Dodgers Rockies Rubber Game for Lunch!

The Colorado Rockies took the first game as the Dodger  bullpen came up short in the first game and today I learned why Joe Torre did not bring George Sherrill in the 10th inning of that game.  Sherrill felt tightness in his right side earlier that day.  MRI came out negative! 


Our stopper:

In the second game, Randy Wolf got his fourth consecutive win giving up one run in 7 1/3 inning to give the Rockies only their second loss in the last games!   That was also Randy’s #99 win!   Let’s hope he gets #100 in his next start!

Congratulations to Andre Ethier who hit homerun  #26 and #27!  Also congratulations James Loney who finally got #8!  


isn’t this cute the rubber statue?

Rubber game (I’d love to have that rubber figure)  is an early one. Vicente Padilla gets his start against Jorge de La Rosa.   I just learned that Vicente is from Nicaragua.  He is the first Nicaraguan to start for the Dodgers!  

Behave Vicente and have a good game!   I wonder if I can have my headphones on while I go to my Pilates class at noon.   

Quick Trivia I heard during last night’s game :   Name the only three teams that have never had a player hit for the cycle?



  1. southernbelle

    Emma: I hope the Dodgers can win the rubber game! This is a HUGE series for them. I hope Wolf can get #100, that is quite an accomplishment. Isn’t Andre amazing? I’ll answer that: YES!!! I don’t know that trivia question. Can I have a hint?

  2. bluedog98

    Dear Emma,
    Very nice pictures you have here,Padilla did ok in his first start he hit 96 -97 with his fastball was very surprised , I hope he can go more than 5 innings in his next start.

  3. thinkingblue

    YEY! EMMA we won the Rockies series. And yes ANDRE #27 HR and LONEY & KEMP also got HRs. I am sooooo glad Broxton did not give yesterday’s game away. I did not see Padilla pitch, he sort of looks like Valenzuela (LOOKS) not Valenzuela’s pitching style. So what’s the answer to your trivia game?

  4. crzblue2

    You were watching the game ha? yep, those are the three teams: Padres, Rays and Marlins.
    Yes, I hope Padilla is reformed. I still remember when Milton Bradley came to the Dodgers with his reputation and I thought he would behave seeing as he grew up being a Dodger fan but he did not behave. I hope Padilla does behave.
    Yes, Padilla had a good start. I hope he continues it. Can’t believe the September callups will be here soon. I’ve been having too much fun that the season is going so fast.
    Yes, Andre is amazing! What a year he has been having! Rob answered correctly. Padres, Rays and Marlins .
    I hope so too that he can go more than 5 next time. At lest Wolf went into the 8th!
    I did not get to see the game either, I just heard it. He looks like the Valenzuela of now or the young Valenzuela? lol. Padres, Rays and Marlins is the answer. I don’t know why I thought a Ray’s player had hit for the cycle.

  5. behindblueyes

    “yep, those are the three teams: Padres, Rays and Marlins.”

    In their 40 year history the Padres have had neither a cycle or a no-hitter.

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