
    Thanks for your time,
    Brad Stewart
    President – Front Office Sports Enterprise
    Executive Editor – Fan Huddle

  17. crzblue2

    Well now looking at your new picture…that ghost is wearing ORANGE & BLACK….that is a nightmare WE CAN BEAT, they are still 7 games behind WOOOHOOO! GOOOOO DODGERS!

    By msrussyethier on July 31, 2009 3:06 PM

    LMAO . Too funny! ! Yeah, we can beat the J-I-N-T-S, Gi’nts!
    Oh the good old days when VIn Scully used to call the World Series. I too remember him calling the 1986 W.S.
    Thanks Brad! I’ll shoot you an email!

  18. southernbelle

    Emma: I’m scared for my Yankees. They had another bad loss last night. I’m upset that they did not get a pitcher before the deadline. The Red Sox made some nice acquisitions in Victor Martinez and Casey Kotchman. The Yankee lead in the AL East is only 1.5 games. AAAHHHH! This is too nerve-wracking. I’m really worried about my Yankees. -Virginia

  19. raysrenegade

    Always a pleasure to read your posts.
    I hope that string of extended innings and games comes to a close soon.
    It can tear at a ballclub and make it mentally weak.
    But hopefully knowing they are going to play the Cards will re-energize the team.
    Go pluck the birds.

    Rays Renegade


  20. crzblue2

    UGHHH! My laptop is not working! Ok sending from blackberry
    Can u imagine!? 6o years Vin has been with the Dodgers! He got a lot of stories to tell.
    Hang in there! U got a good team. If only u can beat the Red Sox ha?.
    Always a pleasure reading your posts
    I want my laptop back!

  21. crzblue2

    I know you are sad because of losing Victor Martinez. You do have Carlos Santana and to tell you the truth I wish we had him back. When he was in the minors, I was so looking forward to him staying with the Dodgers. I wish the Dodgers would have paid the extra money for Casey and kept Carlos. How is he doing? I wish Victor the best of luck. I always liked him too.

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