Homestand, Kirk Gibson and Viva Los Dodgers  Festival

 So far this homestand we are 2-3.  Not good.   We split the four game series with Arizona.  I really thought we would take the series.   

One of the best things of the D’backs being in town is getting to see Kirk Gibson.


Gibson 090309.jpg

Gibby is so nice that he comes over to the Kid’s corral and signs for us fans.  Last year the D’backs happen to be in town during the 80’s celebration day.  Kirk Gibson took the time to show up at the 80’s luncheon held in the Club Level restaurant.   We had quite a few players from the 80’s  but the big surprise was Gibson.   Gibby mentioned that it be nice if the seat where his famous 88 World Series landed be marked with his name.   Now, wouldn’t that be nice to honor Gibby?    

 When I got to the stadium and saw the matchup on the scoreboard of LeBlanc with a 9.75 ERA, I thought for sure my Dodgers can win BUT instead it was a frustrating loss.  Dodgers were blanked out by the score of 2-0.   UGH!  Ten men were left on base.    Pathetic display!  Clayton Kershaw has had 8 runs support in his last 9 starts.  Just pathetic hitting lately.   I still can’t believe it!  Zip, nothing, nada zero runs.   Oh, I almost forgot the two errors in the same play.   Just pathetic.  

 Randy Wolf goes Saturday!  Hopefully the wolfman can restore order and be the stopper he has been lately.    

Saturday is also the Viva Los Dodgers Festival. 

Viva Los Dodgers

I have been attending a few of these events in the past. There is music, games for kids, vendor booths from Dodger sponsors with giveaways an contests.   Also there is autgraph booths with players rotating in the booths.  Jaime Jarrin, Fernando Valenzuela and Pepe Yniquez also participate in this event.  

The game will start at it scheduled time of 7:10 p.m. so for us that are going to both the festival and the game it will a long day/night at the stadium.    

Tomorrow is also another segment of “This is my Town”.   This time is to honor the Mexican community so the shirt will be in Spanish  “Esta es my Ciudad”   Buying tickets in this section entitles you to the t-shirt and an  All you can eat.  The menu includes guesadillas, lime chicken, watermelon and the standard nachos, Dodger Dogs, and non-alcoholic drinks. 


  1. TheSmiler

    I had the same impressions about LeBlanc and also share your opinions about the terrible hitting that has remained a persistant slump since the All Star Break. I love Manny, but they were hitting better when he was gone! Maybe they should give him a week off to try Juan Pierre again and see if that does anything.

    Love your blog, Emma. It’s so colorful, informative, and optimistic. Have a good holiday.

    ~ Will

  2. Kaybee

    It was a really great game for the Padres, but not so much for the Dodgers 🙂 Did you know that LeBlanc had a 16.20 ERA at Dodger Stadium? I didn’t think he would do that well, but he did a great job for a young pitcher. Well, GO PADRES!!

  3. crzblue2

    LOL Because of our labor of love for the Dodgers, I forgot that Monday is a holiday! duh.. Happy holiday to you too! Yeah and this team better start hitting or they will have an early exit.
    Yes it was a great game for the Padres and LeBlanc was wheeling and deeling last night. He was making the Dodgers look stooopid.
    With the big hispanic community here, “los Doyers” have been having this festival for…I dont know maybe 10 years.

  4. crzblue2

    The Viva Los Dodgers festival is in its 12th year in existence. They said there were 10,000 people at the festival. It was a lot of fun and it was not as hot as other years. Thanks! Had a great time and Randy Wolf recorded his #100 career win! I won something because I had Dodger socks!

  5. TribeTed

    Congrats on being #26 on the Leader’s List.

    I am so happy that my fellow blogger could be that high.

    I hope you increase next month:

    As I know its hard:

    And I will try to also.

    Let’s see if we can’t crack the top 15? 😉

    Good luck

    Yours truly,…


  6. crzblue2

    thank you so much for letting me know! second time I get #26!
    Congrats to you on #35! I am just happy to be on the top 50!

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