Dodgers rally for 2-0 series lead against the Cardinals!

I along wtih many Dodger fans, took a vacation day to be at Dodger Stadium, our magic castle!   Some probably took a “sick” day but there is NO WAY they would believe that I was at home sick.  

 My day did not start well because right after I started walking on the parking lot, I noticed I had no wallet and no tickets.  Hoping that I just left it in the car, I went back but noooo!,  I drove 14 miles back to retrieve it from home.  

 Since I was at the stadium as soon as the gates opened, I was able to go back and come in plenty of time to meet with friend Carol from the ITD blog and Will who came all the way from New York for the games:

oct 0809 .jpg

George Lopez threw  out the first pitch.  George was sporting a Dodger jersey with number 34 and the words “LOPEZUELA”  in the back.   Watch the video where Tommy coaches George Lopez to throw a strike on the mound (could not embed the code

What a game!   what a 9th inning!  

Wainwright only gave up three hits and one run in 8th innings of work.  

Clayton Kershaw was great giving up only two runs in 6 2/3 innings.  

There was Loney nailing a runner at third by cutting off a relay toss after a run-scoring double.  

There was Closer Jonathan Broxton shutting down the hard of the lineup in the 8th.  

And then the 9th inning with two outs, nobody on, unfolded:

“I lost it in the lights….I could not see the ball.”  Holliday said. 

Vin Scully’s remark: “It hit him right in the groin.  Hopefully he’s wearing a cup.  You talk about a painful error.” 

One poster at sonsofstevegarvey said ” I was watching the replay of the Shot Felt Around the Nuts” 

Loney said he was in shock but he made it to second base.  He was replaced with Juan Pierre. 

Up came Casey Blake.   At one pitch that was called a strike, Casey gestured with his hands that he did not agree and he said “Bull-fertilizer”

Well, that is not the word he used but that is what Vin Scully uses when he reads lips.

My friend Steve started chanting “Umpire Sucks!”

casey blake.jpg

Thumbnail image for ryan franklin.jpg

 Speaking of Franklyn and Casey, Vin Scully called it “the battle of the beards.”



Then as Blake continued to foul off pitches, Vin said, “One more twist on the tension machine.”

Blake walked on nine pitches.  

Next Belliard single up the middle on the first pitch to drive Pierre and tie the score 2-2. 

 Blake advanced to third and Belliard to second on a passed ball.

Wtih first base open, Franklin pitched around Martin who was batting 8th, to load the bases. Up came Mark Loretta.  

Mark Loretta was hitless in 15 career at-bats against Franklin.

Then came  the hit. lorettagamewinner.jpg

Loretta did his best imitation of Kirk Gibson running the bases, Blake scored and clumsly slipped  trying to get to Mark Loretta but Matt Kemp got there first as the bison said  afterwards “No one was going to beat there. 



Loretta who is a local boy from Arcadia, CA said in one post game interview “What did Vin Scully say about me?”   Ahh our hometown hero!!!


The score of the first game was;      5-3       Don Drysdale number:53 

The score of the 2nd game was;      3-2.      Sandy Koufax number: 32


The Dodgers are the heart of L.A.! 


  1. crzblue2

    Oh definetly will email you a question. First I need to go to an event so I will get home a little late, but I’ll do it when I get home.

  2. rrrt

    OMG, I just watched the replay of Holliday’s error – it really did bounce right off the ‘nads – ouch! Congrats to your Dodgers! I had hoped the Phillies could pull off a similar feat yesterday, but it was not to be. Still trying to keep the “phaith” though.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. crzblue2

    Hello Nao!
    Thank you so much! I am still high from all the excitment of the last two games at Dodger STadium. Hopefully the Boys in Blue can continue the winning streak!
    Well hello Sue!
    It sure bounced off the family jewels. Ouch is right! Thank you. Contrats on winning the Opener! When there are still games to be played, the “phaith” is still there.

  4. cpompe1

    You and Will look great, but me, I’m 1/2 shade, 1/2 sun. And with my hair looking like it’s going to take flight!!!

  5. crzblue2

    I should have had Chuck take the picture and not my brother. Chuck is the expert. I actually did not like mine ethier ..I mean either.

  6. cpompe1

    You know Emma, I think no one is EVER pleased with “their part” of a picture! I know I never am!!! But like I said on ITD, no, don’t take it down. I was just kidding! And you can keep “ethier” on there! I won’t mind! 🙂

  7. Buz

    Emma, Your day started out terrible.. But you know what they say in sports… It ain’t how ya start.. It’s how ya finish! Well, no one can doubt that your day ended on the highest of notes. And Kudos to your brother for Believing when there were 2 down and no runners. Yet, he believed… along with 50k+! I Love the Way you ended with Drysdale and Koufax!

    Buz –

  8. Jane Heller

    How wonderful is Vin Scully? Just have to get that off my chest. He calls a game like no one else and I dread it when he retires next year. But on to the game. Congrats! It was another thriller. Sorry you forgot your wallet and tix though. Yikes!

  9. crzblue2

    It was actually a poster in the ITD blog that pointed out the 5-3, 3-2 similarities with Drysdale and Koufax’s numbers. I think it was NSB. .
    Our teams are 2 games up to none! And Vinny is a treasure to not only Dodger fans, but to all baseball fans.

  10. southernbelle

    Emma: Wow, that score and Dodger legends thing you showed at the end is quite ironic! “Bull fertalizer,” lol that is brilliant. Sometimes I say, “shi-take mushrooms.” I kind of felt bad for Matt Holliday, but I’m glad you guys won.
    I commented on my own blog, so maybe now it will work for everyone else.

  11. matttan7

    Mark Loretta is the main man of the game, with that base hit to win for the Dodgers, after Matt Holliday dropped James Loney’s fly ball. I think the Dodgers won this game with more skill than luck. Game three is tonight. It should be fun. Busch Stadium hasn’t been a fun place for the Dodgers though, hopefully that will change.

    Matthew Tang

  12. mis Medias Blancas de Chicago

    Hola Emma, ¿Qué tal estas?
    Soy Alexander, el seguidor canario de los Medias Blancas de Chicago. Hace muchos meses que no he escrito nada en mí blog por estar liado con asuntos laborales pero muy pronto volveré a escribir. El motivo de este email es para darte la enhorabuena por tu equipo, ya estáis en Series de Campeonato, increíble la barrida a San Luis con Albert Pujol y compañía. Vi el primer partido de la serie por tv y me gusto mucho el juego de tu equipo, yo creo que podéis jugar las series mundiales sin problemas. Espero que estés bien. Un fuerte y cordial saludo desde las Islas Canarias. Chaito…

  13. crzblue2

    I was so busy yesterday attending a library book sale and then meeting with my friends to watch the game in L.A. Ahhh, that was grrrrrreat the sweeeeeeep. Ooohh I like the shi-take mushroom saying.
    You are right Bush Stadium has not been nice for my boys in Blue but Padilla and the rest came big last night!!
    Que bueno que has vuelto por estos rumbos. Es un placer saludarte. Si, es increible la barrida. Nadie les daba chance de ganar contra San Luis. So habia escrito en mi blog que si podiamos contener a Pujols a solo sensillos podiamos ganar la series y mis muchachos lo hicieron!!!! Muchas gracias por acordarte de mi.
    Thanks! and yes, I was celebrating the sweeep last night with my friends. We went to watch the game at the Yard House in downtown L.A. very close to the Staple Center. Afterwards we had a toast with champagne!
    I need to get going and start a new post after I go around reading some catchin up.

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