Going for Sweep Day at the Bay. WIN Baseball Clinic pictures

Dodgers won the first two games at the Bay!!   Kuroda won Monday, Wolf finally got another win on Tuesday with a three hitter and now Weaver in to fill in for Chad Billingsley against tim Lincecum.   Good luck Shaggy!

I am working on this thread and listening to the game on getaway day!  

WIN pictures:  

WIN Scott Elbert.jpg

Here is LF pitching prospect Scott Elbert.  To the right is Tommy Lasorda who always attends the WIN baseball clinics.  Dr. Steinberg to the left and the two ladies in white in the back played in the All American Girls Baseball Professional league.  the one between Dr. Steinberg and Scott is May Belle Blair.  She was played by Madonna in the movie “A League of their Own.

WIN Scott Elbert Catching

Scott Elbert catching during the WIN baseball clinic.  He was so excited that he was going to get his first major league start the following day but because he pitched the night before in the 15 inning game, he was sent back to Triple-A and Eric Stults was called back.

WIN Jim Campanis

Jim Campanis let me wear his World Series ring.  You can’t see it too well, but I have it on!

WIn Loney 1.jpg

James Loney! 

WIN Loney Hudson Loretta Torre .jpg

Orlando Hudson and Mark Loretta are having fun at James expense talking about about a prank played on him.

The person behind the prank played on James Loney:

IIt all started when a fan asking if there was a prank they could share with us.  Hudson mentioned it first and Torre and Loretta laughed.  James was quiet.  Well, On July 31st, while the guys were practicing, Don walked to James Loney and told him Joe Torre wanted to see him in his office.   O’Dog gave the mike to James to continue the story.    Seeing as how it was the day of the day of the trade deadline, James said “I told you guys I wouldn’t make it”   BUT O’Dog took the mike back as he told him “That is not how you reacted!”  and O’Dog procedeed to give us a demonstration.  It wa funny.  you had to be there.  

Joe Torre said he told James “I want you to know I had nothing to do with this.”   Joe seems like he has a nice rapport with his players.    

Back to the game…There was a bench clearing.. Lincecum was working on a no-hitter thru 3 innings, then a shutout.  El Guapo Andre Ethier broke the no-no and he tied the game!   9th inning is tied 2-2 going to extra innings 



  1. luvthedodgers23

    What a game! I missed most of the fireworks as I was in a training. I was keeping track with my MLB at bat app for the iPhone. Just wanted to show Russ some love. I loved it when he said during the post game interview that he was just doing his job protecting his pitcher. The Giants were upset. I just kept thinking how appropriate that all those calls went against Bruce Bochy & the Giants. I remember many a game calls went his teams way while coaching the Pads & I found it gratifying to see him on the receiving end! I think the Panda made something out of nothing. I think he didn’t get hit. Ahhh the drama I love it. I hope there are no repercussions from today’s bench clearing. Go Dodgers!!!

  2. crzblue2

    I missed most of it too! I could only follow the MLB Audio at work. It all evens out with calls. I remember those two when he was with the Padres. Bochi got tossed earlier and then who ever took over ALSO got tossed. Panda sure made something out of nothing. I wonder if he would have charge the mound if Brox was there. But no it was skinny JMax. Good job Russ protecting your pitcher. Russ is El Gallo! lol.

  3. crzblue2

    Andre Ethier IS a beast! There is no other guy we rather have at the plate in a clutch situation. I believe I read somewhere that The Yankees and the Dodgers have the most walk-offs this year. This guy at work that does not know anything about baseball was asking me “what is a walk-on or off?” LOL. “The Drama Club” is a good name for your team. The things they put us thru!
    If you have a chance I know you would attend. Being on the field, in the bullpen where your boys play is great.

    I LOVE Mattingly too! He was at the WIN luncheon last year, but I could not find those pics.

  4. matttan7

    Too bad the Dodgers couldn’t sweep the Giants, and it happened on a Juan Uribe walk off home run. Your WIN Clinic photographs are just magnificent. I bet you had a blast. Keep the spirit going, the Dodgers are doing great. Seeing a World Series ring in person, I think lots of fans would dream to do that too, that’s amazing.

    Matthew Tang

  5. thinkingblue

    EMMA –
    GREAT PICTURES….Loney looks so handsome. And oh yeah you can see “THE RING”. Lucky you….sporting a WORLD SERIES RING. YEY!
    I did not see the game…since I was stuck working, but thanks for the quick up to dates on the game over at ITD. The bench clearing was something strange….Well something for the series to talk about. In my point of view Sandoval never got hit. Martin did over talked but hey. Then what’s his name came charging at MARTIN….no no no one lays a finger on Martin…LOL This past two weeks strange things have been happening in MLB, I guess the pressure of the playoffs coming. Men running on the fields the other, Victorino gets beer on him (next time he should just look up and open his mouth…LOL). I am not a fan of Victorino but that was not right. I am glad that Cubs fan got kicked out. Bench clearing in several games. INTERESTING!
    Now Dodgers visit the D-backs…..GO DODGERS!

  6. crzblue2

    Jim Campanis kept talking to our group (pink as you can see on picture) about catching and I kept staring at the ring. Noone else had noticed so after that section was over, I asked about and if I can take a picture with it, others started doing the same πŸ™‚
    Keep your eyes open to see if any of the oldtimers wear one. Jim is the only I have seen wearing his.
    Doesnt he look handsome! It looks like he is an easy target to pick on. I was stuck at work too but I do have the MLB audio for away games. And you are so welcome! Well, looks like going to AZ is not going to happen, but that is OK. I’ll look forward to seeing my boys at home against the Cards. I sure hope they can take care of them.

  7. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Looks like a lot of fun! That prank story was very funny too, it always adds something to the chemistry of a team when they can pull pranks on eachother and then laugh about it later.
    Thanks for sharing the really cool pictures too!


  8. TribeTed

    Hi Emma, a friend told me about your blog so I decided to check it out, and wow, you are a great writer! nice story, I love when a team pranks each other. How about the one last year where Kyle Kendrick was told by the Phillies that he was traded to Japan. He thought he actually was and as he started packing they told him they had tricked him…. hilarious! πŸ™‚ My blog is cool I think please stop by if you wish πŸ™‚

  9. crzblue2

    Well you know, what made it more real is that Loney’s name was coming up in trade rumors that day. A friend of mine texted me that day saying “Not my baby!!”. Thanks for stopping by!
    OMG Tribe Ted! I remember that prank about Kyle Kendrick! That was so funny! I’ll stop and check your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. TribeTed

    Emma, I thought you would know about that! πŸ™‚ Santana had 117 RBI through three minor league teams throughout the season in 08 and started the 09 season as the Tribe’s top prospect. Through 65 games he hit .265 with 10 HR, 16 2B, 45 RBI, and a .905 OPS. He also played in the Futures game.

  11. crzblue2

    I wish we had him back!!! I did not approve that trade last year! LOL. I knew he did good last year and was a top prospect. I just did not know how he was doing this year He sure is hitting well. Thanks TC! Thanks Ted!
    We just have a whole bunch of good looking guys! lol
    I bet you do! Those World Series rings are so cool! but you for us it has been since 1988 since we got one. Maybe this year.

  12. martinezforever

    It says “Lincecum was working on a no-hitter, then a shutout. El Guapo Andre Ethier broke the no-no and he tied the game!”

    I think that is a little misleading for someone who didn’t see the game. Lincecum only had a no hitter through 3 innings. A lot of Dodgers and pitchers for other teams have no hitters through 3 innings, not so unusual. They usually don’t think about “no hitters” until you get to the 5th or 6th. If I read that, without knowing, I would think it was later in the game Andre broke up the no hitter. Just saying.

  13. crzblue2

    You are right. I should have said thru 3nnings. I was at work multi-tasking πŸ™‚ listening to the MLB audio, working on the thread adding pics, and following a game thread. you are right, I’ll correct that. Thanks!

  14. crzblue2

    BTW in the game thread we kept saying:
    “Lincecum has a no hitter” until it was broken
    “Lincecum has a shutout” until it was also broken
    “Lincecum is winning the game” until it was also broken.
    haha we like to think we jinked it. hmm maybe we should have replaced “Lincecum” with “Giants”.

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