Positives from NLCS Game 3 Dodgers vs. Phillies

Yeah, the Dodgers lost this game 11-0. Cliff Lee was unhittable.  Kuroda did not have it and our bullpen got hit.  Ouch!  BUT there got to be some positives in that game right?  

Let’s see..

  • It only counts as one loss
  • We got Wolf going tomorrow!
  • We got to listen to Vin on the radio (or MLB audio) for 6 innings! (1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9)  
  • Manny got two hits so he is starting to hit, right?
  • Billingsley looks like he could start a game back at Dodger Stadium
  • Dodgers are the only team that have not committed an error. 


OK, if I think of any more postivies, I’ll post them later.   

Thank God we could listen to Vin Scully during this game.  Here are some comments by Vin:    

Vin  talking about the zig zag pattern of the outfield dimensions at the phillies ballpark: “It is as if the architect had a case of the hiccups”. :roflmao


Afer a line drive that scored Carlos Ruiz to make the score 5 -0 Phillies, Vin said “I’ll be honest, the bell is not the only one with a crack on it.”

After Vinny reads a promo about a DODGERLIFE event that allows you to hit, throw, run, eat….swing for the fences…,he said 

 “I’ll tell you right now, is a heck of a time to read that promo.  None of the things the Dodgers are doing right now.”   LOL.  

After the game was finally over:

“The Dodgers have been overwhelmed. tonight.  If this was a heavyweights, well any kinda of weights, this would have been stopped a long time ago because the Dodgers have been on the ropes …They’ve been getting a pounding. “

We love you vin!!

 And we love our Dodgers because they may be bums, but they are our bums

Go Dodgers!



Today is the anniversary of that famous home-run by Rick Monday in the NLCS series against Montreal!

Happy 28th anniversary Monday!

84952224, Sports Illustrated/Getty Images /Sports Illustrated   


  1. cpompe1

    Just when I think I’ve heard all of Vinny’s “Vinnyisms” I still laugh. I’m sure I’ve heard of the “hiccup” line before, but it still makes me laugh!!! I LOVE YOU VIN!!! Emma – Thx for the laugh!!! I needed it!!! πŸ™‚

  2. crzblue2

    Vin made the game more bearable. HIGH FIVE to you too!!!
    Oh and that was silly phan52 saying the crowd had a lot to do with the scoring in the first inning. haha. That was plain silly.

  3. cpompe1

    Emma, that was the stupidest comment I ever read. Of course it comes from a Philly phan. I’m not usually that straightforward, but that comment just made me tell him (or her; still don’t know which one it is) to shut up. And the worse thing yet; he/she has reproduced and has a kid. I feel sorry for the kid.

  4. cpompe1

    Plus Emma, if phan thinks that the crowd was responsible for putting up crooked numbers in the first inning, he/she doesn’t must not think much of the Phillies’ players…

  5. crzblue2

    You are funny! It was so good to see you at the stadium. And you and Will were there very early to meet my brother and my Top Deck friends. You are right that he did not give credit to the phillie’s hitters. Also he must not know that Kuroda had been inactive for a while due to a neck injury. Pitching a simulated game in the Spring Training facitily is not the same as facing Major League hitters. Kuroda was just not ready yet.
    I am ready for the Wolf attach tonight!

  6. cpompe1

    It was great seeing both you and Will last week!!! But when we win a game in Philly (see, I said when, not if), there may be chance that I’ll be at game 6 on Friday!!! I’ll keep you posted!!! And I’m sure he/she knows that Kuroda-san was inactive for a while. Poor decision on Torre’s part to put him on the roster as a starter. But this series is FAR from over. We were down 2 games to 1 against Montreal in 1988. We all know how that ended up!!! πŸ™‚

    GO WOLFY!!!

  7. rrrt

    OK, whoever this “phan52” is, is apparently giving the rest of us Philly fans a bad name. We’re not all like that, you know :-). Anyway, I wish there were a way to clone Cliff Lee for the remainder of the playoffs – he has been the best Phillies pitcher by far. Kuroda was definitely not ready to come back, I felt kind of bad for him (well, just a little). Another ex-Phil on the mound for you guys tonight, so should be a good game!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  8. cpompe1

    Sue – I’m sorry, I know not all Philly fans are bad. I’ve read your comments here on Emma’s blog, and you are what a true fan should be like (whether it’s a fan of the Dodgers or the Phillies or any other team). And we wouldn’t even mind phan52 so much if he/she (again, I still don’t know which one applies) was just supportive of the Phillies. But if you ever get a chance, go to the Inside The Dodgers blog (we affectionately call it ITD) you will see that name quite often. Emma has a link to to Inside the Dodgers on top of her Favorite blogs list. But yes, Cliff Lee has been quite good for the Phils. πŸ™‚

  9. crzblue2

    Hope to see you on Friday!
    I could not believe it ethier..mean ethier .. oh you know what I mean. I am craving a TURKEY sandwich!!
    phan52 is one fan that likes to go glow and pest there. He has been doing that since last year, but most have learned to ignore him. And we all know, not all phans are like him.
    Yes, another Ex-Phillie on the mound. I was hearing on the radio that Wolf heard from the Wolf pack. He still keeps in contact with some of those guys.

  10. crzblue2

    that is right! With a blowout, you can start thinking about the next day. they should have let Loretta pitch.
    I don’t remember, have they ever had a non-pitcher pitch an inning in post season?
    CP! I forgot!! I definitely remember 1981! . I will never forget Monday on a Monday coming up with that big homerun! I kept jumping up and down like the way he was jumping up. OMG!! I just looked it up and TODAY is the anniversary of that happy Monday!
    Happy anniversary Monday!!

  11. cpompe1

    Oh, is today the anniversary of Monday’s HR??? Wow, that is awesome Emma!!! And Happy anniversary to Monday on Monday!!!

  12. crzblue2

    Well CP! You reminded me of it so I just updated my post with a pic of Monday! Thanks for reminding me! I am sure Josh or probably Mark Langill will talk about it today in the ITD.

  13. cpompe1

    Well Emma, we’re two peas in a pod!!! We know what we meant; our fingers just didn’t cooperate!!! (Yes, blame it on our fingers!!!) And yes, I’m sure Josh and/or Mark will talk about that anniversary!!!

  14. cpompe1

    Emma – Mark Langhill did just put up another thread on ITD. And yes he talked about yesterday’s loss in historical context. But he didn’t mention Rick Monday’s blast!!!

  15. crzblue2

    I love what he said about 1959:
    ” Older fans should recognize the same score from Game 1 of the 1959 World Series. After the 11-0 defeat against the White Sox in Chicago, pitcher Don Drysdale boarded the bus and shouted, “Is that all they’ve got?”, which drew laughter from his teammates and the Dodgers eventually won the Series in six games.”
    lol sounds like Big D was a fun teamates but a fearsome competitor.

  16. cpompe1

    I was busting up when I read that!!! I had never heard that about Drysdale!!! Well, I do want to see our “next competitors” (i.e. Angels/Yankees). I just heard that Vlad just tied up the game!!!

    Catch ya later Emma!!!

    And again,
    GO WOLFY!!!

  17. crzblue2

    OH WOW! Just saw my blackberry blinking and saw your message. Did not know the Angels had tied the game! That place must be rocking. I have the MLB audio, but is not working or else I’d be working and listening to the game! I leave at 5 on the train and don’t get home until close to 7 so I’ll listen to the game on my way home. And hopefully watch the replay once I get home.
    My heart and stomach is beginning to get a little nervous.
    ay ay ay.

  18. raysrenegade

    Before the game I did wonder to myself why Chad Billingley did not get the start. Did he and the Beaver get grounded by messing up the neighbors rose bushes again?
    Seriously, after it got to 5-0 the Dodgers did not quit, but the crowd was so into that game the energy seemed to get sapped right out of the visitor’s dugout.
    But as you say, tonight can bring them even again.
    And that is the fun of a 7-game series. It is never over until someone posts that “4th” win.
    Keep the faith!

    Rays Renegade


  19. thatbaseballguy

    Nice post. I’m really pulling for a Dodger’s victory in this series because I think it would be awesome to see Torre return to NY if the Yankees make the World Series as well. It won’t be any easy task.

  20. crzblue2

    I was trying to keep the faith, but tonight’s game was a killer. I am totally depressed now.
    Thanks. Tonight’s loss really hurt. I think it was because it was in the 9th that we lost it.
    thanks. I don’t know how you do it informing everyone. Did I say I am depressed after that devastating loss?

  21. kingmansperformance

    I am curious as to why you consider it a “positive” that Billingsley could start one of the games if they make it back to Dodger Stadium. I would think of that as a negative. Bills was absolutely horrible against them in the playoffs last year and from his late season meltdown I think we need to keep him in the bullpen. Now is not the time for experimentation. I mean, if we get that far to where there is the possibility of Game 6 or 7. If he did that people would be calling for Torre’s head.

  22. crzblue2

    Imagine how we felt. Being one out from a win. And I know you and all Philly phans were beyond ecstatic! I know I would have been.
    It shocked everyone ha? yeah, Randy is a nice guy. Did you know he pitched a perfect game at Dodger Stadium when he was in school?
    yeah, I know it will get better with time but this one hurt more so than the other ones. ONE OUT, that is all we neded to take that game. ONE OUT! agh..
    Hey I love that name!
    Well, Billz did way better than Kuroda. We can’t go by last year’s performance. Kuroda did great in the playoff last year. With Kuroda being on the DL several times this year plus when he got hit on the head. That was a long layoff for him. He had not seen major league hitting for a while. Not counting that workout in Glendale, Az. I agree no time to experiment. When I said it we were down 2 games to 1 and I was very hopeful we would take game 4. I wish in that game that Billz was there, Torre would have left him a little longer. The way we are down now, NO, I would not put Billz there. OK, I was going to say I wish we would…. not going there . Is done.
    Ii am all stressed out with auditors (Federal this time) at work. I have not had time to post.


  23. crzblue2

    oK, i hit whatever button there and I had not finished.
    I hope we do not go out like we did last year but I don’t want them celebrating at Dodger Stadium either! Oh man!
    A friend text me a couple of days the following:
    “If today is the anniversary of Rick Monday’s homerun in the NLCS in Montreal, then last night was the anniversary of Jerry Reuss and the trench coat!” LOL. Anyone remember the story?

  24. crzblue2

    Thanks Jane.
    Yes, I am very disappointed. The loss with Jonathan on the mound and one out for a win, left me very depressed and disappointed. Well, like saying that was made so famous by the Broklyn Dodger fans “Wait Till Next Year.” Perhaps I should re-read the book but right now I am in the middle of reading a book that a friend at the stadium loaned me. It is “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

  25. juliasrants

    I know that book your reading Emma! You’ll have to let me know if it is good. I just saw the score – I am so sorry about your Dodgers – I know how you feel. Remember all the good times you had at the ballpark this season!


  26. crzblue2

    thanks. I really appreciate you stopping by and thinking of me during a time when like Jeff, I wanted to crawl under a rock. Yes, I had wonderful times at Dodger Stadium this year. I am alredy looking forward to next year and planning a trip to Fenway Park with friends!
    I am enjoying the book Julia. I did not think I would but I am. It follows the same story as the orignial P&P with the twist of the zombies. I do go ewwwww at some parts. I am curious how this particular person in the book is going thru the transformation little by little after being bitten by one of the “unmentionables” like they say in the book.

  27. raysrenegade

    Sometimes a team just get on the momentum roll and nothing can get in their way.
    Unfortunately Philly got on a hits run and stayed hot in both games.
    Worst thing is to see a team that has struggled and fought their way see their season end on a home run barrage.
    But there was some amzing things done by the Dodgers this season, and they should not hang their heads for a moment.
    Have to admit, if it is Philly?NY series you can bet me television will be on something else.
    Maybe I should get a Netflix subscription for next week?

    Rays Renegade


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