Dodgers at Coors Field with the Rockies 3 games back

Critical games in Colorado for both teams.  With the Dodgers leading the NL West by 3  games and the Rockies leading the Wild Card, this is really a penant race.  is time for the Dodgers to put more ground between them and the Rockies.  

Dodgers get to visit their old manager Jim Tracy.  Jim managed the Dodgers from 2001 to 2005 and won a division title in 2004. 

Only four current Dodgers played for Tracy — Weaver, Guillermo Mota, Jonathan Broxton and Hong-Chih Kuo. The latter two played for Tracy only in brief callups. 

Going to the Rockies website, I found this

 The Rockies’ fans’ feelings for the Dodgers certainly are strong. After the Rockies’ improbable 14-inning, 6-4 victory over the Giants — brought home by Ryan Spilborghs’ grand slam — fans broke into a heartfelt “Beat L.A.” chant. The Rockies enter Tuesday’s opener of a three-game showdown trailing the Dodgers by three games in the National League West. The Rockies have a four-game cushion in the Wild Card standings.

What is the obsession of teams emphasizing the other team instead of their own team?   I know, I know, everyone wants to beat L.A.    I like Oldbrooklynfan (some might remember him from the article written about him making his first trip to Dodger Stadium) from the ITD blog where he changed that to say Beaten by L.A.  

Upcoming Game (08/25)


  • Clayton Kershaw 8-7

  • Jason Hammel 8-7

I like games on the West Coast because I get to listen to Vin Scully!   I can’t wait to hear him say those magic words “Is Time for Dodger Baseball!” 
Here is a picture from Colorado from last year.  It sure was cold when we went!  In fact it snowed the night before and we did not get our luggage until we got to the hotel. The poncho in the picture was in my luggage and so was the hat.      

The Player Statue from Colorado.jpg

The 9-foot, 6-inch tall statue is entitled “The Player.” it was donated by the Rotary club of Denver. It’s the same figure that it awarded, in a much smaller size, to the recipient of the Branch Rickey Award, which honors the Major League player who best exemplifies the Rotary’s motto of “service over self.” 

The nominees from each team for 2009 have already been announced.  You can check them and also past winners here >>.   



  1. thinkingblue

    EMMA this series will be a nail bitter….OMG…I am already nervous. Well I hope we can sweep the Rockies….and stamp across the team’s name (what Oldbrooklyn said) BEATEN BY L.A. I can not believe that the Rockies were chanting last night. LET’S GO DODGERS!

  2. crzblue2

    I am excited and nervous about the series. I hope the Dodgers take note of what happened last night as no lead is safe in Colorado. Look at last night, the Giants are leading 3-1 in the 14th inning and WAM! grand slam by the Rockies. Go Kershy! Go Dodgers!
    Thanks for asking. Yeah, I was more interested in the quote as is from Dodger Branch Rickey. But the 9-foot, 6-inch tall statue is entitled “The Player.” it was donated by the Rotary club of Denver. It’s the same figure that it awarded, in a much smaller size, to the recipient of the Branch Rickey Award, which honors the Major League player who best exemplifies the Rotary’s motto of “service over self.”
    Sue, Thanks again. I think I will update my post so more people can read about it.
    Yeah, is going to be crazy, that is why I am nervous and antious for the game to start.

  3. crzblue2

    It sure is getting scary. Object are closer than what the mirror shows. We got to put more distance in between!
    Yeah, the Rockies are really playing well since Jim Tracy took over. I’d like to know what Rockies fans think of Jim.

  4. thinkingblue

    Well the dodgers thought that playing the D-backs was going to be a safe win, but look at what happen. I have no more nails left….LOL!

  5. crzblue2

    LOL. My nails are already in terrible shape from the biting. I’ll be riding the train then my car that I left in Glendale during part of the game. Scattered t-storms in Denver.
    I wish the Dodgers could have gotten Lee.

  6. raysfanboy

    Great points. I agree that this is the series of the week. I can’t believe that with the Dodgers’ dominance they could still give the division away to the Rox. However, Colorado has been more than amazing, and that is tough to fend off no matter how good you are. Good luck!

  7. southernbelle

    Emma: I can’t believe how close the Rockies are creeping towards the Dodgers! But I’m sure you will win the division without a problem.
    You look so cute with your winter Dodger gear. I wouldn’t mind having a Yankee poncho like that!

  8. crzblue2

    I had trouble loggin on before. I can’t believe the Rockies were in last place back at the beginning of June and look where they are now. .
    Yeah that is quite an interesting and long list to choose from. As a good Dodger fan I am rooting for Don Newcombe to get it.
    Rockies are too close for confort. I can’t believe two games for them in extra innings and they take both of them. I thought they were tired! Nail biting time.

  9. raysrenegade

    I learned something new today courtesy of you.
    Never knew Branch Rickey made that great quote. Thank you for that cool insight.
    I am thinking that this NL West fight might get some needed toughness after this series with the Rockies.
    Both of your squad have done some admirable work this year, and both teams are thirsty for the postseason.
    Should be a fun time up until October.

    Rays Renegade

  10. crzblue2

    I am so glad you learn something new from this site. I did not know that quote until last year when I saw the statue in Denver. I see from the Branchrickey site that Joe Maddon is nominated from the Rays.

  11. TheSmiler

    Thank you, Emma, for the kind words about my Blog. I am a Dodgers fan and can barely watch this meltdown without losing any hope, but at least in my blog I can write about literary baseball topics when the Dodgers have me feeling a bit “CrazyBlue.”

    I plan to add you, if you don’t mind, to my blog faves when I do my Saturday update. Hopefully it will be an update about a 2 game lead extension and maybe some T.S. Eliot.


    ~ Will the Smiler

  12. crzblue2

    Thanks Will for adding me to your blog! I am honored! Looking forward to your next blog! Great job by the Wolfman! You know his next win will be career #100. Let’s hope he gets it in his next start which it should be at home.

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