How the West was Won or Lost: Dodgers vs Rockies Take two!

My Friday evening started very nice with Tommy Lasorda being honored.  Before I went to the field level I ran into Nancy Bea (Dodger organist)  and her husband.  They are so sweet.  I run into them every once in a while in the club level.   I have a picture with her from a while back this time I wanted a picture with both of them. Nancy Bea and Husband.jpg\

 Here is a picture of the Tommy Lasorda plaque giveaway: 

Lasorda HOF plaque giveaway.jpg

Isn’t this a nice plaque?  this one is #5271 of 60K. 

The Tommy celebration was wonderful.  Lots of filmage of his manager years.  There was this film of the Phillie Phanatic making fun of Tommy with a look-like Tommy inflatable doll where the Phllie Phanatic starts beating it up  

Dave Raymond


Lots of players that played for Tommy in attendance like Steve Sax, Leary, Karros, Monday, Landreaux, Charlie Hugh, etc.  All were wearing their jerseys. 

aug sept 09 074.jpg


As everyone knows, Dodgers are still looking for that illusive win.  They have lost five in a row for the first time.   Manny struck out FOUR TIMES, all with runners in scoring position.   Casey Blake, who returned to the lineup also struck out FOUR TIMES.   

The Dodgers 3-6 hitters were 0-14 with 9 strickouts.  Ouch! 

Here is hoping and praying that  the Dodger bats wake up from their long long slumber zzz.    

Thumbnail image for june july 09 007.jpg

Can they do it? Tomorrow will be the best chance with Clayton Kershaw going for the Dodgers. Can Manny bounce back after a miserable week which has seen him go 0/10 with 8 strikeouts including his last six time at bat.

C’mon Keshaw!  I want to see that public enemy number pitch working!

Go Dodgers!!!

They may be bums, but they are my bums!!  Go Dodgers!!



  1. southernbelle

    Emma: That is a nice plaque! I like how all those players came back. That’s cute. Come on, Dodgers! You can do it!
    I didn’t get my grade from that history test yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know, even if it isn’t too pretty 🙂

  2. TribeTed

    Emma great post as always!! The Dodgers are your bums and that’s all that matters (hmm.. i made need to steal that line. Hopefully she doesn’t notice.) I love this blog, and this post is why you are atop the leader boards on mlblogs. BTW when is the mlblogs latest leaders coming out for September? huh…. New post up. 😉


  3. crzblue2

    Finally!! Oh I got a little choked up watching them clinch! It was so beatiful! Yeah I want to know the score. I love history right after math.
    Not sure when the latest list comes out but it should Monday maybe? And yeah, you can use the line 🙂 You should check out the whole Dodger song. I’ll put a link in your blog.
    Thanks!! I got champagne on my face, clothes, my glasses were all fogged up but it was great!!

  4. TheSmiler

    Hurrah, Huzzah, and Yippie Doo wah! It must have been the scathing blog post over at my page that did the trick. I just know all the Dodgers read it and were embarrassed. :x. (Kidding).

    Give the Rockies credit, they deserve a playoff birth. Heck, they deserve the Crown & would’ve had it if not for a bad start.

    Now the match that I feared the most. Dodgers & Cardinals. Wow. Pujols. Manny. Ethier, Holliday. Who will hit more HR’s?

    Go Blue.

    The Smiler.

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Well, Emma, you got it! Dodgers clinched last night–I’m sure you were ecstatic. As I was watching footage of it on Quick Pitch this morning, I was a bit saddened to see Manny call the Dodgers fans the best fans in the world. You undoubtedly have great fans, such as yourself, but I just feel like he didn’t appreciate us Red Sox fans.

  6. crzblue2

    It must have been your post. You came back at the right time! Yes, I give those Rockies and Jim Tracy alot of credit. I hope they continue playing well against the Phillies! Pujols!? Oh my!!
    You got that right! I was ecstatic! It was so wonderful being there and hugging all my friends at the stadium saying “WE DID IT!!” Thanks Elizabeth! I think we all claim to be the best fans because WE (all baseball fans) are! Don’t take what Manny said literary. I think he meant at the moment.
    So happy to see you posting here! Oh My God! Thank you!!

    Dem Bums Done it!!! is right!!! And you are the second person that said Kershaw was Koufaxish. He sure was! He had us so excited at the stadium, we were aplauding every strike!
    I had to relive all the celebration and the highlights of the game when I got home so I have no time for a new post. I do started it though. I am going out to breakfast to celebrate and then head to the stadium for fan appreciation!
    I love you all!!
    I love the world and the world loves me back!

  7. devilabrit

    Emma – they finally did it, congrats to the Dodgers on winning the west, so now you can relax till the post season starts, home field advantage too… I can’t believe the Phanatic got a spot in the Lasorda celebration, he gets in everything..LOL
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  8. luvthedodgers23


    How time flies! Seems like just yesterday that we packed up our bags and headed for Spring Training in Arizona. Last week was especially hard as it took five games to clinch the division. I just want to say that I am glad that we’ve shared so many wonderful times during this season. Peaks and valleys my friend but we are still here. I am looking forward to Wednesday. We will make it to November my friend!


  9. crzblue2

    Thank you! Them Bums finally got the win!!
    thanks!! You should have seen the highlights with the Phanatic. After the Phanatic starts beating the dummy with the Lasorda jersey, Tommy gets up and start walking to the phanatic and they have a confrontation ala shoot out they both start walking toward each other and then BANG! they start wrestling each other. It was funny!
    It sure seems like it was yesterday when we started making our plans to go to Spring Training and us driving happily there and seeing the new stadium there for the first time! We sure shared alot of memories from Spring Training to yesterday
    Thank you LTD23 for being part of those wonderful memories! With help from the big Dodger in the Sky, we will continue making wonderful memories in October/November!

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