Dodgers Clinch Playoff Berth. Magic Number: 2


The Dodgers clinched a postseason berth for the third time in four years  with an 8-4 comeback win over the Pirates!  

Randy Wolf was on the mound but he did not get the win.  He was winning when he left the game so yet another no-decision by Randy.   That was no-decision #16 for Randy but you know what?  That is OK, the team won!  

Did you all know that Randy Wolf has never been to the playoffs??  He was interviewed and he said he is happy that this time he will not be at home watching it.  Ahhhh..  

Randy left the following teams after they made the playoffs:  Padres, Astros, Dodgers, Phillies.  

Randy is hungry like a wolf!  haha, now I want to sing that song.  

Congratulations to Randy and the Dodgers!

Magic Number is …..


Here is Tommy now standing next to his portrait at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington unveiled last week.     

Tommy Lasorda

“Somebody out there asked me what’s next for you?” Lasorda said. “I said, ‘heaven.’ “

This morning I got an email that my playoff tickets have been shipped with a two day delivery!   Woohoo!  I put my aunt on alert to receive the package. 

My friend LTD23 and I will be in San Diego for the final two road game!  It is fitting that we close the series there since we went to the Opening series, the setup series and now the closer series in San Diego!   I made the hotel reservation for one night, LTD23 got tickets for Wednesday but we still need tickets for Tuesday.   Are you reading this LTD23?   haha. 



  1. luvthedodgers23

    I’m reading Emma! Go Dodgers! I’m hoping the Dodgers clinch tomorrow bc I can’t watch from work on Monday!

  2. crzblue2

    You are right! I can’t watch from work either. The best I can do is hear it on MLB Audio, work and silently get excited although there have been times when I forget where I am at. Tomorrow will be better or else they better wait for Tuesday! haha, I put the “are you reading? to mimick Jaime Jarrin when he announces the attendance and tells Fernando Valenzuela who takes off after the 7th “me estas escuchando Fernando” “are you listening Fernando?” Jaime likes to brag when he comes closest to guessing the attendance.

  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Wow, Emma!! Playoff tickets! That’s wonderful! I am very jealous–I’ve never been to a playoff game. But if I find watching so magical, I can’t even begin to imagine how it is in person. Nice to see that Wolf will be living his dreams.

  4. aducker

    Just now in the top of the 3rd in Game 3 against the Pirates: O-dog with a single, Kershaw bunts him to 2nd, Furcal drives him in with a single he stretches to a double on the throw. More of that please. This is the kind of stuff the Dodgers need to work on in the next 7 games to get ready for the playoffs.

  5. crzblue2

    I hope soon you will be going to a playoff game. Opening days and playoffs are the best. You can feel the excitment at the stadium. Me too Elizabeth, so glad that Wolfie is finally will be in the playoffs.
    Thanks Jane. I know you are happy for the boys inBlue and for Joe Torre.
    perfect execution there. I was reading some interesting observations on Loney and the way he stands at the plate that I am paying more attention to his batting stance.
    Is the best time of the year! Interesting about 77-78. Djwriter on another forum said the following:
    //Saturday was the 167th day the Dodgers have been in first place, the most in any season since 1977 (175 days)//

  6. southernbelle

    Emma: Congrats to your Dodgers! I hope I get to see them play my Yanks in the World Series. I want to see Andre in action! I hope you and your friend have a great time in the POSTSEASON GAMES!!! AAAHH!!!
    PS: I sent you a friend request on Facebook!

  7. crzblue2

    Thanks! I am rooting for a Dodgers Yankees World Series!
    Glad you mentioned FB, as I tend to forget to look to the right for requests.

  8. crzblue2

    yeah, Broxton just had a bad day and like you said, he is human aferall. I won’t be able to watch Monday. Can’t leave early Monday having to ask for vacation days for Tues and Wed to go to San Diego. Now on to watch Colorado. Score 4-3 Colorado. Time to start the mlb audio.

  9. aducker

    Well, it turns out Broxton is human still afterall. I guess we wait and see how things go in Colorado. Part of me wants the Rockies to win so that the Dodgers can clinch the West with a win tomorrow like they did last night. But I won’t be too upset if the Rockies do tank.

  10. devilabrit

    Copngrats to the Dodgers for cliching a play off berth and by the time lunch time rolls around on the west coast your guys should have clinched the division too… celebrations will start early out there i bet…:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  11. crzblue2

    I still have a Hideo Nomo t-shirt although is getting old, Is a favorite of mine. We have so many good memories wtih Hideo Nomo.
    I should have brought my Martinelli apple cider to celebrate. I am getting ready to listen to the game while I work. Lots to do since I will be in San Diego for the next two days.

  12. crzblue2

    The game was a breakfast/luch special but the Pirates said “No soup for you.” I am hoping it happens in San Diego.

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