Dodgers at PNC during G-20 Summit

After being at Washington DC my Dodgers have to deal with the security in Pittsburgh as a result of the G-20 Summit.   My poor babies!  Traveling secretary Scott Akasaki had to make special arrangements

From Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times

A ban on incoming private charter flights to Pittsburgh was imposed by the Secret Service and Major League Baseball had to receive a special waiver so the Dodgers could get into town.  The waiver was granted under the condition that the Dodgers would hve to go through TSA lines at Washington Dullies Aiport and have their bags sniffed by bomb-sniffing dogs. 


Akasai told players that they culdn’t carry alcohol or cologne in their carry-on baggage. 

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Because of the various checkpoints, Akasaki booked rooms at a hotel on the outskirts of the designated security zones instead of at the regular team hotel in the heart of downtown.  But there is expected to be added security in the new hotel, as it is housing the French, German and Turkish delegations at the G-20. 

So with all this security, expect a smaller crowd than usual at PNC tonight.  I made my first trip to PNC last year.  It is such a beautiful stadium.  Here is a picture


 I love Jerry Crowe from the L.A. Times.  Here is what he wrote this morning:

For those who can’t get enough of Tim McCarver -anybody?_the Fox baseball analyst has released a music CD, “Tim McCarver Sings the Great Ameerican Songbook.”… 

One of the songs he tackles is “There Used to be a Ballpark,” which will remind no one of Frank Sinatra’s version….   


Congratulations to Matt Kemp  on his 100 RBI plateau!



Good Luck Garland!   Let’s Go Dodgers!

Magic number:




  1. crzblue2

    I heard on Dodger talk that the team got to the hotel at 4:A.M. and that it would have been faster had they taken a bus from Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh but even the bus ride from the hotel to the stadium took extremely long because of the security.

  2. aducker

    That’s insane about the bus. The team played like they’d gone coast to coast, not just one state over. Hopefully they’ll be feeling their oats today with Wolf on the mound and a little more rest last night.
    We’ll get to see if the Braves win or lose long before the Dodgers start but I kind of want them to win so that the Dodgers can clinch a playoff spot with a win of their own instead of just seeing the score and saying “Oh, we’re in the playoffs again.” like last year against the D-backs.

  3. crzblue2

    yeah Aducker, Josh Suchan (spelling?) of Dodger Talk said that during the bus ride from the hotel to the stadium, he saw the bridge four different times. I am with you, I rather they clinch on their own. It is so much satisfying.

  4. aducker

    I notice even TJ Simers is on your side now, pulling for the Dodgers to choke in Pittsburgh now so that we can hear Vin Scully calling the division clincher in San Diego.

    It will be interesting if the Braves keep winning and put pressure on the Rockies. If the Dodgers just split their remaining 8 then the Cardinals will have to go 8-0 and the Phillies 8-1 to pass the Dodgers in the NL standings. This means the Braves in the wildcard race puts even more of a question mark on who the Dodgers will play in the NLDS.

  5. TheSmiler

    Thanks for asking about my niece, Isabella. She’s doing just fine. I hope to make a Dodger fan out of her even if her father is a Yankee lover.

    I read your recent entry and it caused me to forgive the Dodgers for their poor play in the first Pittsburgh game last night. I’d forgotten about the G20 summit and had no idea of all the hassle they endured just to get to the hotel. Brutal.

    I enjoy your blog as always. I’ve been slacking a bit on mine. I hope to pick it up again in time for the playoffs. Cheers!

    Will the Smiler

  6. aducker

    When Kemp first came up for LA he was red hot. Remember? They were comparing him to Duke Snider right away even though he had some problems early on. He’s really, really matured in the last 2 seasons though. The comparison to Snider holes. Kemp is a 5 tool player indeed. He’s a 6 tool player if you count good looks.

  7. luvthedodgers23

    I love it! Matt Kemp a 6 tool player bc of his good looks!!! Clinching a playoff berth is not as big as the division. Emma & I will
    be in SD for the series & I’m hoping it happens there so we can celebrate
    with our Dodgers! But I’m happy to have them clinch & win anywhere!
    Go Dodgers!!! 🙂 Wolf is gonna give us a W today! I’m looking forward to having Kershaw back on the mound as a SP tomorrow 🙂

  8. crzblue2

    yes, I am sure they will be fine, is just that I forgive them for the way they played the first night for all they had to go through.
    Matt Kemp runs like a bison, hence the nickname 🙂
    like LTD23, I LOVE IT!! Adding an extra tool (his looks)for Matt Kemp making him 6 tool !! And yes, I remember the comparison to Duke Snider. And I had both pictures in my post! Perfect!
    I knew you would love that! I’d love for the Dodgers to clinch with Vin calling the game but I’ll take it anywhere! Go Dodgers!

  9. crzblue2

    So I was going to see Mike Scioscia in Torrance where he was going to be but I was running late and when I got off the freeway, I kept driving and driving and I thought I passsed the street. I was in Lomita and thought I had passed it so I came back but I guess I did not drive far enough. Oh well, maybe next time when he is closer. Scioscia was sure a favorite of mine back when he played.

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