Congratulations Dodgers! On to the NLCS for second year in a row!


My friends Erik and LTD23 kept texting back and forth on where we should watch the Dodgers game.   We planned this late so we ended up at L.A. Live watching the game at the Yard House!   

Wow!   I had confidence in my boys at the beginning of the series and said so in my blog but a sweeeep!  Oh that is so sweeeeet!


padilla.jpgVicente Padilla was outstanding with a brilliant pitching performance! 

He pitched seven shutout innings, yielding just four hits, and was never in trouble after escaping a bases-loaded jam in the first inning. He retired 19 of the last 21 batters he faced! 

Felicidades Padilla!!  You made your mom so proud!  

Padilla’s mom made the trip from Nicaragua to watch his son pitched! 

Padilla has been a great pickup by the Dodgers



 What can we say about Ethier yesterday who was a single shy of the cycle!   Congratulations Andre!

oct 10-09 Andre .jpg

For all the Ethierholics out there, they have this t-shirt in white or blue at Dodger Stadium

oct 09 001.jpg 


Final score for the sweep at Bush Stadium:  5-1. 

Congratulations Dodgers!!!!  Here I am with Erik listening to Dodger Talk.  We look like geeks with our headphones on.   Here is to you Dodgers and all Dodger Fans!  

Oct 1009 Cheers(2).jpg

Colorado or Phillies? Hmmm. 


  1. crzblue2

    That was a fabulous game! Oh, I hope it does not matter who the Dodgers play next. I am just so excited!!!!!

  2. luvthedodgers23

    This post season is definitely turning out to be pretty exciting.
    The team down in Anaheim just beat the Red Sox in a dramatic come back from behind fashion. The Yanks will more than likely close out their series today and the Dodgers get Rocks/phils.

    Yesterday’s game was pretty exciting to watch. After all the excitement
    and anticipation I’m having another “blah” day. Thursday just can’t get here soon enough. I have confidence in our Dodgers & know that
    we can get through the Phils and the Rocks if they remain focused & keep their eyes on the prize. I am so happy for Padilla too bc he is getting a 2nd chance to show what he is made of. I can’t say enough about
    our boy (man) Andre and you know I love Joe Torre & the confidence he has given this team. Joe is an amazing manager & I feel so blessed to be able to watch one of the best managers do what he does best. I love the Dodgers!!!

  3. luvthedodgers23

    Emma, you just told the world about my secret weapon πŸ™‚ heck yeah, I need to keep my feet warm. Don’t know starting times maybe after the Yanks beat the Twins (in my eyes that is a given). Go Dodgers!!! My mom loved her Andre Ethier shirt.

  4. crzblue2

    I could not believe the Angels came back and beat the Sox but the Angels were the superior team.
    The Dodgers are flying home and flying high like Josh said. From excitement we go to exhaustion but is a good kinda of exhaustion.
    I can’t wait till Thursday! You wearing your lucky uggs on Thursday? We don’t know starting times yet, right?
    I love Joe Torre too! and you are right, that we are blessed have him.

  5. raysrenegade

    For your boys to go into Busch and command the game like that is a testament to what can happen when you believe in a dream.
    But the funniest part of last night’s celebration was seeing Manny play ghost a few times then materialize to soak a teammate…….then he was gone again.
    Congrats again to the So Cal community who hopefully will not only sell-out, but tailgate around the Ravine in hopes that the cheers from the stadium makes a perfect backdrop for their parties and their love for the Boys in Blue.
    (I think it will be Colorado).

    Rays Renegade

  6. Jane Heller

    Congrats on the sweep! Wow. Ethier was superb and Manny got hot at the right time and Padilla pitched a very strong game. Now your guys get to sit around and wait while the Phillies and Rockies duke it out. I guess I’m predicting that you’ll be playing the Phillies.

  7. crzblue2

    LOL LTD23!
    Just keep on wearing them! So your mom is now a member of the Ethierholics team! Cool!
    Yes, Vicente Padilla was en fuego! and the bats came alive at the right time.
    We all know Manny. I am glad he starting to hit.
    Can you believe both So. Cal teams advancing?!! No tailgating permitted in the parking lots but the stadium is surrounded by two parks where there are plenty of people celebrating having picnics there.
    I don’t know who will be but I’ll be watching!
    Thanks! Wow is right! It is surreal! So Rays is saying Colorado and you are saying Phllies. I am not making preditions but I rather play the Rockies. We have a pretty good record against them but you never know in baseball.

  8. crzblue2

    Let’s go Rockies!! Let’s Go!
    That is what I tell other fans that I root for the team that beat us, to make feel like we got beat by the best.

  9. crzblue2

    LOL. I was reading the L.A. Times Sunday paper and the travel section has flights to Philly for $188. Is not that I am going (you never know though) but it was just staring at me πŸ™‚

  10. crzblue2

    Well, I hope the Dodgers continue to kick *** LOL
    Weather here is rain tonight, tomorrow but Sunny Blue on Thursday and Friday!

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