Pirates, Magic Numbers, Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers, Oh My!

A free grilled Dodger Dog, hanging out with friends at Dodger Stadium and a Dodger WIN!  What could be better!   

Dodgers won the opener with the Pirates 6-2! 

Magic number is now 14.  I always think of a Dodger player when I look at number so here is one of my favorite Dodgers back when:



Today is Blanket night!   This is what it looks like


Today is Honduras Independence Day!  Some of you might know that I was born in Hondura.s 

Today is also Nicaragua Independence Day!   Happy Independence  to Nicaraguan Vicente Padilla. 

Tomorrow is Mexico Indepedence Day!   It is also a day game at Dodger Stadium with Manny’s bbh.

Happy Independence to Mexico and to all my Mexican friends and friends that have Mexican heritage.    

Happy Independence to Fernando Valenzuela, Pepe Yniquez, Juan Castro and also to Andre Ethier because of his Mexican heritage. 

I’ll leave you with this video from Andre Ethier’s Carne Asada day.   It has Mexican music and Andre says a few things about his Mexican heritage. 


Oh My!  there so many cool videos there.  Andre! You got me hungry with the one at L.A. Live!   That macaroni with trufles and three kind of cheeses sounds outstanding. 

Super exited about the 2010 MLB schedule!    Dodgers get the Yankees at Dodger Stadium and they get to go to Fenway Park.   This is how the interleague schedule looks like

3 vs DET: May 21-23
3 in ANA: June 11-13
3 vs. ANA: June 22-24
3 in BOS: June 18-20
3 vs. NYA: June 25-27

I smelled a road trip to Fenway!   I need work to send to New Hampshire during that week in June and then I can stay in Boston for the Dodger series!



  1. TribeTed

    darn you,

    I wish the Indians could be playing the Pirates right now.

    Sorry Pit Peas but they suck.

    even worse than yours truly the CLE Indians.. barf.

    Glad they won!!

    Keep up the good work yo!!

    Make sure you mail me some hot dogs from the game lol.

    Ted’s Take


  2. crzblue2

    Hey Ted!
    Dodgers play the Pirates on Opening Day at Pittsburgh. I was surprised considering they are meeting for the first time this homestand. If you really want Dodger dogs, they do sell them here and I imagine they can be mailed.

  3. crzblue2

    I figure you will be here during that weekend Jane.
    You are right, the Interleague dificulty for next year went up a notch.
    I did not play it on the phone, only on the laptop. So based on the video, we know that Andre will have a bowl of menudo at the ballgame today.

  4. vivian

    Dea Emma

    Nice to meet you.^^

    Thanks for coming my blog,and this is the first time I

    make friends through MLB”s blog.

    Sorry my English is not good enough to write too much,

    and it’s a pity that there’s no any TV broadcast about Dodgers

    in Taiwan.

    I’ll love baseball games^^

    Wish you have a good day

  5. crzblue2

    You will love it here in the Mlb blogs. Great people. Your enthusiasm came thru in your first post. Keep posting.
    Can you get the MLB audio or TV package in Taiwan?
    You too, have a great day. Dodgers went into extra innings last night and they start in another five hours.
    Leave a link to your blog next time

  6. Buz

    Well you sure better consider buying those LA vs Boston tickets VERY VERY early! I’m told it’s the most difficult ticket in baseball.

    Heck.. it might be old news anyway.. what IF it’s those two in 09 World Series .. wink

    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

  7. TribeTed

    Its always good to have a late win.

    LIke last night, I think the offense was great,

    and Wolff settled down after the shaky first few innings.

    And there you have it, again Ethier, love this guy, hits a homer to win it.

    Is it me or does he have at least 10 walk offs?

    Is that like a record or something?

    Ted’s Take


  8. southernbelle

    Emma: I love that video of Andre! He just gets cuter by the day! I like it that he is proud of is heritage. That’s cool. I read on wikipedia that he is part Mexican and part French. That’s a nice mix! Dodger’s magic number is getting pretty low! So is my Yankees’….
    Happy Independence Day!

  9. raysrenegade

    I miss magical numbers.
    They are things of beauty when you have a playoff berth within your sights and make the reality grow bigger with every number going lower and lower before it hits “0” and the dream is upon you and your team.
    Before you know it the champagne will be flowing and the fans rejoicing out in La la-land.
    You know Joe Torre is loving it, and this years team might just be the one to take that extra step towards the gold ring this October.

    Rays Renegade


  10. crzblue2

    Thanks for reminding me! Yeah, got too buy tickets early. The time that I went to Fenway, I just stayed close to the airport and took two subways there without a ticket. I inquired several places and then I ended up buying one at face value from a season ticket holder. It was against the Tiger so against the Dodgers I imagine it will be harder. Yep, those two could meet sooner.
    I love to start making plans for next year. Yeah, I remember a few of our players that are Mexican or with Mexican heritage. Thanks!
    He is adorable in that video and yes, I love that he remembers his heritage. And yes, that is a nice combination. I met his dad and he is really nice. I had a wonderful day! Thanks!
    Oh, I know Rays. Sorry to remind you. My brother Victor was remembering the Rays last year too. As I probably mentioned before the Rays are his American team.

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