Finally! The Dodgers are the NL West Champions!

I am a little late with this post but..  got to do it. 

Woohoo!  Finally!   The Great Big Dodger in the sky has answered the prayers of the faithfull Dodger fans!!!  

The Dodgers are the NL West Champions!  I think it tasted much sweeeter with all the waiting   

During the 8th inning of Saturday’s game with a confortable lead and while in my seat in the Top Deck, I told my friends and my brother  “I want to go to the field level”   My friend LTD23 just looked a me like saying “No,” but then said  “Ok, Emma, go if they let you.”.  Well, I did make it to the field level! 


Thumbnail image for oct 09 003.jpgI watched the final out from there and got a little chocked up watching it.  Andre made the final out

After moving several times, I made it to the seats close enough that I got sprayed with champagne on my face, glasses and on my jacket.  When I looked who was around me, I found friends of mine so we hugged, we high-fived!  It was AWESOME!!!  


Here are some pictures from the celebration 

oct 09 005.jpg 


Players with the NL West Championship shirts!

oct 09 007.jpg


 Kershaw who was the moral winner in the NL West clincher.   What a job this kid did.   Shades of Koufax, I kept hearing from my friends.   You can see Kemp to the left.    

oct 09 019.jpg


Andre Ethier and his cute baby shown on Dodger Diamond vision.  See part of the retired numbers under the overhang of the left side Pavilion where my friends Erik, Gary, Tony and Jose have season tickets.  

oct 09 013.jpg


Matt Kemp celebratin in the clubhouse.  My camera’s batteries went dead so I only took this with my cellphone from the postgame celebration that I watched on tv  when I got home. 

oct 09 celebration kemp.jpg


the Dynamic Duo of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.  Notice how Matt is carrying Andre!

Juan Pierre, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier!


I’ve been recharging my body’s batteries to get ready for Wednesday!!!!  

Let’s go Dodgers!!!!  Let’s go!!! 

I am ready for October Baseball!!! 


oct 09 t-shirt.jpg 



  1. crzblue2

    Thank you Jane for rooting for the Dodgers! I can hardly wait for Wednesday! My boys are having a private practice today.
    I am sure you are anxiously waiting for the games to start too! I love baseball in the fall!
    Bring it on! I think your players will have a hard time scoring with our two lefties. It is really too bad we have Kuroda out though.
    We are on a two game winning streak! Let’s continue it!!

  2. raysrenegade

    Congrats to the Boys in Blue finally ending all the suspense.
    But you got to admit it…………..going down to the wire like that did add to the ending excitement and the thrill of it all!
    But now it is on to bigger business and time for the boys to focus on the mission at hand. Misson”October might be the most importnant three weeks of their lives, and ours.

    Rays Renegade

  3. crzblue2

    Oh yeah, the victory became sweeeter with all the wait and I hope the champagne got better with all the waiting time! haha! You saw the t-shirt I got! I could not wait to wear it!

  4. cpompe1

    Great pics Emma! That one of Andre and his son is just precious! I’m going to the game on Thursday. Don’t know where I’ll be sitting though. I’ll be with my mom, who is one of two that have season seats; they share. There are 2 additional seats. I think my mom will get her usual seats on Wednesday, and the other guy will get the “other” 2 seats, but on Thursday, I think that’s reversed. But I know I’ll be on the Reserved Level!!! šŸ™‚

  5. crzblue2

    Hi Cpompe!
    Woohoo! You are coming to the game! Don’t forget is at 3:07 so come early so you wont’ be stuck in traffic. I am excited and nervous! Let me know where you will be or come upstairs and say Hi

  6. crzblue2

    really! Is that like a real mission there or as in October baseball? Afterall, I am glad too that my boys won at home.
    Curious to know who you are rooting for in the NL. I know is not the Dodgers so Rockies, Phillies or Cards? Probably Cards so that they can know the Dodgers, right? šŸ™‚

  7. sunshine43

    My friend and I stayed up top so we could see everything. My other friends left and told me they had some trouble getting to the field level. As for the batteries, I always (well almost always) bring extra batteries, sometimes two sets of extra batteries. I’m always afraid of running out of batteries. Friday and Saturday night, I brought extra batteries and two cameras. One for taking photos and one for videoing the celebration. It’s going to take me awhile to get through my photos, but I’ll post them in my flickr eventually and put up a few on my blog. A few are already up.

  8. crzblue2

    Take care of that shirt. It will always bring you such good memories. I wish I still had something from the last time the Dodgers won the W.S. in 1988. Yeah, it has been a while.
    Julia an Ginny,
    You two and I already want this started. You guys are being held hostage by the Yankees with the schedule. But really is so many things, in addition to that football game which I have no idea who won since I do not follow “foosball.”
    Your team sure put a big fight! Kudos to them! When De La Rosa got injured I turned to my brother and told him “I hate to win this way.” I hope he is OK. Good luck with the Phillies!
    I am going to have to carry extra batteries. I do have rechargable batteries but it does not hurt to carry extras. See I also carry a radio as the game is not complete if I am not listening to it and also keeping score. I’ll check your photos. I don’t take many, but my friend in the Top Deck takes beautiful pictures.



  9. thinkingblue

    OK that was weird…I post here and it throws my post into an older post…??? So here it goes again!
    EMMA…I am glad ANDRE made the last out…MR. WALK-OFF. The regular season in over…sniff sniff. But the playoffs ar ON! LET’S GO DODGERS! I can not wait for the first game. We have homefield advantage and I hope our boys take advantage. GOOOOO DODGERS….WOOOOOHOOOOO!

  10. crzblue2

    That was weird because that post was back when Tommy was having his Birthday 8 posts ago!! Weird!
    That was just perfect that Andre ended up catching the last out! Saturday and Sunday, you could feel that it was getting colder in the stadium especially in the Top Deck or like I call it now, the Penthouse!
    Rosie, like you, I am so excited about tomorrow’s game ! I can’t wait! I’ll be counting the hours till I leave work!
    We can do it!!
    We can beat the Cardinals!!!

  11. thinkingblue

    The Dodger Penthouse is a great name…maybe Dodger should think about using the name for more ticket sales next year…they should give it a Downtown loft feeling to it….mmmmm mmmm I should work in marketing for the Dodgers (ARE THEY HIRING!)…LOL

  12. crzblue2

    You should check if they are hiring so you could be at the stadium all the time. I would think Marketing is an all year-round job. The ideas we could give them! Oh! You just reminded me that I had taken a picture of the latest Andre t-shirt they are selling at the stadium! You know the Dodgers will take advantage of the beautiful view from there once they start the renovations there.

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