Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax! and Happy New Year!

Today December 30th, 2009, Sandy Koufax turns 74! Happy Birthday Sandy!


Back in 1955, Koufax was competing to make the Dodgers roster along with another left-handed pitcher, Tommy Lasorda.   That is why Tommy always tells the story that it took the greatest lefthander to knock him off the roster!   

Here is Sandy with with Roseboro.  
Sandy Koufax 3 from LA library.jpg

 This picture is from July 7, 1980… All-Star Game “Weekend”
Sandy Koufax  1 LA  Library.jpg


From left to right: Frank Sinatra, Sandy Koufax, Buzzie Bavasi and Dean Martin stand at the head table for a C.C. Banquet.  December 4, 1963

Thumbnail image for Sandy Koufax 2 from LA library.jpgAll All pictures from the L.A. Library.  

I have some other pictures of Sandy from the last time the Dodgers went to Fenway Park but they are at work and I don’t go back to work until January 4th, 2010!! 


Happy Birthday Sandy!  

Everyone here at the MLBlogsphere, have a wonderful new year! 


  1. mattpeas

    I iwsh I could have been around to see Koufax pitch. I’m sure alot of people say that considering he retired in his prime as well. However, what he did in his hsort year in the league were superb and being so young and inducted in the hall of fame is something he and Dodgers fans should and I am sure do-cherish.


  2. crzblue2

    I can’t forget that Vin and Sandy’s birthday are in the offseason! Two of my favorite Dodgers!
    I wish I was around too! I wached videos of him and read books written of him and heard many many people talk about him and also Vin Scully’s famost calls! ” Sandy into his windup! Here is the pitch! Swung down and miss! A perfect game! ”
    He sure looks amazing! He is the youngest of the surviving memebers of the 1955 team!

  3. crzblue2

    I love ice cream sodas and cream sodas but I should cut down on those things. And I also love #32!!! Love live our Sandy!

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