Anyone had the Cincinnati Chili?

A long time ago I used to have a boyfriend that when he went to Cincinnati, he used to bring me chili back.  It was gooood!   

I have only been to the Cincinnati aiport coming back from St Louis.   I had gone to a four game series in St Louis where my Dodgers managed to lose all four.   I had traveled with a friend.  While waiting at the airport, I told my friend that I was going for a little walk.  I  lost track of time at the small Borders reading a baseball book.  When I got back everyone was gone!  I asked what happened and the guy told me I had just missed the flight.  My friend did not even bothered to call me reminding me!   Some of you know that friend.  She has a blog “BehindBlueEyes”.  Anyway, she said she kept waiting for me to show up.   Soooo, I waited like five hours more for another flight.  

While waiting, I started talking  this guy that works for the airline and telling him my troubles.  He saw that I had a Dodger shirt, a baseball hat, and a baseball book in my hands.  He started quizzing me with baseball questions.  He told me he was a Giant fan.  Anyway, he must have taken pity on me when I asked him “What am I going to do here at the aiport?”, that he sent me to the VIP room where I settled posting in my friend’s blog and sipping on cosmos.   Oh yeah, with all that time I had, I got to try the chili too.  

One of the questions I remember the Giant fan asking me was “who was the last switch-hiter to win the A.L. MVP?”.

This weekend my boys are playing Dusty Baker’s Reds.   Chad Billingsley who is from Defiance, Ohio goes against Homer Bailey.   I am not sure how far Defiance is from Cincinnati but Chad should have friends and family there.   Homer is from Texas. 

I did not know this:  In 2008, Homer Bailey released a charity wine called “Homer Bailey’s Chardonnay” with 100% of his proceeds supporting Outdoors Without Limits, an organization committed to help reduce the barriers that prevent disabled people from enjoying the great outdoors.   Way to go Homer!

Let’s Go  Billz!!  Let’s Go Dodgers!!


  1. crzblue2

    Hey Ted!
    That is the way I tried it, with spaghetti and I remembered it was good! What? Defiance is around the corner from CLE? Thanks!

  2. crzblue2

    Oh! that is another thing Craig used to bring from Cinci, the Montgomey Inn barbeque sauce! that was good! He used to love going to the Montgomery Inn boathouse.

  3. Jane Heller

    I’ve been to Cincinnati a few times and really liked the city. In fact, I was on a book tour and had a signing there, caught pneumonia and ended up in one of their local hospitals! Everybody was so friendly. But I’ve never had chili there! I’m putting it on my to-do list.

  4. crzblue2

    Sorry to hear you ended up with pneumonia. That got to be terrible to be on the road and end up in the hospital. Chili and the Montgomery Inn barbeque sauce next time Jane.
    We lost the first game in Cinci to Homer Bailey so congratulations to
    Homer. He was the better pitcher. We’ll get them tomorrow..oops later on today with our knuckleballer Charlie Haeger.

  5. behindblueyes

    Well, that is a misrepresentation! I still have the cell phone call logs verifying I tried to call you three times in 20 minutes–frantically, I might add–while I was stuck on board the plane because they would not let me off to go find you. Your phone was turned off!

    I used to have a boyfriend (here in CA) from Ohio back in the ’80s. I didn’t think the chili was anything to rave about. I’m trying to think of anything we had from Ohio that stands out in my mind. Off the top of my head, I can’t.

    Deb has posted that their home team in Defiance is the Indians…and that they go to a few games every year. That’s why she knew a lot about Casey Blake before he came to L.A. It’s too bad, but Chad did not have a great start last night–and he wasn’t helped much, either. At least the Rockies did not win. Hopefully we’ll get ’em today.

  6. raysrenegade

    Actually had my first bowl back about 5 years ago in the Cincinnati airport. But then a few years later when the team came to play the Reds in Inter League I got to go to one of the meccas of Cincy Chili….Skyline Chili.
    Great stuff, and with the many ways you can have it personalize for your taste buds, it becomes the crazy bus to flavor town as the Food Network’s Guy Fieri would say.
    Hope your area stays fire-free and that all of us remember those brave firefighters trying to contain those wildfires in So Cal.
    Have to say, that is a job that frightens me for the pure fact fire is a living, breathing creature at times.
    Hope and pray for safety, rain and the minimum damage to belongings and homes of those living in the fires path.

    Rays Renegade


  7. southernbelle

    Emma: Chili is good. But I have never had Cincinnati Chili. Mmm.
    My Yanks had another walkoff last night. They are supposed to play in the afternoon today, but it is raining. If the game is rained out, I can do the NL West cutie post tomorrow! -Virginia

  8. crzblue2

    None of those calls regisstered in my phone. I don’t remember my phone being off. Infact I remembering saying back then “why did she not call me?”. Anyway, I ended up having a pleasant time once I was in the VIP room 🙂 I know you would have had fun with the Giant fan. Yeah, is too bad Chad has not had good games lately. Vic noticed at Dodger Stadium that is fastball’s speed is off.
    Thanks Rays, looking at the picture of the fires and the firefighters escalading I could just not do it. The fires look frightening from the freeway let alone any closer. Our thoughts, prayers and thanks for all of them.
    we have a place here called “Bob’s Big Boy” that sells chili with spaghetti. I have not been there in a long time and most are closed but there is still two that I know about. One of them in Burbank has a drive thru and it used to have a Friday night car show. I should go one of these nights to reminisce about the times I used to more often.
    I love to get a bottle of Tommy Lasorda’s wine. I have not found it at stores yet, but I know they serve it at several restaurants. They sure do make great presents especially to a baseball fan.
    I read about the walk-off from Jane. I got the tv on with the Yankee White Sox game. I saw that Miere had that no hitter broken. Looking forward to the NL West Cutie list. I know Andre will be there!

  9. thebloggerinthegloamin

    Skyline Chili rules!!! The Saag brand brats at Dodger Stadium are the best Bratwurst I’ve ever eaten.


  10. azinneck

    Skyline is about the best food ever…at least to this Cincinnati native 🙂 I’m always surprised when people who aren’t from Cincinnati actually like it…most people I know who aren’t from here could take it or leave it. And I did not know that about Homer releasing the charity wine…I kind think I might have to do a little bit of looking into that haha

  11. crzblue2

    You know as much as I go to Dodger Stadium and I have tried everything there, I have never had a Saag brand brat. I will try one in this next homestand. Thanks!
    I guess is because I love chili that liked the Cinci chili once I tried. I googled Homer Bailey and found that about the wine.

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