WIN Baseball Clinic: My Butt and Legs Hurt!

We had to be at Dodger Stadium at 8:45 a.m.  to check in.  Once we got checked in, there was fruit for us to snack while waiting for the event to start.   Afterwards we took the field to practice with our partners.  This was my fourth WIN clinic at Dodger Stadium but I have also done one at Vero Beach and this year at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.  

I felt like a kid roaming around Mannywood, Bison(Kemp) county and Ethierland!  My friend Lore and I could see the marks that Kemp and Ethier have left on the wall.  

Brad Ausmus was supposed to take over for Jeff Kent who had hosted the event for the last four prior years.  Well Brad found out the night before that he was catching Kershaw so he had to be scratched.  Recently called-up left hander pitcher Scott Albert took his place. 

Dr. Steinberg first took the mike and introduce our embassador of baseball, Tommy Lasorda.  Tommy has so many stories to tell that is always a pleasure to hear him speak.  He was making fun of some of the guys that played for him who were helping at the clinic.   Our coaches were Tommy Davis, Ron Cey, Kenny Landreaux, Babo Castillo, Sweet Lou Johnson, Darryl Thomas, Jim Campanis _Thanks for letting wear your World Series ring!, and physical therapist Sue Falsone.

Of all the stations, the one with physical therapist Sue Falsone left me with my butt and legs hurting.  I still hurt this morning!

There is more, but I got to finish washing and head to the stadium for today’s game.   Pictures coming up too. 


  1. juliasrants

    Sounds like a great time! I always laugh when I hear the Dodger bloggers talk about the parts of the park named for current players. Here at Fenway you had to have done something truly amazing to have a pole name for you or a chair painted red in your honor! lol! We have a chair for Ted Williams and poles for Carlton Fisk (for game 6 in the ’75 WS) and Johnny Pesky (the termed had been used since the ’50s, but the Red Sox officially named it that and mounted a plaque in September 2006.) It’s nice to know that those things will never change! I guess we Boston fans are all just history buffs at heart! lol! Look forward to your pictures!


  2. crzblue2

    The Bison County and Ethierland names, my friend Lore and I came out with those yesterday during the baseball clinic as we were roaming around there. The Mannywood is the only one that the Dodgers have named and that is not set in stone.
    What makes you think that you Boston fans are the only history buffs at heart? I love our rich Dodger history from the Brooklyn days to when it started here in Los Angeles in 1958. I, like all of our Insidethedodgers blogmates love it when our Dodger historian Mark Langill posts in the ITD blog about our rich history. I love reading his books. Linda (behindblueeyes) who recently started her blog is another Dodger fan that is a big history buff at heart. I believe you have posted in her blog. check her other site at

    If you ever want to read a good book about the Dodgers, start with “The Boys of Summer” by Roger Kahn.

  3. luvthedodgers23

    Hey CrzBlue! Yesterday was so much fun. I’m still feeling
    tired. I got a good night sleep but it is not enough. I love
    doing the WIN clinic. The stories the players share with the fans
    make it even more special. First thing, I did this a.m. was check
    your blog as I knew you would post about it. Mannywood is
    a nickname Dodger fans coined last year & the Dodgers decided
    to cash in on. Bison Country & Ethierland are terms fans use
    to describe cf & rf the positions our players play. None of our poles
    or chairs have special names. I guess we don’t go for those gimmicks.
    Our history is not too shabby either. The Dodgers have always been pioneers. They started the westward expansion of the MLB, Jackie Robinson played for the Dodgers & his # is retired in all
    baseball, & not too long ago Fernando Valenzuela
    opened doors for Mexicans! Our legacy is different
    from many MLB teams & I for one am proud of that.
    How about those Yanks Emma? I think they’ve tied us
    for the best record in MLB if they didn’t already just take it over Dodgers need to break out of this cycle of losing games they should have won. I’m still dreaming of a Yankees/Dodgers world series.

  4. behindblueyes

    True, Crzblue, we are history buffs at heart but most on the East Coast do not know (or acknowledge) this. When I have talked to many on-line friends they dismiss our history because MLB has only been on the West Coast for 51 years. Well, we have had real baseball history going on our here since the 1800s. In the 1930s, Jackie Robinson got his start on the ballfields of Pasadena, CA as a teenager. Duke Snider is a native Angeleno. Other than minor leagues, these men had to play professional ball 3,000 miles away because MLB was only on one side of the country then. Ted Williams grew up 2 miles from where I live; for years I worked with a gentleman who played high school baseball with him. There are numerous things named for Williams all around town. Ray Boone came from the same neighborhood as well, the patriarch of the first three-generation family of MLB players. Gavvy Cravath, another from my hometown, got his start with the Red Sox in 1908 but I wonder how many know he was the HR king of the deadball era. Walter “Big Train” Johnson, etc. , grew up out in Orange County. I’m a true baseball historian, not just about the Dodgers, although it’s hard to beat our long, rich and unique history, but just because I love the game, and players throughout the ages. “The Boys of Summer” is consistently named at the top of lists about the best baseball books ever written. My recent favorite is “The Echoing Green.” For a great read on many unknown facts about things that were going on west of the Midwest, but before Major League Baseball moved out here, check out “The Golden Game.” A wonderful read with many obscure stories! I doubt there are a lot of people on the East Coast who know that Wrigley Field on the West Coast was the shooting location for movie scenes that took place at Yankee Stadium and other ballparks in the ’40s and ’50s. I know some who think we are just too “laid back”, but there are many, many baseball historians and history lovers out here who are not Red Sox or Yankees fans. Baseball has a long, rich history in SoCal, and a rabid following. It goes beyond just knowing today’s teams and players.

    P.S. I too look forward to pictures! 🙂

  5. crzblue2

    Yesterday’s WIN sure was a lot of fun. Even though I was aching from yesterday’s workout from Sue_the Dodgers physical therapist, I think I will try to incorporate those exercises. Let’s see if I remember them! With the Yankees sweep they did take over the best record in baseball. As we heard at the WIN event, torre would love a Yankees/Dodgers W.S.
    I too am very proud of our Dodger legacy. We have lots of firsts. Branch Rickey who broke the color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson and later drafting the first Hispanic superstar Roberto Clemente; and creating the framework for the modern minor league farm system, as well as introducing the batting helmet. I could go on on but the post will be too long. Thanks for posting luvthedodgers23!
    You could give Mark Langill a run for his money. Heck you could give an MLB historian a run for their money. Thanks for posting and I got to get the book “the Golden Game.”

  6. Jane Heller

    I agree, Emma and behindblueyes, that the Dodgers have a very rich history. And the book you both mentioned – “The Boys of Summer” – is indeed a classic and has been so for years. My friend made a documentary based on it, and got to travel around the country and interview the Dodger greats who were featured in it. What a joy it was for him.

  7. crzblue2

    What a thrill to interview the Dodger greats ! I was talking to Don Newcombe last week. I told him I had gone to Nashua, NH to look at the plaque done in his and Campy’s honor. He said ‘Isn’t that a beautiful city?’ I am glad he still with the Dodger organization.
    thanks. We are still in 1st place with the second best record in baseball but I hope the boys in Blue get better in SF. I got a very nice pic of Ethier but Ill post that one when I create a post just about Ethier. You will like it 🙂

  8. crzblue2

    I had a great time at the WIN baseball clinic but my boys lost the series against the Braves. We could only salvage one of the 4 game sires. sighn I see your Tribe took t out 3! Way to go!

  9. thinkingblue

    EMMA – The clinic sounds very interesting. I am glad you enjoyed it. To bad the games did not have a Happy Dodger’s Ending….

  10. crzblue2

    You should suggest it. There are several stadiums that have baseball clinic. I very nice oportunity to be on the field and interact with players current and past that still work for the organization.
    Hey Msrussy,
    I go every year because is so much fun and you know it was not as hot as last year. Josh showed also and I told him about the Rookie Hazing idea. He said it was a good idea.

  11. thinkingblue

    Hey how is Josh doing? Haahaaa hopefully he makes one of them wear trensas. Maybe one year I will attend the clinic. I know I am missing out on a bunch of Dodgers activities. But hey I enjoy reading your stories and Cat’s and everyone’s in ITD. Also I love your nickname to Andre “El Guapo”. Feels like I am playing Loteria….Kemp can be “El Valiente”, since he is always crashing into walls. LOL!

  12. thinkingblue

    “EL MANIACO”…LOL! I like that nickname. Since we are talking about the outfielders…then Juan gets “El Negrito”….how cute!

  13. crzblue2

    LOL!! that is funnny! I like it! “EL GUAPO” “EL VALIENTE” “EL MANIACO” I put it in capitals because we are we playing Loteria. Too funny!!

  14. crzblue2

    Oh yeah “El Negrito” is Juan and that is cute! Ok, so then “El Catrin” is Rafael Furcal because last year they were asking the players who was the best dressed and most said “Raffy”.

  15. crzblue2

    Las Dams it is Rosie! I have not played Loteria in a looong time. Last time I was walking around Olvera Street I saw the game.
    Oh Ginny, I sure hope we can get back on track. I am worry about Billz. From what I heard on Dodger Talk, it is most likely he will not make is scheduled start on Wednesday. So is bring back Scott Elbrt who was sent back on Saturday when he was brought back on Friday to make a stop on Sunday. The poor guy.

  16. rrrt

    Emma, seems like you had a lot of fun, can’t wait to see your pictures! It sounds like the WIN clinic is a bit similar to the Baseball 101 for Women clinic that the Phillies have – I’ll be attending it next week (for the fourth year, actually). I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures too. Hopefully both our teams will start winning again, and soon!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  17. raysrenegade

    I like the names for the regions in the outfield.
    Might have to think of some for my home stadium.Sounds like an awesome event with some excellent speakers and guests.
    It is fantastic that the Dodgers organization does this for you guys.
    And you got to sport some World Series bling………Wow!

    Rays Renegade

  18. crzblue2

    Same like me! I am one of the worst players that the guys teaching us know me but I can honestly say that I am getting better. I told Tommy Davis “I did better this time” He said “You sure did”. haha but I am there to have fun and just being on the field, bullpen, all around on the field is so much fun. Yes, tell us all about it when you go and I want to see pictures! I did not get a chance to post the pics at work but when I get home I’ll post some. We learned about a prank played on one of the current Dodgers that was hilarious. I need some mojo for us to start doing better. These losing streaks are driving me batty.
    I got a picture with the ring. When we were in Jim Campanis station, I noticed he had the W.S. series so at the conclusion I asked to see it and he took it off so I asked if I can wear it and take a picture!

  19. crzblue2

    the fans started that and the Dodgers started using it too. I was thinking aobut that love affair with Manny and I think is because of the large number of Hispanics in L.A. and that there has not been anyone that connect more with the Hispanic community the way Fernando did.

  20. luvthedodgers23

    Crzblue, I love the Loteria references and the nicknames you and msrussyethier came up with. That is some funny stuff. I especially like the “El Catrin” reference for Furcal. It brought back a memory of a road trip I took to SF. As we were walking the downtown area, Furcal walked past us all dressed up (Imagine GQ) style and smelling really good (we talked about how he uses too much cologne). Raffy did look like a Catrin. This was back in ’06. Ahhh, that same day we saw Andre riding around in a cab that stopped right in front of us. Anyhow, it was a good win and my favorite Dodger “El Valiente” (I LOVE IT) came through! I know this is bad but Furcal and Belisario could compete for the El Borracho title. Sorry I had to through it in there! El Mundo (the guy holding up the world…did I get this right) might go to Broxton.

  21. luvthedodgers23

    Ahhh I meant throw it in there. I can’t believe I wrote (through) that. The only excuse I have is that the El Valiente reference and Matt Kemp. Man, my English Learner habits are showing. Lol 😉

  22. crzblue2

    LOL LtD23! I had to google “La Loteria” to remember more names so when I saw “EL CATRIN”, I knew that was perfect for Raffy. LOL. and I was thinking of Belly with El borracho but I didnot want to say it LOL. El Mundo is good for Brox. So what about El Gallo” El Gallo is also used when someone is really good at something.

  23. thinkingblue

    I see we are continuing with the Loteria game. I don’t know the drinking habits of our MEN IN BLUE but hey if it fits….it fits. That’s a great story by LUVTHEDODGERS23 (LTD23) about furcal looking all GQ’d out and smelling goooooood….LOL EL GALLO can be BLAKE. Hudson can be EL SONRISAS (not an actual loteria name, but hey we go EL MANITICO for MANNY. Well Hudson is always smilling. LOL!

  24. crzblue2

    Well that leaves Russell and Loney. Do any of them play any instruments? We have El Musico.
    Yep! Great game last night! I hope El Lobo has a good game tonight.

  25. thinkingblue

    Wait Martin is into music and his dad plays some instruments and Martin can Bebop so that makes El Musico

  26. crzblue2

    James Loney also was playing….. was it the harmonica in his “Before the Bigs”? Hmmm. he cannot be El Cotorro, he is too quiet. So maybe “El Callado”? I don’t know….

  27. luvthedodgers23

    Hey there are still some good names out there…esta El Corazon, La Luna, El Sol….El apache, el soldado, el venado, la muerte…I think El Gallo might be good for Kershaw! He’s got a competitive spirit and I think he’s fierce on that mound striking fear with his curve ball!

  28. crzblue2

    Ohhhh! ::touches her heart::: El Corazon de melon! yes! That is good for Loney!! El Corazon! So if Kesh is “El Gallo” then we still got Casey Blake. You know what some call him. He got that beard so he could be “El Dos Equis”, el ….

  29. crzblue2

    When I get home I’ll upload some pictures from the WIN event.

  30. crzblue2

    Well, have you ever told the story. Maybe I missed it. If you did point me in the right direction and I’ll read it. And yes, since I posted in your blog, they won two!!! Is going to be tough today with Lincecum on the mound. I know is a lot to ask of Weaver, but I hope he steps up to the challenge. He has before wearing the Blue against his brother and against Roger Clement. Thanks TC!
    Yes, the penguin was there! He was showing us how to grab the ball to throw it in the infield. to tell you the truth I did not know there was a certain way you should grab the ball. I was just throwing it before.

  31. thinkingblue

    We won again….I hope the winning streak continues. OK quick question. I did fall asleep right befor Matt Kemp’s homerun and I am just wondering how many pitchers we used yesterday? Wolf and who else?

  32. crzblue2

    WOHOO! Msrussy! We won two in a row! We only used JMAC after El Lobo. El Lobo, El Valiente, EL Guapo and EL Maniaco did real good. I am ready to start the MLB AUdio here at work to listen to the game. Good Luck Shaggy! He got a mountain to climb going against El Freako.
    I think I am going to AZ.

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