A Trivia, 1950 and World Series

I was counting how many current Phillies played for the Dodgers.  I counted six, can you name them?  Actually, Sue of

Rants, Raves and Random Thoughts counted eight!  wow!

My friend LTD23 was reminding me of this incident:

In Spring Training of 2005, Jayson Werth was hit on the wrist by an A.Burnett pitch and although the wrist was broken, he came back to play 102 games.  His numbers suffered considerably and after the year he was diagnosed with two torn ligaments in the wrist, causing him to miss the entire 2005 season.   

Around this time I like to go back and read or re-read about World Series of the past so I took out this large coffee table book from the library.  

The first World Series was played in 1903 when the Pittsburgh Pirates played against the Boston Americans.  Boston won that series 5 games to 3. 

Did you know that in 1904, there was no game because the New York Giants thought that their team was too good to play anyone?   They considered the American League a minor league! 

In World Series games, the Yankees have swept the opposition EIGHT times!    wow!   The teams that the Yankees have swept are the Cubs (2x), the Cardinals, the Reds, the Atlanta Braves, the Pirates and the Padres.  

Yankees have been swept THREE times by the L.A. Dodgers, NY Giants, and the Reds.  

The Phillies and the Yankees have only met once in a World Series.   That happened in 1950 when the Yankees swept the Phillies.    That year, the Phillies won the N.L. pennant on the last day of the season.   In the top of the 10th inning, with two on and one out, in a 1-1 tied, Dick Sisler hit a walk-off homerun against Brooklyn Dodger Don Newcombe  to clinch the first N.L. pennant in 35 years.  Robins Roberts, the starter for the Phillies, who had lead off the 10th with a single,  held the lead in the bottom of the inning and the Philadelphia Phillies were National League champions for the first time since 1915.

The World Series started three days later.   Roberts, who pitched three times in the last five days of the regular season, was unavailable for a Game 1 start.  Although the Phillies were swept, the series was close as three of the games were lost by one run.   The only two homeruns in the series were by Joe Dimaggio and Yogi Berra.  

Now let’s see what history is made in the 2009 World Series.  This time the Phillies are well rested.  Let the games begin! 




  1. rrrt

    Emma, are you counting coaching staff or just players? Off the top of my head I thought of Pedro Martinez, Jayson Werth, Chan Ho Park, and Davey Lopes. After checking, I also found Paul Bako, Milt Thomson and Charlie Manuel. So that makes seven – if you include Shane Victorino, who was in the Dodgers system initially, that would be eight.
    Hopefully this year’s Phillies fare better against the Yankees than the 1950 version – I’ll be watching, assuming this crappy rain lets up and doesn’t cause a delay!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. crzblue2

    Thanks! I missed Paul Bako and Milt Thompson! I should have gone thru the roster instead of my memory Duhh. I’lll be watching too!
    I am hoping for a great series.
    That is way cool! Ready with your paper and pen?

  3. Buz

    That’s right.. when they let him move on.. I knew he would come back and bite them in the .. well.. u know. As for me broadcasting.. I’ve been asking Dick Williams to give me a few tutorials.. Jerry too : )

  4. jessel

    Crzblue, I have some additional information about Jayson Werth and a big mistake the Dodgers made in that 1950 Phils-Dodgers game that might interest you, at my blog, http://duddysjournal.mlblogs.com/

    Not only did Robin Roberts miss game one of the 1950 series but the Phils number 2 pitcher didn’t pitch at all. I also have something about Barney Dreyfuss, the man who invented the World Series and how he tried to come up with a substitute series when the Giants refused to play in 1904.

    And I saw earlier when you talked about Sandy Koufax’s perfect game. In 1964 against the Phillies Sandy pitched a no-hitter. Early in the game he walked Richhie Allen on a very close 3-2 pitch that most in the press box thought was strike 3. Had that pitch been called correctly, or had it come later in the game when the umpires concentration would have been more intense, Sandy would have been the only man in history to have 2 perfect games. Don Drysdale had been given permission to be absent from the team for that game to attend a charity benefit. When he returned to the team writers approached him to tell him what Koufax had done and to ask if he was surprised at the news. Don replied that no, he was only surprised when Sandy didn’t pitch a no-hitter.

    And one more thing a pitcher named Len Barker pitched a perfect game in 1981 for Cleveland. Some writer informed his grandmother, who obviously knew little about the game, of the feat. Her response was, Oh that’s wonderful, I just hope he does better next time.

  5. crzblue2

    With so many sub-par options to broadcasts, yes, you should get those two to give you tutorials 🙂
    Just checked your blog! Thank you so much for bringing your blog to my attention. I am so looking forward to catching up on all that reading. I want to read it all! I love all that history.
    LOL. Good one that your are predicting the Phillies in 5 in honor of the Whiz kids :-). Lee sure had the hitters mesmerized and many of us fans wishing he pitched for us. Let’s see what kind of goodies game two brings!

  6. matttan7

    This is a sure fun series. Next season, the Yankees will visit Dodger Stadium.

    Back on topic: I would like to see this series go in six games. Any less will give me the impression that that was one-sided.

    Matthew Tang

  7. crzblue2

    I really enjoyed watching game one. Is just too bad I can’t get home on time to catch it from the beginning. I like competitive games so six sounds good to me! Yankees will be at Dodger Stadium during my birthday so a series win would be the perfect birthday gift.

  8. devilabrit

    Now why did you have to bring up 1950…LOL well now it tied and off to Philly for 3, 4 and 5… I was trying to count how many on both the Phillies and Dodgers had played for each team, but kept losing count..LOL must write them down I guess…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  9. crzblue2

    So are you enjoying the series? Back to the Bronx. It should be very interesting.
    Peter, Lol. My brother Vic and I were losing track also counting those ex-Dodgers with the Phillies.
    Hmn. Now you got me wondering if there has been a W.S. without homeruns. perhaps back in the old, old days?

  10. raysrenegade

    That was an amazing fact on the Phillies currently holding spots either on the roster or the coaching staff for the Dodgers.
    Love that you mentioned Robin Roberts. I got to meet him a few years ago since he lives around the Tampa Bay area and he is such a great talker about the past and always a pleasure to speak to at games. Wish all ex-players were like him.
    I popped online and looked at the staffs and rosters, and there are no former Rays players or coaches..bummer.
    But that post has some awespme facts about the Dodgers.

    Rays Renegade

  11. crzblue2

    they were interviewing Robin Roberts over the weekend prior to one of the W.S. games. He sounded like such a wonderful person. I could have listen to him for a while. You are lucky that you got to meet him and talk to him. Wow!

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