Feliz dia de los Reyes. R.I.P Rory Markas


My Christmas tree and the Christmas stockings are still hung. See, my grandmother’s tradition was to not remove the Christmas tree until after January 6th. That is the day that the Three Wise Men arrived to see Jesus.   Well, I started the tradition of opening the Christmas stockins on January 6th.a few years back.   In part it was because I still had my Christmas tree up.     One of my Christmas stockings is a Dodger Christmas stocking.

In some parts of Mexico and some other Latin American countries, they open their presents on Dia de los Reyes.   the presents are put inside the kid’s shoes left under the bed.   Prior to the day the kids write their letter to the Three Wise Men.  In Mexico City, they attach the letter to a helium baloon.   Some kids even leave water and hay for the camels that carry the three Wise Men.

On this day also  you can also eat the “Rosca de Reyes” which is a wreath made of sweet bread with yeast,, dry fruit, anise and cinammon.  . Inside the rosca, you will find a little baby doll. It represents baby Jesus but whoever gets the little baby has to host a party on February 2nd _Candle day.

tiny plastic baby Jesus figure are concealed in the dough, symbolizing the hiding of the infant Jesus from King Herod’s troops.

Here is a picture of a rosca de reyes.   .

 Rest in peace Rory Markas.   Rory was a local boy, born here in Chatsworth where I work.  He went to  Chatsworth High, LA Valley College and Cal State Northridge.  When I saw that he lived in Palmdale, I was Palmdale?   that is about 90 miles to Anaheim.

Rory Markas spent 8 seasons with the Angels.   Markas also did broadcasts for the Milwaukee Brewers,  Los Angeles Clippers, USC men’s basketball and Pacific Coast League baseball.

In late 2008, Markas underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain on Nov 1, 2008.   I found this quote he made last year prior to calling the Angels first playoff game:

“Yesterday I happened to turn on the radio and Vin [Scully] was doing the early innings of the Dodger game,  When I heard his voice I said, ‘God, what a treasure this guy has been my whole life.’ I just appreciated what he’s doing, the standard he sets and hope I can do that just a little. I think I get a little more sentimental these days.”

Rest in peace Rory.




  1. crzblue2

    I had a slice of the ‘Rosca de Reyes” at aunt Nena’s house but I was like “Don’t let me get the baby figure.” I did not want to have a party at my house so soon. My family is big so that would have been a lot of people at my house.

  2. crzblue2

    LOL. You are so funny! I am glad we have you around the blogsphere! You are a riot!
    Hope you are having a great year. I like the tradition ’cause it allows me to be lazy too! LOL.

  3. mattpeas

    Happy three kings day to ya!

    We do the same thing in my house. The tree doesn’t come down til the weekend after the 6th in celebration of what is still the Christmas season. I went to Mass to celebrate the three kings arrival and classic christmas songs are still played such as We Three Kings, The First Noel and O little town of Bethlehem. I enjoy celebrating Christmas as long as I can!


  4. crzblue2

    Happy belated Kings Day! I did not know that you also celebrated the day! I love that they still play Christmas songs at church. There is something so special about listening to Christmas carols at church. Is great to have the Christmas season extended but now the tree is down and the stockings put away. the Kings were good to me!
    This morning a friend that had never heard of the Rosca de Reyes, mentioned it to the bakery this morning and he gave her some for her try and she also brought us some on the train. Yum!

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