9/11, Southern Cal Fires updates, Andre Ethier, Giant vs. Dodgers!

On this day 9/11, I want to give a big thanks to all firemen in this great country! to the police department, to the ones that were and are in the military, and to the many people that do volunteer work.    Thank you!!!  

Is hard to believe that this happened 8 years ago.  


This morning I heard that the fires here in Southern California were 70% contained.  that is great news!   Our firemen  and all the ones that came down here have done an excellent job.   I am glad I got to tell that to a few firemen the other night as I was coming out of Dodger Stadium (there was a small fire outside the stadium).  Their response was “Thank you Ma’m”  “Did the Dodgers win?”  They did win that night!.  

Driving on the Foothill freeway you can still see some smoke from the lingering fires.  We are so due for rain here.  


A friend sent me this link from Boston.com   They have some incredible pictures here




I went to Virginia’s blog  and saw her final list of the N.L. West Cuties!  It reminded me of this photo of Andre.  What do you think Ethierholics?   

 Thumbnail image for Ethier.pg

This picture was taken at the Carne Asada event last  this year by my good friend LuvtheDodgers23.  thanks LTD23! 

Andre is leading the team in homeruns with 28, Doubles with 39 and is tied with James Loney with 60 walks.  














Hiroki Kuroda is on the mound tonight in San Francisco!  He faces Matt Cain.  

Good luck Kuroda-san!!  

Let’s Go Dodgers! Let’s Go!!

 I got a question:   Why do pitchers shag baseballs in the outfield?   I am asking because last week Kershaw hurt his right shoulder during BP going after he hit the scoreboard.   He had to skip his turn and is still up in the air for his next start.   What is the point of them shagging baseballs in the outfield?  Thanks






  1. crzblue2

    Thanks Matt. Is so hard when you experience this up close to home. My thoughts and prayers to those that passed away and the families that were left behind feeling the pain of those losses. There so many of them that lost their lives.

  2. TribeTed


    Never will forget it.

    I remember seeing parts on tv when I was 5,

    but I never knew about the situation.


    I know fully, and I mourn for those who were/are in loss.

    It’s too bad that these terrorists did this,

    but some heroes were born.

    Some gave up their lives for other’s.

    Great short post. =)

    –Ted “TTW/T”

    honoring 9/11 at:


  3. juliasrants

    Those of us were old enough will never, ever forget 9/11 – and those of us who were parents then, it was even harder. It once again reminded us that we can not always protect our children from the evils around them. And as a parent that is a tough, tough thing.

    I’m glad the fires are being contained. The work that the firefighters do is amazing.


  4. Jane Heller

    Why do pitchers shag flies? Because they have to catch pop ups on occasion. That would be my guess anyway. The pitchers I love the most are the ones who are great fielders too (like Mo, who started off as an infielder). Nice pic of Andre. I’m so glad they’re making progress on the big blaze. We’re in marine layer mode up here in SB, thank goodness.


  5. crazy19canuck

    I’ll never forget the 3 or so hours it took to find my mom and Dad. They were in DC. Dad was supposed to be at the Pentagon that morning. Everyone was safe in my family – but my Dad lost a couple friends at the Pentagon that day. He was at the Legion yesterday lifting his glass to his friends saying: “Nunca te olvidaré.”

  6. crzblue2

    You are a very talented. Keep up the great work.
    Is hard to imagine that our fires are still going on but that is how those fires on the wild side go. Did you by any chance get to see the link from Boston.com those are some incredible pictures. I am not sure who are these people that take these pictures.
    Did not realize you have Andre in your fantasy team. What a great pickup. I hope you are kicking butt with your team. It is always sweeeter to beat the Jints! I say J, I say J-I, I say J-I-N-T-S ….
    I meant shagging baseballs on the outfield and showing off. I know Kershaw is 21 but going after a ball against the wall! He is no outfielder! Thank goodness it was his right shoulder. I know he even said that was stoooopid of him doing that.
    OMG Ginny!
    That must have been the one of the worst time for you and your family. Does your dad speak Spanish?

  7. southernbelle

    Emma: That is a LOVELY pic of Andre. He is the cutest thing.
    I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. I was in 3rd grade, and I was pulled aside and told to pack my things ot go home. When I reached the lobby, there were so many parents, some crying, and I was confused. We had FOX News on all day, and I kept seeing those images. I was terrified. It’s just one of those things that we will never forget. -Virginia

  8. crazy19canuck

    He speaks Spanish and French enough to be understood. French better than Spanish. His 2 buddies that died were Spanish – they were the ones who were teaching him.

  9. TribeTed


    how many languages does Dre speak?

    if he speaks three or more, that is definetely plenty.

    he could live anywhere in the world!!

    I love it here Emma,

    keep up the good posting. =)

    New post up on TTW/T

    its about being the “centerpiece” of all prospects and trades.

    –Ted “TTW/T”


  10. crzblue2

    Thanks! Andre is a great player and a cutie! Seeing those pictures of 9/11 was devastating for adults let alone for kids.
    lol. It was great to have Casey at the bat yesterday on his first day back or how he is referred in another forum TMIMITW (The most interesting man in the world) because of the beer commercial…the guy with the bear “stay thirsty my friends”.
    That must have been tough on your dad losing his friends.
    ‘Dre is of Mexican descent (mom) and French(dad) but I don’t know if he speaks Spanish and French. You know, I never asked him. I did ask Loney one time something in Spanish but it was a mistake on my part that it just came out that way. To my surprise, he understood me and answered back with no accent.

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