Dodgers seeing Snakes. Kemp and Vin Scully Videos!

Dodgers seeing Snakes.  

A good matchup with Clayton Kershaw and Dan Haran turned the Snake way.   Kershaw was  so wild  in the 2nd inning with a 35-pitch four-run inning that included three walks, two wild pitches and three hits including one an RBI single by pitcher Dan Haren. He did struck out nine in 4 1/3 innings.  

HBP:  Reynolds got hit by Bellisario. Ethier got hit by Haran.  Both clubs were warned. 

Torre:  Why is Kemp hitting 7th??.   If you had Kemp and Manny back to back we could have had more runs.   Why is Russell hitting 2nd??   You just got to bat Russell and Loney lower.  

Donny:   Are you working with these guys (Russ and Loney)?   These two need to step it up and start hitting!  

Manny got 2 singles and a double while Matt Kemp got a HR and a double!  Way to go boys!  Speaking of Matt Kemp, here is a picture I spotted at Union Station:  


aug 09 Kemp this is my town.jpg

 Check out Lil Matt cool video:

Check out Vin Scully in this vintage commercial in the 60’s in the popular show back then of Bewitched




  1. crzblue2

    Thanks The3rs! I’d like to know what they do with the posters after they replace them. Maybe I should inquiry at Union Station. hmmm. And yes, Torre needs to work on that batting order.

  2. crzblue2

    I love your flat stanley on that post! Good idea givin a little history while driving around with the Yankee flag.

  3. luvthedodgers23

    I’m planning a heist! Hahahaha (evil laugh)
    That Matt Kemp poster will be mine!!! Thanks
    for the post Emma.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    Howyadoin, Kid.

    Things are getting rough, the competition seems a lot better than it did earlier in the season.
    The Dodgers have to stay loose, and not think about where they are in the standings and don’t add pressure on themselves.
    Just play the game as they’ve been doing all year and enjoy it.
    I think that’s their best bet.
    If they don’t make it, there’s always next year.
    It’s all in the mind.
    Joe Pierre.

  5. matttan7

    Dodgertown USA used to be in New York, and now it belongs to Los Angeles. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me how the Dodgers’ batting order is set up, they can hit in all cylinders.

    Plus Vin Scully is the best play by play announcer in all of Major League Baseball.

    Matthew Tang

  6. crzblue2

    Yes, that commercial is priceless! That was 1967 or 1966. Vin is wearing a ring on the right hand. I wonder if is the 1965 W.S. ring.
    You want a partner in crime? lol. As you can see I did not take as good a picture as you take.
    If you take away the 2nd inning, Kershaw did good. It was a good matchup.
    Hey Joe Pierre!
    How is New Yawk? Did you get to see Tommy there? Have you gone to his blog? Last time I checked I was the only one that posted there. Yeah, the boys should be playing the way they started. Heck! at the beginning Billz was 5-0! I don’t want to wait till next year! BTW, great book “Wait Till Next Year” with Doris Goodwin.
    That is why I did not go to Arizona, because next month we should be getting a bill for post season tickets. I know sometimes we get it all back, other time is a partial but this year I want to go all the way! Well, I want the Dodgers to go all the way.

  7. crzblue2

    We have a couple of guys strugling right now like Russ and Loney. I hope they snap out of it. We need them to hit! that is why Loretta is in today’s game istead of Loney. Ausmus is playing for Russ but it could also be that Ausmus will catch the knuckleballer Haeger who will make his debut on Monday. The catchers did not even have knuckleball mitts.

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