Dodgers draw first blood in NLDS series, beat Cardinals 5-3 at Dodger Stadium!

Lost my post.  booh to that 😦

Dodgers draw first blood in the NLDS series and beat the Cardinals 5-3!  How about that?!!!!!!

Between both teams they left an NLDS record of 30 men on base!   Vin Scully said “They don’t need infielders, they need ushers!”.   

Vin Scully:  I love you!    As an added treat during the postseason, we get Vinny during the last three innings in addition to the first three innings he does on the radio during regular season.   It does not getter than watching a game at the stadium and hearing Vinny on the radio.

While I was walking in the parking lot, I was talking with these two young guys about the starting times of two games and how he could not make that 3:07 game on Thursday.  He then looks at me and says “Hey, you have a blog.”    “I read it every once in a while, well, i mainly look at the pictures.”   LOL   Too funny.   Here is a picture of Alex and Danny.   

Thumbnail image for oct 09 031.jpg

 On Friday I was going to meet poster Truebluewill who posts in the Insidethedodgers blog.  He was making his dream a reality of watching the boys in Blue in the postseason.  

After much going back and forth, I was able to find him at his seat.  He said he was collecting autographs earlier.  I then noticed Vic the Brick was signing autographs (you can’t miss this guy with a Dodger poncho, long hair and a long stick that makes him look like Moses),     Anyway, I was asking him if he wanted me to take a pic of Vic and him when I noticed Maury Wills was signing there too.   We got there and I helped him get the autograph!  woohoo!   I only wished Maury a Happy belated birthday.   He did not stay long as he and Tommy Davis were throwing the first ball.  

Here is a pic of TBW waiting for the augraph. 

 oct 09 043.jpg

Here is TBW 

oct 09 044.jpg


Another poster from ITD that I was meeting for the first time, Scott and his son.  They are both cute. 

oct 09 047.jpg 

It was a pleasure meeting you guys!!


Well, It is 11:12 AM and I got to still take a shower, pick up a friend and head to the stadium.   I wanted to say more but Alex only looks a pictures.  LOL.  





  1. matttan7

    Nice one, Emma

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Dodger Stadium and the team. They are sure fun to watch. Although Randy Wolf wasn’t that great last night I think Clay Kershaw will be better. This is a fun series.

    Matthew Tang

  2. crzblue2

    thank you so much. It was AWESOME being at Dodger STadium. The crowd was electrifying. Kershaw did great and Wainwright also. Great bullpen, key hits and a break with that ball hit to Holliday and we got the second game! Woohoo!
    Thanks!! I am listening to your game. Must be hard to follow when they start so late.

  3. crzblue2

    Yes! Another amazing game. Once I take care of a few things at work, I’ll get working on my nex post. My eyeballs are a little tired from lack of sleep. It was just incredible last night. I spent so much time at the stadium cause my friends and I also stayed for the extended Dodger Talk show after the game.

  4. raysrenegade

    Just his name lets you know he is a baseball guy. Vin Scully. Sounds like a Dodgers prospects name, not just a one-man band/announcer.
    And that is the biggest thing that amazes me about the man………He can do it all himself. Bet it will take three people with at least one behind the scenes to replace him someday………..and I hope that day is long into the future.
    Congrats on cooking the birds in the first game.
    What stinks is that has to be the NLDS match-up and not the NLCS blockbuster.
    But it is still one of the more exciting series going right now……..power pitching( LA) against power hitting (STL). Pin-point pitching (STL) versus Patient bats (LA) will be an instant classic.

    Rays Renegade

  5. crzblue2

    Wow, wow wow! is right! Let the WOW’s cotinue for 9 more wins!
    You know, in the second game, Loney drew blood out of Molina at one at bat. Nothing serious though, it was just one of those things of being a catcher.
    I am glad you came out for air under that rock.
    Our pitchers don’t go deep into the games but that is where our AWESOME bullpen takes over. Vinny is such a treasure. You should hae heard him during the 9th classic inning. Make sure to read my next post. I quote Vin in there a few times.
    And I know why you are rooting for the Cardinals. Seems like the Rockies got their number.
    Thanks. You reminded me that I have another picture to post. Yep, we are up 2-0 in this series.

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