Dodgers Zizling Hot Stove Baseball.

Fist of all, congratulations to the Phillies and their fans!   You are the better team.  Good luck!

Now let the hot stove begin.   Ned and company should start working on the 2010 team now.  He got a lot of work to do.  

I want pitchers that can go more than 4 innings.   I want pitchers that can pound the strike zone.  

I want a better option at 3rd base.   Casey Blake did not deliver in the postseason.  Can we undo this trade and get back Carlos Santana? and who else did we give there?  Meloan I believe.    

Which Rafael is the real deal, the one that played against the Cardinals or the Phillies.    

Manny.  Is Manny done?   At times, he looked awful swinging.  

Russell has not been the same since making the All-Star game a couple of years back.  His production has been regressing.     

Billingsley won 9 games to start the season.  Was it his leg injury that stopped him in the second half?   

Broxton will be fine.   Even with his blown save, I’ll take him.  He will get better but you do need a short memory.  

Kemp and Ethier are progressing nicely but can Kemp learn to be more patient at the plate?   

Who’s on second?   I think we saw the last of Hudson so I am glad that he homered.   So who plays second  Hu?, DeWitt.   BTW, how is Ivan DeJesus progressing?   he had a bad break (leg) back in Spring Training.

Loney needs to step it up.   We need more power from a first baseman.  

We need an ACE starter who can go deep into a game. 

Bullpen was great up until facing the Phillies but they were overworked. 

Who do we bring back?  Wolf, Garland or Padilla? 

What is going to happen now that the McCourts are splitting?  oh oh, what a way to start the hot stove with Frank McCourt firing the CEO, Jaime McCourt.    




  1. rrrt

    Hey Emma! Yeah, Casey Blake with only two hits for the whole LCS – he was pretty much a non-factor. I was surprised to see Kemp with so many strikeouts. I thought Loney and Ethier both had a good series. Padilla was not the same pitcher in Game 5 that he was last Friday in Game 2 – what happened? Broxton can certainly bring the heat – like you say, he should be fine if he can put the blown save out of mind. I actually expected this series to go 6 or 7 games – the starting pitching just dug too big a hole for you in several games. Anyway, I’m sure your guys will be competitive again next year, there are definitely some good young players there. Enjoy the hot stove!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. dallas_dodgergirl

    I completely agree with this post Emma. While the Dodgers had a good season they show weakness at several positions and the Phillies capitalized on that weakness in the NLCS.

    I hope we can bring in a real Ace that can pitch at least 6 innings comfortably. I know Russell is under contract and we are paying him big money, but he has just not been producing this year offensively and sometimes he has been sloppy defensively. Manny is 99% likely to stay but he needs to find his swing again. Who knows what changes we will see between now and April, but it will definitely be an interesting off season!

  3. luvthedodgers23

    Hey Emma, I totally agree that an ace would have changed the complexion of the game. The Dodgers couldn’t get the trade for Lee done and the Phillies did and they paid the ultimate prize. I don’t really blame Padilla. He came in and he pitched two good games and then all of a sudden he is asked to bear the weight of being an ace. Not sure if he like the Dodgers wilted under the expectations. The team that showed up to the NLCS is not the Dodgers we saw for most of the season. They gave up too many walks and too many homeruns. Andre stepped up to the challenge and Matt Kemp swung on an missed more times than he connected with a hit. Manny is a huge disappointment but then again what’s new he’s been a disappointment for most of the season. At the moment, I guess we will be forced to endure the McCourt’s battle. These two in my opinion are completely ridiculous. It’s the Battle for DodgerTown. The Dodgers gave us a great exciting season, a good win in the NLDS, and exciting reasons to go on the road. I’ll miss you this off-season Emma! 🙂

  4. TheSmiler

    Good insights, Emma.

    Much of what you’ve listed here I intend to blister on my page this weekend. My ‘Should I stay or Should I go?’ entry. In my view, quite a few of these fellas may need to go … like almost all of the starting pitching. At least the McCourts waited to air their drama in the post season. Hopefully, they’re both mature enough to keep the best interests of the team in mind.

    The Smiler

  5. crzblue2

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention Kemp and his K’s. that boy got to exercise some patience. Like you said, the starters put us in the whole from the beginning. Like I said, good luck and hopefully next year the Dodgers wil be in better shape for a rematch.
    LOL, I like how you put that Manny is 99% likely to stay. If so, let’s hope his swing is back 99%.
    Right you are LTD23, The team we saw during most of the regular season and the NLDS, is not the same that showed up at the NLCS.
    It pains to see the McCourt’s battle. It already started getting Uggggly.
    I’ll l miss you too LTD23! Let’s get together during the of-fseason. Maybe the Dodgers will have the event in December for season ticket holders. That was a lot of fun. We can meet during the yearly sale also and we do not have to limit it to only those occasions.
    I’ll forward to your post this weekend. The McCourts battle has not started well. That is the battle of the wills. Never did I imagine that they would get a divorce. She is a tough cookie that after being fired by her husband, Jaime is believed to lining up inverstors for a possible effort to buy her husband out and gain sole control of the team. Very bumpy road ahead.

  6. Buz

    Emma, traditionally teams pack the corners with power. We don’t have that.. at least enough of it. Like you said.. Blake and Loney just are not getting the job done. Maybe we need an entirely new infield group? I’m sad for Dodgers.. .

    Buz –

  7. contractyear

    Hi, Emma, Thanks for commenting on my blog ( My condolences to you for the Dodgers’ exit from the post season. I’ve been there and it isn’t fun. And thanks for your interest in my book. When it comes out, I’d love to be able to email you to let you know. Send me an email at, and I’ll add you to my list. In the meantime, enjoy the winter and follow the hot stove doings. I don’t think the A’s will do much, maybe a middle of the order hitter, but they don’t have a lot of money to spend, so we’ll see. Good luck to you and the Dodgers. Go A’s!!! Bee

  8. devilabrit

    Firing his wife is one way to start a nasty divorce and make a point, she’ll still win in the end… I think Wold and Garland would both be good for the Dodgers to retain, Padilla is Padilla, he’s never been a safe bet when pitching in Philly, but as other teams have said he is a little troubling in the club house,I think they should accept they had him as a rental and let him go on his way… My commiserations by the way, if it hadn’t been against the Phillies I would have wanted the Dodgers to win just because of Randy Wolf… and Rameriz I belive out out stayed his welcome in LA time for him to move on and allow the team to be about the team and not just Manny…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  9. crzblue2

    We almost do need an entire infield. Sigh.. so many questions.
    I’ll send you that email. hey, got another player like Ethier around? Just kidding! not! Good luck to the A’s and that I really mean it!
    Yep, the divorce is getting nasty now. It sure is not going to be quiet for the Dodgers this offseason and during the season also as this will drag. I’d love to have the continuity days of the O’Malleys.

  10. Jane Heller

    Your assessment of the Dodgers’ hot stove needs are really interesting and I look forward to seeing which positions are upgraded. As for the McCourts’ divorce, take a deep breath. It will be nasty and it will be long. But you still have a great nucleus of a team, so don’t forget that!

  11. mis Medias Blancas de Chicago

    Hola Emma,
    Soy Alexander, el seguidor de los Medias Blancas. Hace unas semanas te escribí deseándote lo mejor para tu equipo en las Series de Campeonato pero al final no pudo ser. El equipo de los Filis es mucho equipo, jugadores como Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino y Ryan Howard entre otros hacen que el equipo contrario lo tenga muy complicado, incluso cuando van ganando. Ahora se enfrentan contra el equipo Neoyorquino, espero y deseo que los Filis vuelvan a repetir la hazaña del año pasado. Espero que estés bien y que me escribas algún comentario un día de estos. Te mando un fuerte y cordial saludo desde España.

  12. crzblue2

    Hey Matt,
    I believe a team should start working on their team the minute they are eliminated. Too much happening already starting with managers/coaches being fired, rehired around the leagues.
    Yes, the Dodgers have a good nucleous of a team, but many of the young guys are up for arbitration and yes, the divorce already turned nasty and looks to be long.
    I sure hope so. Dodgers have not gone to the W.S. since 1988. At least they won it that year.
    Oh Julia, so much drama already and the W.S. has not even started.
    I am with you Jen, I prefer Wolf. Garland is too much money. Padilla wtih his performance, his price went up. We will see.

    Que bueno de volver a leer tus comentarios. El otro dia estava mirando las fotos que tome en Glendale, AZ y me estava acordando de voz mirando a tus Medias Blancas. Hablando de los Filis, cada vez que los miro me acuerdo de que Werth y Victorino eran Dodgers pero como no se puede reterner a todos tus prospectos, los dejaron ir. Yo tambien le voy a los Filis porque prefiero decir que el mejor equipo le gano a los Dodgers. Gracias por pararte por estos rumbos

  13. cpompe1

    Hey Emma!
    I know, I’ve been away for a little bit, but since Wednesday, I’ve been concentrating on other parts of my life – namely studying and bringing in some steady income into our household. Although I’m not sure about the negative sentiment towards Casey Blake. Yes, he had a horrible NLCS, but honestly, outside of a few, not many other Dodgers played all that well against the Phillies. It wasn’t just Casey.

    But oh well, that’s behind us. This off season is going to be VERY interesting (and that’s putting it mildly). I hope it doesn’t, but I have a sinking feeling that this drama between Frank & Jamie will handcuff the Dodgers’ ability to concentrate on getting better for 2010. Take it easy Emma!


  14. crzblue2

    Good luck in your studies and bringing that extra income.
    Yeah I know it was not only Casey. And is not right of me to pick on him but like Buz, said, you expect more power from those guys at the corners. Part of critizing the guys is because we care a lot for the team. A lot of our guys are up for arbitration, so if we resign them and make a few changes, we will fine next year. But yeah, who knows what will happen in this soap opera at Dodgertown.
    Once I got over the hurt of being eliminated, I had to admit that the Phillies played better.
    I like Casey, is just that in the NLCS, he just did not show up.

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